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La Palma markets: The mercadillo in El Paso

26. October 2018 Gudrun Write first comment now!


Every Friday and Saturday: The market in the heart of El Paso

Fresh, Delicious and souvenirs from La Palma

Many control to El Paso, for shopping in big life intermediary at the entrance. But few know, that there are nice shops in the village and every Friday and Saturday of Mercadillo called Farmer's Market opens its doors. There they discovered Fresh, Delicious and crafts made in La Palma.

Mercadillo El Paso: easy to find, because the Hall is located in the basement of the sky-blue building of the tourist information office in the Centre of the village. The Plaza just around- and down the road. Photo: La Palma 24

Mercadillo El Paso: easy to find, because the Hall is located in the basement of the sky-blue building of the tourist information office in the Centre of the village. The Plaza just around- and down the road. Photo: La Palma 24

You hear the word "tasty" during the two days of market time. No wonder, in the farmers- and arts and crafts market of El Paso fruits and vegetables can be found by villas on La Palma as well as the classic among the specialties of the Isla Bonita: Salt of Fuencaliente and wines. BB´s are also self-reaching liqueurs, In addition, a German Baker offers bread, Buns and cakes made of spelt, and homemade sugar bakeries from La Palma may be missed.

The farmers market will be rounded off by art handwerkerstaenden, palmerische where costumes and accessories and jewelry the eye move - always nice souvenirs.

Tip: The mercadillo El Paso is giving away two every second weekend Gift baskets with tasty surprises. To the stand operator present their customers with every purchase a ticket, It is placed in an urn in the rear area of the market Hall. The winner will be always on Saturdays 12 Watch wound.

Opening hours mercadillo El Paso: Friday from 13 to 19 Clock, Saturday by 9 to 14 Clock (even on holidays). The market hall is located in the basement of the building of the tourism information. In the Hall there are well-maintained and handicapped-accessible sanitary facilities. Current information on the Facebook page of the mercadillo.

This La Palma 24 snapshots provide insight:

Click on the photos, then you can see them big!

Farmer's market El Paso: Fruits and vegetables of Fincas La Palma.Specialities from the Isla Bonita: culinary creations from bananas!
In the market Hall of El Paso can be found every Friday and Saturday Manni and his failed Likörchen. His latest creation: Tiamago - a bitter spirit from anise, Mint, Ginger, Poppy flower, Licorice, Wormwood and Passionflower. We have reported ever, How Manni establishes its treasures.Of course Vinos de La Palma and sea salt from the Saltworks of Fuencaliente in the offer should not be missing the market Hall. Have you ever tasted the sweet dessert wine from Malvasia grapes? The sun is rising...
Flavors of La Palma: in the market Hall in El Paso, there is a nice selection of spices from the island.Orange, Mangoes, Cucumbers and much more: The dealers that sell, What grows on the island.
Healthy and tasty: Spelt bread even on holiday.In the rear part of the mercadillo: At a small bar you can refresh yourself with coffee and cool drinks.
For large and small bookworms: Second-Hand books!For the ladies: beautiful jewellery at the entrance of the mercadillo El Paso!
An eye-catcher: typical palmerische costumes and accessories!For collectors: used toys!
The Gran Telescopio de Canarias (GTC) in candle form: An unusual souvenir - not only - for Astrofans!More souvenirs: artistically designed tiles with different motives as a wall decoration.

Gudrun Bleyhl

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