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25 Year-DO Vinos: One- and views

10. August 2018 Gudrun 2 Comments / comment now!


Wines Designation of Origin (DO):

The Regulating Body controls about 1,100 growers and 18 Wineries


100 Percent grapes from La Palma

and high quality standards

Tell connoisseurs and awards: The quality of the wines with the seal of origin Denominación de origen La Palma even international is increasingly gaining in recognition. That is also the strict guidelines due, the wine cellars of the DO Association are subject to those. Ensuring they are respected, There is the Consejo Regulador. But who is behind the abstract notion of "Board" and what looks like its working? Managing Director Eva María Hernández Alonso gives insights as regards surveillance and views of the Year 2018.


The first 1993 fill bottle with the Vinos de la Palma-DO label:

The first, 1993 fill bottle with the Vinos de la Palma-DO label: The Teneguía Negramoll Bodegas Llanovid bears the number 000001. Photos: La Palma 24

Eva, the Consejo Regulador de la denominación de Origen La Palma began 1993 looks with his work and 2018 a quarter of a century stake back. Why have wine cellars of the island subject to himself then voluntarily this supervision?

Eva Hernández: In these years many grapes were produced, and there, a few wineries wanted to differentiate. Pioneers were the Bodegas Llanovid, Carballo and Hoyo de Mazo, they gave the impetus for the founding of the Association. The DO seal should guarantee to the consumer from the outset, that there are only clusters of La Palma in the Vinos with this label, are subject to a quality control.

This was the Declaration of war against the mixing of grapes of the island with grapes from outside?

Eva Hernández: And, and Consejo Regulador La Palma has woken from the outset very strictly in, There are no scams. We want to avoid that at all costs, and even in low-yield years, because that would be a disaster. Therefore, there are more bodies next to us, to ensure objectivity and quality assurance: The Instituto Canaria de Calidad Agroalimentaria and a laboratory in Tenerife, both are operated by the Government of the Canary Islands.


Delivery of the grapes in the Bodegas: Monitor every single employee of the DO control Council 1.100 Wine growers in view of the amount of.

So much for theory - What is the work of the control Council in practice?

Eva Hernández: To do this you need to know first, that under the umbrella of the association DO Vinos de La Palma now 18 Wine cellars and 1.100 Winegrowers supplying to are gathered, in a total of 587 Hectares of vineyard with some centuries-oldGrape varieties Edit. The reading on our island usually starts because of the different climatic and geographical conditions in mid-August and ends in November - it is the longest harvest period in Europe. In order to avoid, smuggled foreign grapes, are our inspectors a week during delivery in the Bodegas on the spot during this time seven days. First, every wine maker must specify, What grapes he has harvested in which plot, and the controller holding this on a form, that we in the Office in Fuencaliente in looking at our records against check-in. To make everything perfect, are all data to further check on the Instituto Canaria de Calidad Agroalimentaria redirected.


Tasting room at the Council House in Fuencaliente: Here experts test all 15 Days, whether the wines of Bodegas of DO fulfil the strict conditions in regard to taste and ingredients. Photo: La Palma 24

That sounds pretty complicated ... How many employees does the Control Board?

Eva Hernández: In the Office of the Consejo Regulador We are five employees in Fuencaliente, but during the three-month harvest period we hire inspectors to monitor the grape supply in the Bodegas in addition.

So much what makes controlling the quantity - the Allied Control Council, to guarantee the quality of the DO Vinos La Palma?

Eva Hernández: In Fuencaliente is an area in our rooms, in which we all 15 With five experts to carry out tasting days. Because the Bodgas signed when joining the Association of DO, that they bottle only wines, which is found to be suitable for. This includes controlling the contractually specified oenological parameters analyses in a laboratory of the Canary Islands Government in Tenerife. Vinos with the label Denominación Orígen de La Palma come on the market, When all have passed these tests.

Look like the bottles in the tasting at the Board Office: For objectivity reasons the tasters don't know, which it is wine.

Look like the bottles in the tasting at the Board Office: For objectivity reasons the tasters don't know, Bodega from which the wine originates.

There are also Vinos, fall through?

Eva Hernández: This is a rather rare, because the Bodegas know indeed the strict conditions and make in advance of the tasting bottles on the Control their own analysis.

And bringing the employees of the Control Council employ outside the vintage?

Eva Hernández: Even then the work doesn't go out us, because we process the subsidies at this time, the of from Europe, by the Spanish State and of the Canary Islands Government for our wine growers are. So, we will credit you, so they can focus on their real work. After reading each wine must come to our office and declare his harvest, we fill the subsidy forms from, and the winemakers have to sign only. This is mucho trabajo .. for our team. (laughs) In addition, we're here to the Internet presence of the Control Board, as well as to press- and public relations. Our task is also, to apply the DO Vinos from La Palma.

A top advertising are probably the "wine villages", The die in Plains, Santa Cruz de La Palma are held and the Breña Alta area of ​​San Pedro. The offered there Vino Tapa station wagons are apparently liked to take ...

