Festival Internacional de Música de Canarias

cartel_Klassik-Festival der Kanaren

The 34. Festival Internacional de Música de Canarias invites friends of classical music by the 11. January until 17. February 2018 for a colourful concert dance on the Canary Islands.

Tickets can be reserved online now. On La Palma, following appearances are to each 20.30 Watch planned: On Friday, 12. January, performs the Norwegian A Cappella formation Nordic voices in the Casa de la Cultura in El Paso. On Friday, 26. January, performs the Spanish strings-Ensemble Preterite in the Museo Arqueológico Benahoarita (MAB) in Los Llanos. On Sunday, 4. February, does it Vienna Chamber Orchestra at the Teatro Circo de Marte in Santa Cruz de La Palma, and on Friday, 16. February, that comes Klengel Quartet in the Casa de la Cultura in San Andrés y sauces.

All the details on the website of the Festival- Click here.


Nordic voices https://goo.gl/9ADtjE
Ensemble Preterite https://goo.gl/2W7N7j
Vienna Chamber Orchestra https://goo.gl/CXBZLM
Klengel Quartet HTTPS://Goo.GL/ZSdCks


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