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reopening: Art and jewelry in the "Galería La Punta"

1. February 2020 Guest post Write first comment now!

Galeria La Punta "© Michael Nguyen

Those interested in jewelry and art, should the newly opened "Galeria La Punta "visit with its own workshop. Hold the beautiful natural area of ​​La Palma on a self-made image, draw or a seashell in black sand maybe you prefer a little, silver pendant create?

Also, you can now in the "Galeria La Punta "experience in La Punta / Tijarafe. Claudia Heinz and Corey Spaeth come from Idar-Oberstein on the Nahe and have the former "Los Amigos" restaurant - just one kilometer from the Mirador El Time away - in 2018 taken over, to the gallery with painter- rebuilt and goldsmith's workshop and reopened this month.

Before that was the work of Claudia, (Dipl.-ing. Interior architecture in the first job), exhibited in various galleries in Germany, but their priorities in the design and construction were of modern low-energy / passive houses, and in consulting on the subject of "Home Staging", because art and design have always been part of Claudia's life, who has also studied four semester art history and German.

Even as the work of educator, Subject teacher in adult education and as a trainer in the "team building" may Claudia several years to draw experience and teaching skills. Corey is trained in first job jewel goldsmith masters and jewelry designer. He is also Outdoor Event Manager, of his various hobbies such as e.g.. Climbing, Hiking, 4x4 and Enduro since 2011 professionally exercises (www.adrenatura.eu).

Entrance area of ​​the Galería © Michael Nguyen

"Here in La Palma we have together found the ideal intersection, what the two of us together is important and for me personally this island in the Atlantic Ocean just a very special place for painting. The special light, the heat and the variety of colors and nature I particularly liked and inspire me ", says Claudia and can also be seen in her pictures.

Corey at work © Michael Nguyen

"Finally I can exhibit my work in our own gallery and appropriate time- offer and drawing classes to interested parties. "Because now there are days workshops in the" Galería La Punta ". Depending on your preference either act, Object drawing classes or acrylic painting. Appropriate course materials can be provided for a fee, but who want to bring your own utensils, also can do naturally like. So that Claudia can fully take care of the participants, the number is limited to a maximum of five people.

In the gallery gold combinations are next to unique items made of silver or silver / issued the jewelery collections of Corey, already from 1996 up to the year 2000 a second studio in Cadaques on the Costa Brava led. There he was, among others, the works of the Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali inspired and over the years emerged as a successful silver jewelery collection, he held until 2017 sales in Catalonia. His main customers on the Costa Brava counted inter alia. die Salvador Dalí in Figueres, took place which in the past many years of cooperation.

König Juan Carlos I. received elephant sculptures by the artist

so were 1998 König Juan Carlos I. during his visit to Cadaques, of the Dali Foundation, the opening of the Casa Museo Dali in Port Lligat, awarded silver elephant sculptures as a gift, made in the workshop of the master goldsmith.
Two identical sculptures made of sterling silver and similar in a smaller format, made as a pendant, are also on display in the gallery. As well as two light sculptures by sculptor Jürgen cracks, He lives on La Palma.

Elephant shoulder ride © Michael Nguyen

The goldsmith courses Corey three interested parties can participate due to the existing jobs each. During the day workshops, via ca. 3 go hours, is then cut, drilled and soldered, for example, to produce a small sterling silver.

Claudia © Michael Nguyen

For "long-term tourists", Residents and locals there are also courses, running over three months and each take place once a week. "Those who have a need of repair piece of jewelry or a makeover wishes, may also like to come here ", sagt Corey. Who wants to visit the gallery or find out about a course or login, Here is contact information, since the opening times vary according to season:

Galeria Tip", La Punta 36, Tijarafe
Tel.: 0034/622 645 470
E-Mail: galerialapunta@gmx.de

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