Eva Hernández: More than that: The success of these events with thousands of visitors exceeds now all our expectations. At the events in 2018 showed once again, that Vino de La Palma is interesting both for the locals as well as for island guests. Visitors like it, When one Copa de vino to meet with friends, and many buy even more of our special glasses as a souvenir. We design new Copas, so that even collectors on their cost. However, it was not always so elegant - when we started in Los Llanos ten years ago with the FIVIPAL, There was still no tapas, and the wine was served in plastic cups.

Meanwhile, the Tapas and even cheese tasting part of the program of "wine villages"...

Also on the Isla Bonita there are & quot; wine villages" in Los Llanos, Santa Cruz and San Pedro: There is DO Vinos, Tapas from the region and goat cheese samples. Photo: Vinos de La Palma

Also on the Isla Bonita there "wine villages" in Los Llanos, Santa Cruz and San Pedro: There, locals and enjoy island guests DO Vinos, Tapas from the region and goat cheese appetizers. Photo: Vinos de La Palma

Eva Hernández: And, because we not only want our wine, apply but also other products of the Isla Bonita: When FIVIPAL in Los Llanos took part 2018 eight DO Bodegas, ten restaurants and two dairies with the DO seal Queso Palmero. When Engoastronómico meeting in Santa Cruz, nine DO wineries and twelve restaurants and two DOP cheese presented. And when Enogastrosolidaria party Flavored Summer Wines in San Pedro were five DO bodegas, eight restaurants and a cheese factory here - the proceeds of this solidarity event were the way of the Spanish Cancer Society Spanish Association Against Cancer donated. On behalf of the Control Council, I would like to thank all collectives, Company, thank the visitors and local governments as well as the Cabildo for support.

Grapes in the photo: Bodegas Torres Matias.

Grapes in July 2018 in the South of La Palma: Everything looks good, only the reading will start later than usual. Photo: Bodegas Torres Matias.

After this review, a view would be nice: Eva, how it looks in terms of year 2018 at the DO Vinos from?

Eva Hernández: Above all, I must say, that the harvest compared to previous years 2018 starts with a delay of at least two to three weeks. In principle, we are seeing a lot of grapes, but it is too early in view of the harvest delay, to talk about specific amounts. The later harvest is mainly due to the low temperatures in May and June: The spring weather did not materialize, and the summer began much later than usual. In view of this new climate scenario, it is difficult, make estimates. I can only recall, that DO-Bodegas 2015 about 1,4 have reaped millions of kilos of grapes, 2016 were it 793.000 kilo and 2017 the 945.000 Kilo. At these fluctuations can be seen, how much the weather and other factors such as the large forest fire in August 2016 impact revenues. But whatever: Even in years of low earnings come only 100 Percent grapes from La Palma to the DO wines.


Red wines with the seal of the DO La Palma: "With the reds, we have taken a qualitative leap forward", says Board Managing Director Eva Hernández. Photo: Consejo Regulador

La Palma is a small island, in the view of the quantity of wine and prices can logically never compete with major growing areas in mainland Europe. How DO control the development of quality?

Eva Hernández: Our white wines were always excellent, and with the reds, we have taken a qualitative leap forward. The wineries have modernized and engineered, each of them seeks their special way - but the wine on La Palma has many different realities in terms of the location of the vineyards and the climate.

Is the Council of DO wines from La Palma 25 Years work satisfied?

Eva Hernández: I think, It was a wonderful idea, the entire island under a DO umbrella to bring together - for example there are Tenerife five different Denominación origen-Labels. However, e is for our small islandin Countries of origin- and quality label absolute sense and also for wine lovers from outside to understand better. And just because La Palma is so small, We have a better team work and a closer network of all those involved. It should be remembered however, that Bodegas La Palma under the supervision of the control Council first 25 Work years, This is not long, We are still very young in comparison with those on the Mainland as all DO associations in the Canary Islands. We must make many experiences and solve problems. For example, the loss of vineyards and their new investment: Two forest fires in the past eight years have destroyed much ... In particular the winemakers in the nature protected areas in the South have great difficulty, new vines to plant, because the technical equipment by the nature protection are severely restricted. There is so much to do much- I think, We are just beginning ... (laughs).

Eva, Thank you for the interview, Wine teeth should give some clues. More information, see all, care for Vinos denominación Origen de La Palma, on the website of the Consejo Regulador in different languages.

Control Council for Vinos with the Denomination of Origen La Palma label: The filing of 1.100 Growers need to be maintained. Photo: La Palma 24

Files by 1.100 Wine growers in the Office of the control Council for DO wines on La Palma in Fuencaliente: "We need to look at control, Quality assurance and subsidies all can demonstrate", explains the Managing Director of the Consejo Regulador. Photo: La Palma 24


Fuencaliente: In this House, the team of the control Council for wines with the DO La Palma seal works. Photo: La Palma 24

Fuencaliente: In this House, the team of the control Council for wines with the DO La Palma seal works. Photo: La Palma 24

Gudrun Bleyhl

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