Motorbikes rental on La Palma

Motorbikes rental beautiful La Palma 24

La Palma Motorrad mieten

Easy riding on the Isla Bonita

The roads and curves of the Canary Island La Palma promise Easy Rider feeling without end. Here you can also Motorcycles for rent, and explore the volcanic landscapes of the Isla Bonita on two wheels. The La Palma bike experts provide safe fun 24.


Motorradtour mit den gemieteten Motorrädern von La Palma 24

Stop at the exit: Sunset in Tazacorte with La Palma 24 test drivers and Dörthe (Image center), She not only informed the Office in Todoque, But even avid bike pure. Photo: La Palma 24

At La Palma 24 Rental motorcycles are waiting for their future fans: At the beginning of the year 2018 are the models BMW F-700 GS, Yamaha MT-07, Ducati Scrambler, Honda FMX 650, Honda MSX 125, Kawasaki ER6n and 50cc scooter KYMCO people available – all machines, they are perfectly suitable for the mountainous sections of the island. "It's not about speed - what counts, is the fun factor", makes around La Palma-24 - CEO Miki you want on voyages of discovery about the 1.200 paved kilometers on the Isla Bonita. "Who here is a Motorcycle rent, should bring already experience - for this reason, there is the Motorcycle rental La Palma 24 also a much more detailed briefing as in our cars, and we check the skills of the driver!“


Motorcycle delivery Office in Todoque

Einweisung vorm Büro in Todoque: Motorrad-Fans wie Dörthe erklären technische Details und geben Tipps für Touren. Foto: La Palma 24

Instruction on the Office in Todoque: Motorcycle fans as Charlie explain technical details and tips for tours. Photo: La Palma 24

The handover of rental motorcycle is in looking at the important instruction possible only in the La Palma 24 Office in Todoque – the bikes are also returned here, because it is exclusively to company-owned vehicles. At the briefing, professionals such as Miki and Charlie explain the details in three languages – on German, English and Spanish. All the Info, What condition the rental of motorcycles and scooters must be met, are on a Extra page summarized.

There is more info at Miki and Charlie on the phone, email and even live chat all numbers here click. The La Palma is Todoque 24 Office of the up to the 30. April 2018 back to the Winter hours Monday to Friday from 9 to 18 PM and on Saturdays from 10 to 13 Clock Open. To the Web page: Motorcycle rental La Palma 24.

Also every now and again, we offer bargain for our biker: In the La Palma 24 blog you are currently Special offers for the summer 2018 and also tour suggestions and current tips – also in looking at our car rentals and holiday accommodation. Click to the entire blog here.


Motorbikes rental: Accessories and shuttle service

Ausfahrt mit unseren Motorrädern

Easy riding from the sea up into the sky: Get your motor running!

An important point in view of the limited flight luggage: Who is a holiday on La Palma Motorbikes rental would like to, needs to carry his heavy leather clothes and other items not. Helmets, Jackets, Gloves and kidney belts can for a fee also in La Palma 24 be hired.

For all, set completely in terms of mobility in the holiday on the motorcycle, has a Miki Shuttle service set up. Say: Upon arrival at the airport of Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) a la Palma 24 car waiting for the biker, with which they themselves and their baggage can transport to their residence. Then shuts the car to the Office in Todoque, where the motorcycles ready ready. Upon departure, everything works just as – only in "Reverse". By the way: Also an additional driver can be booked, If this also fulfils the conditions of rent (see short descriptions of the bikes below).


Our motorcycles on La Palma

The Yamaha Dragstar-07: ideal bike for him and her

Die Insel entdecken:

Discover the island: No. problem with the agile Yamaha MT-07.

The Yamaha Dragstar-07 inspired by simple handling, where the 75 Promise carefree fun PS strong two-cylinder engine and the low weight. Their construction and their seat height of 81 Ensure centimeters, that both a 1,60 Meter great driver as well as a 1,95 Easily cope metres of tall riders with the bike.

Technical data: Naked bike, ABS, 690 CC, 2-Cylinder, Performance 55 KW (75 PS), 6-Gear transmission, 207 km/h max. Speed, 181 kg fully fuelled, 174 kg payload, 81 Seat height cm, 14 Liter tank, CA. 350 km range on a single tank, Consumption ca. 4,5 Liters/100 km.

Rental conditions: Minimum age 25 Years, Driver's license class A and two years of verifiable driving experience. Motorcycle questions!



