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Das Restaurant El Rincon de Moraga in Los Llanos

9. September 2019 4 Comments / comment now!

Im September 2018 opened the owner and managing director Miriam Cruz with a newly formed team, El Rincón de Moraga in the beautiful Llano de Argual in Los Llanos. The concept of this idyllic and cozy restaurants is to offer fine dining with local products to the customer.

"We would like, that the guests feel like home. Whether but come the customer directly from a hiking trip or after a day at the beach with us, it is always welcome. Dress code does not exist. We have set ourselves the goal to offer all customers the best possible service, so she unforgettable with us, spend dining experience and a wonderful evening. "explains Miriam.

The restaurant is located in an old Canarian mansion from 18. Century, is situated on a historic Plaza, together with four mansions from the 17. and 18. Century. This place is accessible through a large gate and in its original form unique in the Canaries.

The cozy terrace seats 24 Guests, the interior for more 66 People. Even in winter, the terrace is open. Should it be fresh, provides a heater for warmth.

The El Rincon de Moraga has become a popular destination for locals, Vacationers and residents become. It has been included in the Michelin Guide because of the exquisite Canarian cuisine this year.

Under the motto "The real experince Moraga" the guest experiences the diversity of Palma's cuisine and the high quality of local products.

The El Rincon de Moraga provides quality cuisine in comfortable atmosphere!

Quality food made from local products!

"All food is made exclusively from local produce.
Is a food no local commercial, so a local supplier is responsible for the purchase. The food is always fresh and of high quality. Offered is the traditional Canarian cuisine, combined with many unique flavors. We are constantly developing new dishes. However, all recipes of desserts come from my mother. "Miriam told us with shining eyes.

Visitors to the El Rincón de Moraga have the option between typical palmerian dishes and dishes that are inspired by Asian cuisine to choose. The latter are characterized by the preparation of fresh fish and seasoning with curry. Even vegans will find it on the map. The menus offered are divided into three categories, fresh from the sea, the country and Vegan treats. Should someone not be able to find, is the cook of the house willing to talk to the guest and to create a dish specially on his terms.

The varied wine list completes the offer. Wine lovers will find here besides winning wines of all seven Canary Islands, a selection of international also high quality wines.

Miriam like to organize their team for family celebrations, company parties, business, Weddings and Christmas parties.

Incidentally, there are monthly events such as cocktail courses or specific courses restaurant. Interested parties may not hesitate to contact Miriam and her team.

Opening times: Wednesday to Sunday from 13:00 Clock to 16:00 Pm and Monday and Wednesday to Saturday 19:00 Clock to 23:00 Clock, Tuesday closed.

El Rincón de Moraga serves traditional Canarian cuisine, combined with many unique flavors.

Reservations are in German, English and Spanish via the form, via Instagram or by phone at 922 464 564 and 609 207 333 (also by Whats app) possible.

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4 Answers to “Das Restaurant El Rincon de Moraga in Los Llanos”

  1. Ilka says:

    Staff very nice. All meant well, but very expensive! For these prices it should be something more and besser.Für vegetarians very mau the offer! And there was not even enough for a tablecloth? For fine dining? Think about it again, Please.

  2. Don Berto says:

    To my knowledge, the Michelin rating refers more to the previous owner. Since the takeover by the new team went the ratings e.g.. by TripAdvisor down significantly. But all beginnings are difficult; we will test it sometime soon.

    • Miriam Cruz says:

      Thanks for you comment. The Michelin recommendation for the past 3 years at my restaurant has been given to the kitchen team I got currently working with me, who also one of them is my brother. The 2019 reward was given due the work done by my whole team after I got the restaurant in August 2018, around November they came to check and value the food, service etc and the recommendation was given to us this year around January 2019, so there is not place there for miss judging.
      Base on that I can feel happy of my team as they deserved this recommendation based on our work done so far.
      On the another hand, I invite you to visit the El Rincon de Moraga TripAdvisor reviews as maybe you are not updated. Before taking the restaurant the poor and negative feedback was a real problem, not only on digital reviews but within the island, we still obviously working as we are a new team just only starting, but the reviews has significantly changed, and without influencing them. I am very happy with our progress and I only hope you can visit us, check and then based on your expletive, reviewed our work. Thanks Miriam Cruz

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