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Isabel Welsch and Joseba Hernández are 2016 with your company Verimax Telecom started by. With success: Because they offer the possibility of using WiMax technology, extremely comfortable even in the rural areas of La Palma to surf - a service for the fixed-line telephone the Internet- and mobile phone numbers can be booked. We have spoken with Isabel Welsch in the new Verimax Office in Los Llanos (see title photo), where the young company in the spring 2017 is moved from its first location in the former tobacco factory in El Paso.



Verimax: With WiMax technology can radio waves up to 70 Kilometers are well received – perfect for secluded houses on La Palma.

The surfing speeds on La Palma are diverse and vary greatly depending on the provider and location. WiMax technology realized by Verimax on the island, however, guarantees constant comfortable navigating the World Wide Web for "normal" users over Internet games fans up to business people. Isabel says, How BB´s:

WiMax stands for worldwide interoperability for microwave access. These are radio waves, a range of up to 70 Kilometers have. Thus this form of data transfer is also ideal for houses located away from the city centres, where it would be too expensive, Cable or fibre-optic connections to lay. Especially WiMax guarantees the customer always the speed, He agreed that with us.

Three, six or twelve megabits (MB) available at Verimax as download alternatives to the election, While these can be increased even in the short term on request and according to the customer's needs and reduced. Why this Geschwindigkeien can be guaranteed, Isabel describes in simple terms:

We are completely independent of other telecommunications operators. The WiMax frequency we derive our own antennas on the Central mast of the island in the houses and create a secure network, that only our customers can use. Prerequisite for the optimum reception is only, that is the mast in sight and our equipment — so an antenna and a router – at place of domicile are installed.

A technician from Verimax ensures the reception in the House, the small antenna installed on the roof or at another appropriate place with a view to the Central mast and connects them to the router via cable – the institution of the costs once 90 Euro. Isabel stresses, that the customer not only when the installation has a personal contact:

Verimax-Techniker: kümmern sich ums Funktinieren der WiMax-Funksignale an den Zentralmasten bis zum Empfänger auf La Palma um alles. Im Haus werden eine kleine Antenne und ein Router installiert. Voraussetzung für guten Empfang ist, dass der Mast in Sichtweite zum Haus steht.

Verimax technician: take care of the functioning of the WiMax radio signals at the Central masts to the recipient on La Palma to all. In the House, a small antenna and a router be installed. Requires good reception, that is the mast within sight to the building.

If there is a problem, are we on the one on the phone or by E-Mail and also personally in our new Office in the blue columns House in the pedestrian area in Los Llanos available. From our computers, we can check the connections of all customers and try first on this way to find solutions. Is it not possible, one of our technicians creates the problem on the spot from the world. You know then already's customers of set up the port and know with the installations in the House.

Verimax offers more than constant surfing speeds and customer proximity: Flexibility! On the one with the phone- and landline tariffs, on the other hand with regard to the contracts. It there is not - and this is particularly interesting for people, have a home on La Palma, but not all year round on the island are. Isabel on the subject of advertising:

We have no termination deadlines, our customers can cancel the WiMax service again immediately after ordering. A call or an E-Mail. We therefore recommend our customers, only month wise living on La Palma, the router and antenna for 60 Euro buy. Since then, the premise remains, and you must always only briefly with us on- or unsubscribe, to activate the service or switch off. We charge monthly in advance the contractually agreed services - if you are, for example, most 15. logs off a month, is leftover money credited to, or repaid.

Not to buy the devices, are free as long as available, How to use the WiMax service; then again she picks Verimax. Everything can, nothing must apply also with regard to telephoning: The WiMax technology allows access to a landline without copper cable, where the customer can keep an existing number or gets a new. It is of course not possible, only a landline to book, because the Internet connection through the wireless WiMax frequency is the basis, because it is a VoIP service - which stands for Voice over IP. How does the call with your mobile phone, leaves Isabel:

Verimax-Antenna auf dem Haus:

Verimax: The one-time installation and connection to the router will cost 90 Euro. Tip for people, not all year-round on La Palma live: To buy antenna and router for unique 60 Euro, then the equipment stops, If you for some time, and the connection can be activated immediately when you return to La Palma.

The WiMax connection is as already stated only in the reception area between the Central masts and the installations in the House. We use the Orange network for mobile phones - the customers would otherwise not receive, When they travel abroad for example. We have special rates, they are even cheaper than the Orange.

Say: You can book a pure Internet at Verimax, also you can combine it with the mobile or landline - everything is flexible. These ways to use Isabel according to now operators of apartment complexes on La Palma, where Verimax designed individual contracts depending on the number of connections in the objects. For people, who want to work on La Palma and to hold video conferences with business partners all over the world and for fans of Internet gambling, also interesting is the so-called "ping". According to Isabel that can can be see by WiMax:

The ping is measured in milliseconds, and the smaller is this number, the better work of up- and download. As soon as the value of 100 is, can you no longer online due to time delays play and Internet conferences are impossible - when Satellite Internet is the number approximately 1.000 Milliseconds. The WiMax technology, however provides a ping of 45 Milliseconds, vegleichbar with a fibre optic connection. This is the time, the signal from the computer of the user up to the head office in Madrid and back required. It is so small, because the transport must overcome almost no resistance, because everything goes quickly and cleanly undersea fibre-optic and wireless transmission.

Verimax: eine ideale Technologie für alle, die abseits der Zentren von La Palma wohnen.

With Verimax on the World Wide Web: All Isabel Welsch in German at the Office in the House with the blue columns in the pedestrian zone of Los Llanos will advise you.

After nearly a year of work on La Palma, the WiMax technology has already taken root. Isabel and Joseba has been good business:

We have never had a customer, He went, because he was not satisfied. Cancellations are only, because the people of La Palma pull away or get the opportunity, to connect to the new fibre-optic network. With these speeds up to 300 Mega can not keep WiMax of course, and that's why we suggest also. Houses are our target group, which are far away from the centers, which are connected to the fibre-optic network on La Palma. Because often two streets further old copper cable…

There are all information to the wireless broadband Internet access using WiMax technology on La Palma: Verimax Telecom in Los Llanos in the Calle Almirante Díaz Pimienta 10 (House with the blue columns in the pedestrian zone). Isabel Welsch grew up on La Palma and speaks German perfectly.


Phone: 922.41.10.30


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