Events from the 5.2.2018 on the Isla Bonita


Isla Bonita events from the 5.2.2018

Concerts – Theatre – Film & Festivals


Concerts on the island


The fools are going on: Music Carnival without end.

Most concerts on La Palma are currently heard during the Carnival, for example, in the Recinto Carnaval in Santa Cruz and Los Llanos. We no longer list, but refer to our Carnival calendar – Click here.

Caution: On Thursday, the city of Santa Cruz has the 8. February 2018 planned Carnival opening parade Cabalgata Anunciadora cancelled due to bad weather. An Ersatzermin will be announced in the coming week!

The Plains: La Luna is gejazzt

The Plains: Jazz at La Luna.

The Plains: Jazz at La Luna.

La Tasca Café Luna in Los Llanos there is live music every now and again: On Thursday, 8. February 2018, come drummer mash Temme, Guitarist and singer Alexander Sputh and saxophonist Markus Friedrichsen over. The program of the Mash Temme trio: Jazz y Más. The concert starts at 20 Clock; Reservations are recommended! Phone: 922.40.19.13.


Step: Comply with Sabina 22 Years back on the island

Spain-star: Concert at La Palma.

Spain-star: Concert at La Palma.

Within the framework of its Lo Darian TODO-Tour makes a stop on La Palma Joaquín Sabina. On the Isla Bonita was the singer-songwriter and author of Bajada de la Virgen 1995 the last time a concert. The next is now the 30. April 2018 at the sports stadium of El Paso held – expected to be around 6.000 Fans. The advance ticket sales starts on Thursday, 8. February, at 12 Clock! The municipality explained, that there are three ticket categories for the two and a half-hour appearance of the famous Bard: General, Preferente and Premium of 30 to 120 Euro. Sabina calls numerous gold- and platinum records his own - his album Lo niego todo was 2017 the best selling in Spain. Ticket sales for the Sabina concerts on La Palma in the Internet at and – also in all tourist offices.


La Palma: Classical music festival of the Canary Islands

Festival de Música de Canarias:

Festival de Música de Canarias: Two concerts are on Isla Bonita.

The colorful concert round the 34. Festival Internacional de Música de Canarias coming to an end. Is still an appearance on La Palma: At the end of the classical music festival of the Canaries comes on Friday, 16. February, the Klengel Quartet in the Casa de la Cultura in San Andrés y sauces – Beginning: 20.30 Clock. The musicians are members of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria and entertain with Bach, Couperin, Gardel and Joplin. All further details and online reservations click here.


Mallet: Café concerts in the Casa Roja

Music dance at the Museum by Mazo.

Music dance at the Museum by Mazo.

The dance of the Café of concert in the Museum Casa Roja. All concerts begin to 18 Watch and cost 2 euro entry. As a second event in the series is most Saturday, 24. February, said at an appearance with marimba and percussion: It plays Andrés Pérez Brito. At the Saturday, 24. March, does that make Trio de Jazz The red-painted Museum station: Guests are Franco Contreras, Pepe Toni Tamarit and Manuel Maldonado. At the Saturday, 21. April, is the guitar in the center of the Café concert at the Casa Roja: Tomás Miguel Farina, Samuel Delgado, Luis Alejandro García and Francisco Javier Yanes let their instruments sounds.


Santa Cruz: Mayte Martín at the CajaCanarias

Mayte Martín: Flamenco in the CajaCanarias.

Mayte Martín: Flamenco in the CajaCanarias.

At the 22. February is Mayte Martín at the Espacio cultural CajaCanarias in Santa Cruz de la Palma. The singer- songwriter maintains with masterpieces of classical flamenco. Mayte Martín has released many albums, her latest released 2017 with the title Tempo Rubato. Ticket sales on the Internet. The cultural space of CajaCanarias is located in the Bank at the Plaza de España.


Theatre and literature

The Plains: Reading stage for bookworms

La Luna: nice restaurant with a romantic courtyard.

La Luna: nice restaurant with a romantic courtyard.

Crystel Saddleback Kindler and Armin Arminardo invite once again Luna in Los Llanos to a reading stage in the La Tasca-Café: On Friday, 16. February 2018, at 16.30 Watch literature fans can read aloud from their favorite books, self-authored texts carry forward or just listen. Who wants to be active, logging on at E-Mail La Luna found in the Calle Fernandez Taño 26.


Santa Cruz: Curtain on at the Circo de Marte



At the Teatro Circo de Marte in Santa Cruz is on Friday, 23. March 2018, Once again announced Theatre: Guest Bibiana MONJE is with her solo piece Lacura. The show starts at 20.30 Clock.


La Palma film

Tazacorte: Film art days at Petra and Helmut

The program: click on it!

Art space program: click on it!

