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Crafts: Cornelia Spork handles glass beads – Shop in Fuencaliente


With fire and diligence to the designer jewelry

"Fire and hard work" -under this motto, Cornelia Spork on the Canary Island of La Palma creates beads of all colors and creative designs. This technique is called blowing before the lamp, the know-how, Requires skill and patience. Conny has for years at markets and fairs in the Canary Islands and in addition on the road. Full new: Her fans find the talented artisan glass jewels in her shop opened a year ago “A mano” in Fuencaliente.


Fleißig am Feuer: Die Kunsthandwerkerin arbeitet auch vor den Augen des Publikums auf den Märkten. Foto: La Palma 24

Hard-working on the fire: That is the difference to the mass-produced goods from far eastern factories. Photo: La Palma 24

Conny is working at home in her workshop in Fuencaliente - and also she unpack your burner and the wide range of accessories on the big fairs on La Palma and the other Canary Islands. So can see the visitors on site, as the Joyas de Cristal arise. Explains Conny, why this is so important in their glass jewels:

You have to explain, everything is handmade and not somewhere purchased China-ware. In contrast to the mass I need for a Pearl under the bar from five minutes to five hours. That is, the price is very much determined by working time, where the glass is not cheap. Worldwide, there are not many huts, the glass need for this technology produce. Our material comes largely from Murano in Italy.

Joyas de Cristal: Armband mit mehr als 100 Perlen.

Joyas de Cristal: Bracelet with dozens of beads. Each of the artful miniatures is built up layer by layer – you learn in five minutes.

Also, Conny processed their glass beads with high-quality materials such as sterling silver chains, Bracelets and earrings - on request also according to individual customer requirements and to measure. Speaking of customer service: She is great fun and their mother. While Conny locally manufactures their artful miniatures, Bettina market visitors with ardour the story hot glassblowing before the lamp:

First melted the glass rods in the flame. While Conny handles it a staff - when one out later takes the, the Pearl has been a hole. Then the beads are built up layer by layer and then cooled - either in granules or in the oven.

Anhänger: schööön...

Earrings: beautiful…

The high art of beads wrapping takes – you learn it not in five minutes. Conny has used many years, until they reached their present day form. Actually, she's trained female and stone sculptor, where she worked in the family business in Germany. At the same time, Conny worked jewelry hobby:

Joyas de Cristal: Ohrringe.

Joyas de Cristal: Earrings.

Through which I came to the glass beads. First I built from purchased glass beads jewelry, but I am become pretty soon dissatisfied and pushed to limits, because the store-bought beads I no longer liked. Then I stumbled by chance in Hamburg via a Tiffany store, "make beads myself" in the window hung a poster. This thought has never let me go, I began to search the Internet and finally found a business in Düsseldorf, It has sold me the first rods. Then I have started with a simple burner from the hardware store and read an English book with the first clues.

And then it worked just? Conny laughs and says…

… rather no. I tried Yes first, whether the stuff melts with this easy burner at all. I got it while melted, but everything was burned and broken and Askew. And also the colors that were no longer, what they once were.

Joyas de Cristal: Blickfang ist der Stand in der Markthalle in Mazo.

Joyas de Cristal: Well Conny's MOM assists clients with expertise.

Despite this not really sparkling results, Conny beads virus was eaten. 2001 She bought a professional writer in America and was still without instructions. Then she took a course in Hamburg, where she received professional tips. Then she wrapped staunchly behind closed doors next, with still lots of glass in the ton moved and "much was cursed". Finally it was Conny, She wrote partly to the profession to make:

It was just fun, After two years I signed a related trade and drove on arts and crafts markets in Northern Germany. I then set up my tables and sold the one or the other piece.

Joyas de Cristal: Halsketten - Kombis auch auf Wunsch.

Joyas de Cristal: Necklaces – Ideas from nature.

From northern Germany to the South of la Palmas Conny came through visits to her mother and grandmother – the two pensioners lived some time in Fuencaliente. The flying visits were becoming longer and longer, and in the year 2008 decided the artist, their jobs definitively in the neighborhood of volcanoes to move San Antonio and Teneguía. Conny, You inspire the Feuerspucker, If you're sitting on the burner?

Not necessarily (laughs). But I get my ideas from nature - so I take about the unusual colour combinations in a flower. Sometimes I see a pattern, but also and think, I could try that in glass. One must also bear in mind, that small pearls offer only a limited surface, Since you can only work with lines or points. On large beads you can play you - but my burner creates maximum in diameter three to four centimetres.

Die hohe Kunst: Paperwights aus Glas.

The high art: Paperwights glass.

The problem is the oxygen. Get a compressor from the air and feeds the burner by Conny. Larger bulbs need more oxygen, There is the bottled - but not on La Palma. Conny is fiddle around, how it solves this problem, because with a larger burner she could romp to letter beschwerern:

I've done a paperweight in a course in Germany and gave it to my mother. I feel already, especially since there is a real collector scene for paperweights. And the artist, that make these pieces, also very good prices…

Bunte Vielfalt

Colorful variety: requires not only expertise, but also many, pretty expensive investments in tools and glass.

Speaking of price: It is worthwhile for a private person, to create the accessories required for bead wrapping, to then times a chain or to do so? Conny doubted that and admits:

For a clever job with all the bells and whistles – Oxygen, Burner, Furnace cooling, Aspirator and glass in sufficient number of colors, you need to 3.000 Euro invest, to work properly. And then you mind you still does not make big jumps. The tools are very expensive, because special tools are everything, produced only in small quantities.

A Mano: der neue Shop von Cornelia Spork in Fuencaliente.

A mano: the chic shop by Cornelia Spork in Fuencaliente. A mano means “by hand” – Here there are only selected designer pieces from the certified artisans.

Even Conny, that has made her hobby to the full-time job, is not rich. While working during the day at home and also twice a week in the evening: Every Wednesday she shows off their glass jewels 18.30 Uhr im Hotel Princess in the South of La Palma. 5,590 Friday evenings, where they are their jewelry in the Hotel Sol in Puerto Naos presents - there is always 18 to 22 Watch a small arts and crafts market held, the also non - hotel guests can discover beautiful souvenirs. Info for Conny-fans: In the market Hall in Mazo one no longer finds the artist recently – She gave up her booth operated for many years due to work overload.

Not to forget: For about a year, there are even Conny's shop “A mano” in Fuencaliente, easy to find on the main road Carretera General 58. In addition to all this work, it must be the shopping light of La Palma from not always and – like all self-employed – cope with lots of paperwork. Last but not least, the measuring glass artist sold, including the annual arts and crafts-Feria on the regional trade fairs on Tenerife and Gran Canaria and La Palma. Conny, remains still room for creativity in all this?

Clearly the time is often lacking, but the pearls wrap makes me still have crazy fun. The beauty of the glass is, There is no end. There is always something new, something bigger such as about the paperweights. This technique must be acquired but, It takes time. But this is our biggest goal.

Cornelia Spork has discontinued their beautiful creations on the Internet – Click here.

Who would like to visit them in their workshop in Fuencaliente, is warmly invited - but Conny and Bettina please book in advance by phone 922.44.42 02 or email cornelia(at)

In the new shop “A mano” in Fuencaliente Conny does not work; Here she and Bettina sell their beautiful pieces of jewellery, as well as selected works by other artisans such as Artefuego-Glassblower Dominique.

A Mano in Fuencaliente: leicht zu finden, der Kunsthandwerker-Shop liegt direkt an der Hauptstraße.

A mano in Fuencaliente: Easy to find, the artisan shop is located directly on the main street.



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