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Beers Isla Verde: Craft beer brewed on La Palma

17. June 2020 La Palma 24 Write first comment now!

Beers Isla Verde: Craft-beer made in La Palma

Beers Isla Verde: the brewery is located just before the southern entrance to Tijarafe, along the main road and a trail. © La Palma 24

Since the year 2010 Gino de Reuwe brews its Isla Verde beers in Tijarafe. Gino already has nine different beers, among others also two gluten-free beers. But, what is the secret of these beers and what makes this brewery such a special place? We have visited Gino and asked him.

During this time, Gino has included in his collection nine different beers, including even two gluten-free beers. © La Palma 24

Gino started 15 years before, and always under the motto "Respect for the environment", to produce their own beer. Thus the brewery in Tijarafe, turns out to be the only brewery in all of Spain where beer is brewed at 100% with renewable energy.

„We have modules that generate, solar powered (solar panels on the roof), electricity and also hot water. We use only biodiesel, which is produced, from oil residues from various restaurants, for a company in Las Manchas ”comments Gino.

With this change, the brewery received a certificate with which it became one of the few companies that does something for the island's climate.

In making new beers; Gino places special value on innovation and diversification. “Between industrial beer and craft beer, there is not only the difference of the ingredients. For me the company philosophy is in first position. Seeing how a customer savors and enjoys trying our beer is the most important thing. ” Gino explains.

This is how your beers mature without enzymes that speed up production, clarifying additives or foam stabilizers, with a pleasant content of carbon dioxide. Basic knowledge was acquired by this economist engineer, during his time in the Belgian breweries, for this reason their recipes are usually based on the traditional elaboration of the "Witbier".

Also the ingredients come mainly from a family business with more than 200 years in Belgium, where the owner of the Isla Verde Brewery wants to integrate more raw materials from La Palma in the future.

Beer is traditionally craft and based on the knowledge that Gino acquired from Belgian breweries. © La Palma 24

The good attendance of the dining room and the brewery, confirm the enormous success of the company.

The dark and fermented Danza del Diablo beer is Gino's first “treasure”. In the year 2010 offered for sale “Danza del Diablo” for the first time, and he did it on the holiday that bears the same name as beer, Tijarafe. After this test, the Belgian decided to open the Isla Verde Brewery in the year 2011, where, quickly, “Pícara” came to light, the blonde, highly fermented beer that also had a very good acceptance.
For the popular festival "Los Indianos" in the year 2015 and in Santa Cruz de La Palma, Gino brewed Indiana wheat beer, in the year 2016 the two "Hijas Julieta" followed, two gluten-free beers, a blonde and a dark. At the end of the year 2017 Graja Pirípi emerged.

The name, tipsy crow, It already gives you a little information that triple dark beer matured in the bottle for six months and has a high and strong percentage of eight percent.. At the beginning of the year 2018, Gino presented the tasty Isla Verde Natural Craft Pilsen. This Pilsner is made according to the classic recipe of the "Bohemian Urpils" and has only one 4,7 volume percent. Contrary to those usually obtained in commerce, “Isla Verde Natural Craft Pilsen” beer is neither filtered nor pasteurized. And in the year 2019 created Gino, Finally, La Graja IPA, made according to the recipe of the Indian Pale Ale.

But, at the end of the same year, Coffee Stout beer, which became, next to the IPA, in the new favorite.

Gino always comes up with new creations, which can not only be ordered in the restaurant but also through a new online store. © La Palma 24

Coffee Stout was born thanks to the joint work of Gino and Rayco, which is the owner of a Cafe chain on La Palma, El Café de Don Manuel. "It is another way to have a high level coffee" Thanks to Arabica coffee, which contains less caffeine than Robusta, Gino and Rayco drew a unique beer that combines extremely well with meat or also with a sweet Brownie. This beer has become so popular, which has already become a staple of the brewery.

On the beer label Gino always blows a graja. But why does this subspecies of the alpine crow remain, found only on La Palma, with its bright red beak over and over again in the Gino beers?

"La Graja is almost a symbol of Isla Bonita and its beautiful nature. It is also a very smart and a bit malicious bird - just like my beers are ”laughs Gino. "That is why it combines that bird perfectly with the image of Cervezas Isla Verde" Thus Gino not only brews natural beers, it also does it in all the rule by and for the environment of the green island.