Is actually a gallery of art space in Tazacorte, but once in the year Petra Herrmann and Helmut Kiesewetter organize also evenings with audiovisual entertainment on a particular topic. Now it's happening again: At the 1. February 2018 have the Documentary film festival started with contributions from Wolfgang Jung, and by the 10. to 17. February 2018 find the closest Film art days statt, where are works by director Isabel Coixet at the heart. After the demonstrations, wine is discussed as always with a glass of. Login email or phone 634.602.860 will be asked. All details and programs can be found on the Facebook page of the art space.



Courses on the island

Step: Learn drums

Djeme course in El Paso.

Djeme course in El Paso.

In February and March 2018 is there an Afrokick in the bar central in El Paso: The djembé teacher from Holland called EDF is back and organising courses for beginners and advanced - drums are available. The fee per hour 10 Reduced costs euro - a subscription for all seven dates with EDF 60 Euro. The Djembe lessons take place on the following dates: 14., 19., 21., 26. and 28. February 2018 and 5. and 7. March 2018. Beginners will be on these days by 19.15 to 20.15 Teaching clock; the workshops for advanced students take each of 20.30 to 21.45 Clock. Application: German buyers call Gabi under the Spanish fixed-line number 922.48.66.85 an, Spanish Info Joachim below 922.42.85.13, To get information on English and Dutch at EDF below 0031-6-304.757.16.


Tazacorte: Tips for drawing

Gallery Avenida 17: Now, there are also courses in the building on the main street of Tazacorte Pueblo.

Gallery Avenida 17: Now, there are also courses in the building on the main street of Tazacorte Pueblo.

In the Gallery of Avenida 17 Beginners and advanced can learn how to use pen and paper or perfect in Tazacorte: At the 23. and 24. February 2018 is the graphic designer Jürgen Wüst from 10 to 13 Watch tips for choice of subject and technique, Proportion and composition, Perspective, Line and surface as well as light and shadow. The fee is 24 Euro pro Tag. Login and all further information in the phone 654.835.790.



Tazacorte: Noche de Música every Friday

Music night: All meets and dances a bit.

Music night: All meets and dances a bit.

Invites the multicultural Club La banana in Tazacorte: Every Friday, the weekend is heralded with a Noche de Música. BB´s go to always 22 Watch in the club room. Learn more about the Asociación multicultural la banana and we have described before its international cast and activities in a report – Click here.


Puerto Naos: Conversation with Thomas

Thomas Pope in action: Music and entertainment on the beach promenade of Puerto Naos.

Thomas in action: Music and entertainment on the beach promenade of Puerto Naos.

Already for more than a year the singer Thomas occurs every Tuesday and Saturday to 20.30 Clock in Laly BB´s bar Bucanero in Puerto Naos on. The program by Thomas Pabst is versatile and extends down to the one or the other pop-song Elvis Sinatra and Udo Jürgens, and the joining of Laly is always free. By the way: Thomas can be booked for private parties info phone 654.322.700.


Event prospects 2018

Los Llanos-Santa Cruz Breña Alta: Wine fairs

Beautiful views:

Beautiful views: DO Vinos taste Isla Bonita on three large “Wine-growing villages” in the course of the year. Photo: Council of Vinos de La Palma

The Council of wines with the Denominación origen-Countries of origin- and quality seal of La Palma has the events for the year already 2018 announced. So she turned Wine fair Fivipal on 17. March the Plaza in Los Llanos in a big wine village, delicious tapas serve the winemakers of the island at which their treasures and restaurateurs. Maudlin continues at 21. April 2018 in Santa Cruz, where you are at the third edition of the Encuentro Enogastronómico in the old town. And on 2. June increases in Breña Alta, the second Fiesta del Vino con Sabor a Verano (V&V) -the fine wines with "Summer taste" test can be in the Parque de Los of Álamos in San Pedro, where is located the cigar Museum.


Fuencaliente: Great souvenirs at the arts and crafts fair


The special souvenir from the certified artisans: De Artesanía discover unusual insular at the Feria in August. Photo: La Palma 24

Once in a year, the best and tested artisan of La Palma in the gather Craft Fair Island elsewhere on the island. The competent counselor Susana Machín announced now, that that the popular event for people, the special design or gift search, This year, from the 11. to 15. Held August in Fuencaliente. As always, there's a colorful entertainment- and services during the arts and crafts fair. Tip for tourists: Who are holidaying at this time not on the Isla Bonita, rings finds the beautiful pieces of Artesanos in part to farmers markets around the island. In addition, the Cabildo sold arts and crafts in the Casa Salazar in Santa Cruz, in the native American Museum Museo Archeológico Benahoarita (MAB) in Los Llanos and the art school Escuela insular de Artesanía right next to the market Hall in Mazo.


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