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La Palma – Arts and crafts market in Villa de Mazo

19. January 2011 La Palma 24 Write first comment now!

.. The very special souvenir.

Villa of Mazo ist das "Kunstzentrum" der Kanareninsel La Palma. Here, the art school and a house for sale crafts are located - and every Saturday and Sunday the craft market on the upper floor of the Market Hall. The latter has been lately, all day Saturday 11 to 19 Clock open.

Those looking for that special gift, will find it here. Everything is made with love by hand - from artisans, checked by the government of the island and with a Carnet de Artesano are excellent. This card entitles you, to promote its goods on the first floor of the market hall - not to be confused with the exhibitors, who set up their stalls in front of the building along the street. Because the latter offer products, which are manufactured industrially or consist of machine-made ingredients.

So it is not just crafts, To draw beads on strings - make the pearl itself, however, already. This makes Cornelia Spork on the first floor of the market hall with championship. Before the eyes of the customers they handles on her lamp Murano glass beads and then processes it to form chains, Earrings or bracelets. "So only create unique pieces", explains Cornelia. "For me, there will never be a mass production."

The same applies to their colleagues - especially the Art League of embroiderers. The taunt all already from childhood, have learned their craft from the mother - and indulge him into old age with passion. The 82 year old Dalia Cruz, for example, embroidering since 78 Years. "It still gives me a lot of fun", she says, as her colleagues. This joy in the work ultimately benefits customers, who pay for the small and large works of art only a apple and an egg. Thus, costs about a hand-embroidered poinsettia between 2 and 3 Euro, women must take at least 5 Working hours.

It is no different with Rosa and Luisa Alvarez Rodriguez. The two sisters weave their substance and then process them into bags. Price for a backpack: 43 Euro. Working hours: "You can not say for sure", Pink laughs, because she and her sister the hours rather not count ...

The most "Artesanos" on La Palma do arts and crafts as "Hobby" and take side jobs to survive. On the large Canary Islands like Tenerife or Gran Canaria is different, because there is more purchasing power available to the Artesanos. There are more markets, more deals, more people and more tourists. On La Palma, it only create a few, making a living from handicraft. These include Ana Maria Acosta from "Taller Abora" with ornate products made of clay or Zigarrendreherin Maria Pilar Perez, the exhibit also in Mazo. But even she say man again and again the slogan of the local Artesanos: "Mucho trabajo - poco dineros ..." - a lot of work for little money ... But they still continue - crafts and smile with.

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