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Story of Lilly – Christmas Eve at La Palma – Part three

23. December 2019 Guest post 6 Comments / comment now!

© La Palma 24

meanwhile, felt 45 minutes go, I land literally disoriented in a small side street. Consider briefly, if I sit down with the white pants on the dusty sidewalk, to do me some minutes sorry.

An eat bread and water would be great, no matter how my backside looks the same. Somehow see the colored houses, as Marie has described, small built together, flat colorful houses. It can not be far off.

© Mark Kreuzinger

Completely out of breath, with a slight sunburn, I stand in front of a house with a blue door. A grandmother with gray hair sitting on the porch in her chair, as if they had forgotten years ago when moving out.

Beside her, a small cat stretches in the sun. can When I asked if they tell me where I No.. 10 find it does not respond, then my piece of paper with the address. A very bizarre situation, the streets in the midday sun swept empty, and the only person I meet shakes at the sight of my 10 on the note always his head negatively.

Good, obviously this is not my day, I've just all totally matter. Am tired and faxes have thick. Ok, then I'll go back up the hill and put it in the next café, - calories flatrate - a, I do not matter now. 5 steps further, I stand at house number ... 10, Arrived!

Inside, I'll ask why then immediately it took so long, it was already 13.00. ... Can you tell me why you make me this detour can? Is not there a much shorter route, behind Plaza down? You ... So, I live for so many years here, which is the shortest distance. Bit annoyed she takes a folder out of the closet with thick La Palma it. The let's see, I have a map. Lilly you're wrong!

We fold the plan apart and I show her my suspicions. You ... .is Carry, really! There she is, dumbfounded.

Does not matter, are worse, I say. Only embrace time and arrive, my wine unpack and a kingdom for a chair in the shade. Marie, with long flowing floral dress, standing barefoot in front of me. Platinum Blonde Hair Rose with light touch. As if J. Hendrix just left. A cool sunglasses and a smile on his face, is it with the bottle opener in the door. Look at me in her little house something to, a colorful jumble of Yesterday and Today.

© La Palma 24

How life sometimes just runs. so colorful, like the flowers on the pillows in the stool, could not withstand the sun, but still convey their original beauty. Marie I'm so glad to be here! Here's to the 68 He! We laugh.

Late in the afternoon we take the bus on the way towards Tazacorte Beach, meet friends and eat delicious. This magnificent bay with the broad black beach, surrounded by towering into the sea stone walls like a horseshoe, offers an impressive, picturesque sight.

© Mark Kreuzinger

This is my place. In the distance, the little wild raging sea, which breaks the walls and forms a high gray wall of tiny particles of water, like fog, easily broken by sunbeams. A little further flashes a tiny piece of material in pure red from the dark Lavagestein.

When I look exactly, it is a roly-tanned man, which builds a trough with a small yellow scales, to protect themselves from the wind.

Next right a lady comes out this time of year already cool water. We look admiringly, as it rises with her red from the cold body out of the water. Her companion is on the water and left hands her a towel. Wrapped up, with cigarette in mouth wrong, he shows no ambition to do the same.

Behind us, the colorful houses, Cafés and restaurants, next to a steep climb, the green mountains with the ancient caves. When I meditate again, this will be my retreat, without a doubt. My gaze slides again do not forget about the bay to the sight, the wind, the setting sun, the savage sea and tranquility exudes everything anyway. Shoes, come what may, I need the water, which I promptly to the knee enough. The fine stones below me, wash me with each wave all deep. Quick out of here. It's time to get something to eat.

Marie has been agreed yet with friends in a fish restaurant overlooking the beach. Egon about 45 and William the 70. With amazement I hear, that newcomers obviously like to invite Elapsed to reactivate it, time trial run, which is currently still possible .

It happens certainly in good faith . This colorful folk of very nice loners on la Palma just does things differently, I've already heard. Stress is because the devil's work and completely unwanted.

© Mark Kreuzinger

stay, the 45, told with his head down, that he must have been mistaken in his old high school sweetheart. He had just, after a week, brought to the plane. Imagine, he told ... Not even she had a jacket in the evening on the beach while, clear, naturally frozen! So if someone on La Palma not to 3 can count, no jacket wraps, what do you expect?

nodding at the table all silent agreement. some say, which is not at all suitable for La Palma, you did exactly the right decision Egon. Is this a joke and laugh all the same ? .. mistake! Ice - Silent. What about the one before now asks Marie. So ... has consumed my whole supply of wine. Fit well not really, is left. distressed look and Marie Wilhelm. Should be one of those women randomly, make yourself any unnecessary thoughts, they have done everything right. The need to take them as they are. courage!

© Mark Kreuzinger

After a wonderful meal we stand outside and see again the sea. Is there just a better place? No !

Before we part, We arrange to meet tomorrow on Christmas Eve at Wilhelm, wants to prepare a super-fast chicken. Ok I say, then I bake a cake goodbye. The day after tomorrow I fly. Please, Goodbye just before the flight is not my thing, better we leave in the evening with Wilhelm.