The creative lord, which one day decided to come from Belgium to La Palma, not only ahead on the issue of the environment. But it has also participated more than a year in artisan elaboration competitions in Madrid, where he always achieved one of the best 120 posts: his beer, highly fermented called Pícara, got the silver medal and twice got the gold: once with their Indiana blondes and once in the category of the best Belgian beers where the winner was their dark Julieta Negra gluten-free beer. With the latter, Gino highlights a story:

"I named this beer after my daughter Julieta. She is celiac and I always wondered "Dad, when will you brew a gluten-free beer?"So I made a: Juliet base is normal barley malt but the gluten content is removed at the time of fermentation. Each batch of Juliet is tested four times in a reputable laboratory and meets the strict EU gluten-free beer standard.. "That is why I create the Juliet blonde and the dark, which is a beer made up of four types of malt. Than, by the way, it is the first dark beer in Spain that does not contain gluten ”.

The graja is a typical symbol of the Isla Bonita and also adorns the labels of Gino beers. © La Palma 24

A special treat for the palate is dark beer, with a percentage of six percent, Danza del Diablo, which is also made with four different types, highly rated malt, as well as some caramel malt and chocolate malt.
The delicately bitter and rebellious Pícara, appears with a percentage of 5,5 in alcohol, belongs to the golden beers and its recipe is completed with a handful of wheat. The first authentic wheat beer from the Gino brewery called Indiana, received his award for scraping orange peel and coriander seeds:

Craft beers are served in beautiful Trappist glasses. © La Palma 24

Gino explains to us: "Indiana is not as bitter as other beers that, for example, come from Berlin or Bayern. I elaborate it in the Belgian way. The secret with all beers is to try to find the balance between the bitterness, the body and aromas.

It is easy to make a strong beer with a lot of alcohol or a bitter one as it is now the order of the day in the United States. But of those beers you can only enjoy one. I'm looking for a way to make beers that make me want to drink more ”.

Gino beers are found in a variety of supermarkets such as Spar or Hiperdino, in bars and restaurants like, for example, the corner of Moraga, The Casa Osmunda or La Marmota. In some places the beer comes out of the tap, in others from the bottle. Even at LIDL, depending on the campaign, you can find Gino beers. Of course they can also be purchased at the brewery itself and in the new online store.

"There are more and more places to find our beers. Also in the other Canary Islands such as Tenerife and Gran Canaria - for example in the Al Campo, Carrefour or Corte Inglés can find them. We also export them to the peninsula and sell them there to a hotel chain., which we hope that in the future, please provide us with even more updates on the online topic. ” Gino tells us.

In addition these unique Tijarafe beers are also found, throughout the year, at fairs or gastronomic events that are held on La Palma.

Next to the brewery, Gino also runs his restaurant. There, the clients, they will be able to observe the interesting technology of the brewing of Béligca, Italy, Germany and Slovakia, through a glass found in the restaurant.

A pipe runs under the restaurant floor leading directly to the brewery, to the counter from where the different beers sprout to the incredible Trappist glasses of Belgium.

Have a beer and at the same time see how it is made, it's getting more and more popular. This is how the idea of ​​being able to participate in a beer brewing tour was also born.

Next to the Brewery is its own restaurant. © La Palma 24

With a minimum of 8 a 10 people, soon there will be fixed days in which this type of tours are carried out, where beer lovers can watch Gino make the tasty beer.

The restaurant's succulent cuisine also contributes to the great success of the Isla Verde Brewery, and the, always well visited, restaurant invites its clients to try typical Canarian dishes combined with international products. Too, following the motto of the Restaurant, Vegetarian dishes and gluten-free recipes are offered. Along with the fixed letter, a special menu is offered every day.

Here too Gino places great importance on working together with local suppliers. Formerly small tapas were offered, nowadays, there are larger dishes that are made in the kitchen and that contribute to the enjoyment of beer.

The letter offers, along with delicious tapas with fish and meat, also tasty homemade desserts. © La Palma 24

The menu offers from creative and tasty tapas to fish and meat, as well as homemade lasagna or rich Belgian waffles also homemade.

On Saturdays and Sundays the brewery also offers tasty and healthy breakfasts such as, for example, Crepes, Since the 10 up to the 12 hours.

Delicious dishes are served in the restaurant dining room, on the old terrace that has been closed with aluminum windows, or on the terrace that has wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean.

In addition the terrace now has a variety of heaters that provide a pleasant stay for customers. It doesn't matter if sun or shade, if it was or inside, everyone finds their place here.

conclusion: Visiting the Tijarafe brewery is an absolute must, not just for beer lovers!

Schedule: Friday, Saturday and Sunday of 14 a 21 hours.

Reservations are possible under the following phone numbers 0034 922 490 625 o 0034 691 445 153.

On the complete website you can order both beers for home delivery!

More information and impressions you will find on Instagram and Facebook - Cervecería Isla Verde.


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