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Flash Die Pizzeria in Los Llanos

22. August 2019 Gudrun Write first comment now!

Pizzeria Flash: just off the main road towards Puerto Naos just before starting city of Los Llanos.

All the flavor in a flash - the full flavor in no time! Under this motto lead Yeray Hernández and his wife Silvia, the Pizzera Flash in Los Llanos. But the name is deceptive, Here there are more than the popular Italo Pies: Dishes such as hamburgers, Cordon Bleu, Fries and desserts are also on the card. However, we are not talking about a restaurant: Here one gets his food from, or it can provide to.

Yeray and Silvia known in Los Llanos for eight years as hosts, and about a year ago, they are the Pizzeria flash in die Carretera a Puerto Naos 127 moved to. At the new location there are no more tables - the couple focuses on the pick-up- and delivery operation. And the store is running: Every evening, six scooters on the road, by Pizzi and Co to distribute in Aridanetal. Two of the streaker run on electricity, therefore you do not hear them rattle. "You hear the silence of flash?"Asks Yeray so with a wink.

Flash does not mean, that immediately after the call, the lightning delivery comes: "Who orders the home service spontaneously, should ever wait for an hour ", said Yeray. customers, want to order by phone and pick up the food, Yeray informed by SMS, when everything is ready. It is worth noting, that Pizzeria Flash weekdays only from 19 pM opens - But on Sundays starting at 12 Clock!

Order also comes on the Pizzeria Flash-Website or an application, the download on Google play and in the App store ready. And can do much more: the customers are guided through the culinary program including special offers in English and Spanish, can click on Tools and gewünsche time or see in a process window, how far their pizza has flourished. Even the cheeses are eligible. In the next update of the app, promises Yeray, German'm with the program.

When compiling the desire Pizza on site or on the phone you have to know, that apart from Yeray (See photo), the English can, only Spanish is spoken in operation. Who allergies, has food intolerances or simply a special taste, are by, what should be in no case on the pizza. The staff at the Flash these foods can exclude the computer mouse click, whereupon the system rules out the dough disks with the unwanted ingredients. Now the customers choose among the remnant, and then the order goes into the Pizza Bakery.

Only 3 Minutes and 50 Second, the delicious occupied flatbreads are in the oven, then store them cuddly packed in heat boxes on the scooters. The drive during the Opening times Monday to Saturday from 19 to 24 Clock and Sunday from 12 to 15 Watch and 19 to 24 Clock. Is closed on Tuesdays.

website of Pizzeria Flash , also leads to the app download.

Phone: 922.46.50.68

Address: Road to Puerto Naos 127.

Delivery Service Pizzeria Flash in Los Llanos: remains only, set the table, and dine in the restaurant as.
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Gudrun Bleyhl

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