When I arrive back in the apartment, it is already dark, fast nor feedback in my home and then sleep. Christmas Eve ....... my last day on La Palma, Tomorrow I fly back to my home.

As always, I'll buy one at the Trocadero. Past the nice staff, the greet me always friendly when we meet. Then the morning coffee at the Eden or Don Manuel. How I will miss you! This beautiful morning sun and all the friendly people.

.Marie calls, she asks, whether they me 15.00 to pick up. With pleasure, still want to advance my tart with plums, prepare. Of course, with lots of cream. Suitcase prepacking ever and clean the apartment. It rings, in front of me and Marie Sybille, totally chic. Quickly see if everything is made. bag, Cake, Wine ... Let it.

We go to the mountains, to William, Egon is probably there already. Wilhelm 70, still alive / again / something / in between ... mostly I think, alone. I had met him briefly when eating on the beach of Tazacorte.

On La Palma, so was my impression, live many loners. Probably remainders of partnerships, the ran away. His house is decorated with flowers and smells of coffee.

We start the Christmas Eve with a pie fight and lots of cream. Followed by wine, with loud discussions, darkens until it already.

© La Palma 24

General rules cheerful mood. Marie would like to visit friends and is already a little nervous. We ask Wilhelm careful, what about the -Flattermann-, that you cook for us wanted? If the made himself scarce?... William is on, the chicken would soon be said as far as he. try only times. but there's something missing .......

With his back to us, he stands in front of the stove and stirring and stirring and stirring. Then he gets only once in peace of mind a red wine bottle and his glass. There he stands, it follows ... .1 huge dash of red wine in the pot ...

Obviously, he noticed just, his glass is empty. not natural at all, So fill only times. We look forward alternately questioningly ... What makes the since only ? Wilhelm, obviously makes only what he wants, festive clothes on this day, clearly belonged not to.

We depend on our already slightly tired chairs. Everyone agrees, Wilhelm, the chicken is finally ready! The full plate with a really delicious content and fresh bread on the table. It's late, Marie would not push, it is still an appointment, quickly make a gift with neighbors. We break up.

© Mark Kreuzinger

The farewell and the question, when you fly tomorrow? Towards 17.00. But first pack and get flowers for my hosts, it is close in time. Better quickly embrace again, who can say, when we meet again. A nice evening.

In the morning I'm mentally almost back in Dusseldorf. With my small suitcase I go toward taxes. Quickly and have a coffee in front of Eden. Again, I will served by the nice operation with the colorful cloth in his blond hair.

When I pay, thank I sign up for the friendly good service. She looks at me in amazement and asks overlooking the suitcase, when I come back. Also, honest, that is currently quite open. Obviously she sees just how I feel. She takes my hand ..... Of course, you come back! You belong here. promise it!

My taxi waiting. On the way to the airport I think ... what a beautiful stay. I glance fruit trees and banana plantations, narrow paths, leading to higher land, the orchards with avocado lemon oranges and more. What a pity, I do not know more Spaniards learned.

With a Spaniard under an old tree on a wooden chair in the evening light, it would have been! I would have asked him, what is important to him in life. What he loved and what scares him. What is his purpose in life and it actually means to him in the EU to be. What he wants for his family. I would have liked in strength, so that it resists speculators to his children to get home, so that La Palma is what it is.

The taxi stops, I'm already checked and can pass directly. On the plane I sit next to a lady from Dusseldorf, the, as she tells me, living on La Palma. Where did you live?. Oh, she says, Kenne ich los Llanos. You know, I say….

In light winds, I went in the morning, through an alley, past a high white wall, there it smelled then of wild jasmine, I used to have in the garden. Probably just my imagination. No she says, there really is wild jasmine.

© Mark Kreuzinger

Then they called me just the street and told by the older lady, with its beautiful garden and its delicious baked goods. When they are back on the island, please call me at, Then they visit me. Do I like.

My view goes through the window. Behind us, I see an evening sky, purple red. What a sight! Soon it will be dark, over Paris we will see the city lights. My thoughts are still with all, the my stay made so memorable, Marie, Hilde, Sybille, Wilhelm, Egon and Justus. Not to forget, people in the service, that I always and everywhere so friendly and attentive met. Thank you!

Here my little travel story ends, with the request, she looks you exactly, this gem on the 27/29 Latitude in the Atlantic, the somewhat unconventional, a colorful mix, but very lovable newly arrived residents and Palermo, are forever in my heart, with their pride, the hospitality and their joy of life. Eure Lilly PS: Those who want my recipe for plum tart, the editorial safely manages the mail on.

The first part of Lilly's Christmas Story It's going, the second part, you can read here.

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6 Answers to “Story of Lilly – Christmas Eve at La Palma – Part three”

  1. micha says:

    what a defamatory or discrediting little story – But no one needs, or?…

  2. Horst Müller says:

    Very good comments , I'm starting tomorrow for 3 Week in La Palma , since we've been 25 Years have a house there.

  3. Sabine says:

    beautiful stories.
    would love to have the recipe from the plum tart . Thank you

  4. Sabine says:

    beautiful story, melancholy wake of the most beautiful island, that I know.
    Thank you.
    @micha: What nobody needs?

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