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experience something special, every day

12. February 2020 Guest post 1 Comments / comment now!

© Re-Belle

This set is for Dennis Mikolajetz, the chef and owner of Restaurant Re-Belle in Tazacorte no effective advertising slogan, but vision and constant incentive. "I would like to, that for our guests each evening is a special one and a visit with us not on the last day must limit, an exceptional dinner to spend time with his loved ones or in the company of his friends ", so the enterprising spirit, of its guests always looking for new dishes and products (whenever possible in organic quality) is. Especially when it comes to product quality here makes no compromises. Fish and seafood come from tomboy, the meat from the Spanish mainland or. the Canary Islands and vegetables and herbs even partly home-grown.

Dishes such as tartare palmerian beef with figs and Wasabi, Hamachi (Amberjack) with mini cucumbers and passion fruit, delicate gnocchi with local chanterelle mushrooms and spinach homegrown, fresh pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, Iberian pork with parsnip and kale or desserts such as lemon sorbet with dragon fruit and organic Bourbon vanilla or, Ginger ice cream with banana and lychee are just some of the reasons why the Re-Belle is becoming increasingly popular and is an indispensable part of La Palma restaurant scene.

© Re-Belle

The Re-Belle is now when it comes to a relaxing evening ENJOY and let the "Place to Be" while pampered every bite culinary on la Palma. You can see this in mind very well, that 10 Tables washed in white, colonial guest room, almost every night are booked. (Reservations under 680698174).

© Re-Belle

In summer, a couple of tables are on the small terrace in the shadow of the church of San Miguel, with a beautiful view of the setting sun on the horizon. Three starters and three main courses, each composition of fish, Meat and vegetarian dishes addressing all tastes.

And the desserts inspire eh just everyone. Dennis served delightfully light dishes devious the guests tasted the various angles of the culinary world. There is also every day fresh two varieties, home-baked bread and great local wines young winemakers with the courage to expand in old barrels, some of them partly international awards.

From Monday to Friday here you can enjoy not only an excellent, modern kitchen with own handwriting but in addition also the first-class, individual and cordial service of restaurant manager Naudy. In short: They come to stay, Course by course, Glass for glass, Night after night. The menu changes on Mondays and Thursdays.

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