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Lava language centre in Santa Cruz: Spanish for residents and language leisure


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Learning in the “Flying classroom”

Learn Spanish and discover La Palma: So is the concept of the Lava language centre in the capital, Santa Cruz. There are courses for island residents and for people, who want a little cramming on holiday with fun. We have with us Lava language-Entertain founder Lara Pérez Duque on the concept of their young school.


Lava Language Centre: Blick ins Klassenzimmer, wo die Schüler mit Hilfe von Spielen interaktiv und mit Spaß Spanisch lernen. Fotos: La Palma 24

Lava language centre: Look in the classroom, the students of Lara where with the help of games learn interactively and with fun Spanish. Photos: La Palma 24

Lara, who can register in the lava language centre?

Lara Pérez Duque: Our project runs under the working title Spanish for foreigners, that is, There are classes for people of all Nations, living on La Palma and intensive courses for holidaymakers, want to learn as much as possible in a short time.

Which includes the language offer?

Lara: We start at the bottom with the level A1 for beginners, then there are advanced courses to seminars, where you can get to perfection his Spanish. The courses are based on the guidelines of the European Union, where the content of the individual levels are set. So that we can classify the knowledge of those interested, have we set a test on our homepage.

However, the lava language centre wants to be something more than a language school…

Lara: And, It is a project, the inside of the Entrepreneurs School of La Palma was created - this school helps young entrepreneurs, their business ideas to realize – also we have taken these founders help. This was our concept, This includes not only language courses, but also advertising for the island wants to make, by we people have to learn Spanish to La Palma--which is a new type of tourism on the island! We want to work together with companies in the tourism sector, for example, with hiking companies or Fincas. That is, the courses in the classroom are the Lava language centre in Santa Cruz held, on the other hand, we make trips. While students with different levels of knowledge meet then - also mixed groups of residents and holidaymakers are planned. The idea is, that they get know each other in a relaxed atmosphere and help in looking at the Spanish.

Das Lava Language Center ist auch Mitglied im Verein der Freunde des Biosphärenreservats La Palma: Bei Ausflügen sollen die Schüler Natur und Kultur der Insel kennenlernen und so fast "nebenher" Spanisch

The Lava language Center is officially a “friendly companies” the biosphere reserve of La Palma: On trips, the students should discover nature and culture of the island, and so almost “at the same time” Learn Spanish. Photos: Lava language centre

This reminds of Erich Kästner's book "The flying classroom"…

Lara: … Yes, Language learning should be not academic – Emotions play a very, quite a big role. The zone of memory is located in the brain closely in the feeling Center! That is, You can better remember also languages, If you linked them with experiences. That's why we organize excursions, where people almost forgot, that they are just in learning. I myself don't have the best memories on my lessons, but in activities, to a teacher, that I liked especially well or my classmates.

What education bring as founder of the lava language centre?

Lara: I attended the University of Salamanca French and English study and teach in the Lava language centre together with a further teacher.

Also put on relaxed learning in the classroom?

Lara: Of course, our methods are always oriented to communication! In the beginner's course for example, one learns things, that you can use immediately. For example, words in the views of family and daily life, because it is very important, the foreign language to practice from the outset at home and in the circle of friends. In the classroom we use including games with picture cards or dominoes – all is active, not only receptive. All modern, dynamic language centers work with communicative focus.

Does that mean, that you can learn a language centre in the lava only in groups?

Lara: No, of course private lessons can be booked - the current prices can be found on our website. People, however, are the group courses. Some participants, who here meet, do something together after classes still privately. In looking at the price, it will of course also much cheaper in the Group – I will give an example times: In one small Of up to four people, the students per capita at present for a total of ten hours pay group 145 Euro. For larger groups up to maximum of eight persons we have set up a course, includes a total of 12 hours a month and 75 Euro per person. These lessons take place always for one and a half hours on two evenings per week. But as I said: There are still more individual choices, best to check prices on our website in the category. I am, of course, also personally any further information.


How to contact with data lava language centre for residents and La Palma language vacation


German Web site:

Santa Cruz de La Palma, Avenue Bridge 39

Phone Lara Pérez Duque: 695.639.767


So findet man das Lava Language Centre in Santa Cruz:

You will find that Lava language centre in Santa Cruz de La Palma: The building with the number lies something above the parking garage in the urban El Puente 39 from the bottom coming on left side. In the photo, the input directly behind the white SUV is to see. One enters the House, is only a small staircase up to the entrance of the school for Spanish fans BB´s. Photos: La Palma 24


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