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Stoves Palma Chimeneas

22. March 2019 Gudrun 1 Comments / comment now!

Heating on the islands of eternal spring? It sounds paradoxical, but is quite common. In order to create comfort at higher elevations or in the sea gischtfeuchter, come in the Canaries usually gas or electricity used. A notable alternative to this Marcel John: The qualified chimney builder sells and installs environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient fireplace- and hot air furnaces in his shop on La Palma and installed on demand on all the islands of the archipelago.

fireplace- and hot air furnaces Palma Chimeneas from Germany and Austria

Installation and full service on all Canary Islands

Marcel John his Palma Chimeneas store is located in Los Llanos, just opposite the beautiful Gómez Felipe mosaic park on the main road coming from Puerto Naos.
© La Palma 24

No doubt, investing in a wood stove is initially not cheap. this acquisition over the years can in view of ever-increasing power- However amortize and gas prices, in particular, when you get low on wood. And environmentally conscious people with a model, which Marcel John sells in his shop called Palma Chimeneas, also on the safe side:

My stoves already meet the standards, the 2020 come into force in Germany. This is particularly interesting for client Interior, since there are now already energy certificates for houses in this country.

Spain and the EU have thus far been issued, no relevant regulations, but that will come eventually. The consumption of the stoves of the lead manufacturers in Germany and Austria as Haas & son, La Nordica, and BC is not to be compared with that of ten or twelve years and by about 40 decreased percent. There's almost no ash left, and the efficiency is very high. The jump came 2015, because these producers ceased production in view of the requirements of future standards to.

Although Marcel John can not predict the consumption for each household, ultimately depends heavily on the individual heat- or cold sensation from.

However, the principle required power of a stove is precisely calculated in view of the size of the house, What the experts say. Marcel John has experience in this regard, for he sells the heat supplier for eight years:

I just need the number of cubic meters, and then I can recommend the oven with the matching performance. The smaller models start at five kilowatts, and you can take them around 50 heat cubic meter.

The Palma Chimeneas range also includes warm air ovens. In warm air ovens, the turbos heat up to just 9 KW 180 Cubic meters, because they distribute the air unlike stoves. © La Palma 24

For services of six to eight kilowatts you get even 60 to 80 Cubic feet snug and warm. The rule of thumb is, to quote one kilowatt per cubic meter of twelve. The hot air furnaces, the results are even better: Here you can with nine KW to 170 to 180 warm cubic, when the doors are open in the house, because these types distribute the air unlike the stoves.

As far as the matter is so easily. But now comes the choice is yours. Because Marcel John has in his shop in Los Llanos to 50 products in stock: from rustic, covered with handmade tiles model about "fires" in a stylish steel, Wood-, Granite- or soapstone optics to the failed hot air stoves, Ovens with ceramic plates or mountable fireplace tapes to measure can be found for every style of the right of warmth. By the way, you can also buy Palma Chimeneas exhibits directly. However, one wishes a non vorrätiges model or a different size, should be timely stop by next winter in front of Marcel:

Stylish stoves with Marcel John: Wood-, Granite- or soapstone optics combined with steel. © La Palma 24

So that producers stoves freight-free supply to Hamburg, I need to order large quantities.

That is, I collect the orders here on La Palma, and that can then take ever two months. From Hamburg, the furnaces are delivered by container to the Canaries, I have to pay in turn.

That is, I can of course offer as low as German traders never. However, experience shows, that individuals of transport even more expensive comes as me.

That being said, the settlement at the site experts also recommends with regard to warranty-related services, Marcel John also takes. He knows, because every year he works a few days from manufacturers in Germany and Austria. And not only that: Marcel passes on request, to clean the furnace tubes, and he has as a bricklayer- and chimney builder Journeyman the know-how for their installation:

For good combustion you must first create a certain train. In Germany, four and a half meters are required, but in Spain there are no rules. My experience is, that are sufficient for normal houses in the Canaries three meters, because here prevail, another pressure and other wind conditions. But each house is different, in my Todoque I have two and a half meters, and the fireplace draws like a one. That is, you always have to try a bit, Experience shows that it is enough, to go from the roof edge even one meter high. For this installation I take 200 Euro; In comparison, it costs in Germany to 400 Euro.

Lighter and briquettes: You can buy everything at Palma Chimeneas in Los Llanos. © La Palma 24

And then go kann's: Marcel recommends to light the fire of wood patented, of chips pressed with wax igniters, in contrast to the usual commercially, with kerosene-soaked "stinkers" burn for an hour and give off no odor. If you want to keep the heat long, he leads in his shop in Los Llanos also brown coal briquettes from the Lausitz, smolder up to eight hours to himself. Nine euro cost ten kilos, and to get through the night, you need, according to Marcel to put only two left in the hot wood. Speaking of night: let's not it dangerous a wood stove unattended in front of him burning? Marcel denies:

In any way, because the furnaces of the new generation have no manual air regulator more and are almost 100 Percent built close. Haas & Son even has a patented start-stop system: As you press only on the side of the stove to the On switch, and that was it. The oxygen supply for the combustion is then automatically controlled.

The installation is not a problem: Marcel Maurer John's- and chimney builder journeyman and the gear for the ovens in the store. © La Palma 24

So comfort all around. only begs the question, as the source of heat must be maintained, and what life they have. Marcel John has in this respect good news:

The stoves are produced according to the production company and price of differently thick steel plates. That is, they need as opposed to the furnaces of the past no longer care from outside, Apart from the normal dusting. Otherwise, I only recommend, easy to handle the furnaces well, So not exactly reinzuschmeißen the wood, then they will last a lifetime.

And in case should be somewhere a crack or a hole, can weld the steel. But I did something never seen.

On the contrary, the customers of Palma Chimenea are satisfied. And they look clean not only because of the lighter and briquettes in the store in Los Llanos, so the boss:

Particularly homeowners with multiple objects - also for tourist Rental - have already purchased several stoves with me, a customer even six pieces! However, many call me simply because of the chimney flue cleanup.

Marcel comes as a chimney sweep past. With special brush, but not in black clothes with cylinder. But fortunately he brings anyway - you know: just nudge short!

Palma Fireplaces - here is the website.
Fixed-line business in Los Llanos: 0034-922.40.36.62
John Marcel mobile phone: 0034-603.866.616

Palma Chimneys in The Plains, Highway Puerto Naos 45: Marcel John has in his shop to 50 fireplace- and hot air furnace and heated with wood stoves in different designs to fit available to any style. Special sizes can order, However, it takes a few months - So stop by time in front of the next winter! In addition, Marcel also offers alcoholic specialties such as cherry water in his shop, Obstler and Dornfelder.

Gudrun Bleyhl

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