Miki unterwegs auf der BMW

Miki on the BMW F-700 GS: smooth through the dream curves on the Isla Bonita.

Excellent handling and a 75 PS strong motor: The BMW F-700 GS guaranteed good and safe feeling on any terrain. Weight makes the machine even more agile and therefore the ideal Enduro ALLROUNDER. The low-consumption, wassergekühlte Zweizylinder-Reihenmotor ist spritzig und lässt Freude auf der Straße aufkommen. Particularly interesting: The electronic control Ride-by-wire vereinfacht die Gaszufuhr und Gaswegnahme. Particularly safe: Beim Bremsen helfen das serienmäßige, Compact and lightweight BMW Motorcycle-2-channel ABS as well as the Driving modes road and rain system.

Technical data: Enduro, ABS, 798 CC, 2-Cylinder, Performance 55 KW (75 PS), 6-Gear transmission, 192 maximum speed in km/h, 209 kg fully fuelled, 227 kg payload, 82 Seat height cm, 16 Liter tank, about 320 km range on a single tank, Circa5 litre/100 km consumption.

Rental conditions: 25 Years, Driver's license class A and two years of verifiable driving experience. Motorcycle questions!


Vorm Büro der La Palma 24-Auto- und Motorradvermietung: Die Ducati Scrambler wartet auf ihre Fans.

All new at the Office of the La Palma 24-car- and motorcycle rental: Since September 2016 the Ducati scrambler is waiting for her fans.

The Ducati Scrambler: The “Climbers” is ideal for La Palma

For La Palma, 24 CEO Miki is the Scrambler a little dream come true, because he had long spotted them at the VW locations on La Palma, and finally, in his July vacation in Germany in the Motorradhaus Limbächer & Limbaecher driving test in Bernhausen on the filder plain. But after his first run in early September 2016 on La Palma, he was then completely by socks: "I know now, why you Ducati referred to always as noble bike Schmiede", raves Miki. "The driving fun on the twisty mountain roads of La Palma is just amazing!"I particularly like Miki, that he is Cruiser "handy" and has a "super swipe". BB´s of the 75hp / 800 cc engine for the light-weight of the machine makes it possible by 192 Kilo. "It's not about the lawn, but that's why, to enjoy the beautiful countryside of La Palma, and for that which is Ducati Scrambler simply perfect - also for women." More information and detailed specifications of the Ducati scrambler in our article.


Kawasaki La Palma

The Kawasaki ER6n: easy handling and good power from low revs ensure riding pleasure. Photo: Michael Kreikenbom

Ski Kawa ER6n: Fun for everyone

Handy, economical, comfortable: So many motorcycle riders describe the Kawa ER6n. Beginners and experienced bikers will have their joy at the simple handling of this machine – at the latest when you on the winding road to the Roque de los Muchachos, the highest peak on La Palma, are. Contribute inter alia the upright seating position and the wide handlebars. The Paralleltwin developed specially for this model provides 72 Horsepower at the rear wheel – that provides enough torque for a few shifts. The ER6n has a good passage from low revs, and thanks to the gentle power delivery guarantees fun for everyone. Caution: In February 2018 There is the Kawasaki ER6n at La Palma 24 for rent sale!

Technical data: Sport touring, 649 CC, 2-Cylinder, Performance 53 KW (72 PS), 6-Gear transmission, 200 km/h maximum speed, 205 kg fully fuelled, 200 kg payload, 80,5 Seat height cm, 16 Liter tank, about 288 km range on a single tank, Consumption: about 6,5 Liters/100 km.

Rental conditions: The Kawasaki ER6n can be rented only from people, the at least 25 Are years old, the driver's license class A have and a driving experience by 2 Years can prove. Motorcycle questions!


Die Honda FMX 650:

The Honda FMX 650: incredibly maneuverable – and impeccable cornering stability. Photo: Michael Kreikenbom

The Honda FMX 650: For the young and young at heart

The air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine with 5-speed transmission is 38 HP strong and grabs any slope to La Palma without problems due to the good translation. The FMX 650 is incredibly handy and amazingly agile. In addition, an impeccable cornering stability. Although with equally fat 17-inch frosted like other Super motorcycle engines, surprised this Honda with very neutral steering behaviour and minimal installation torque when braking in a tilted position. While doing so the tautly tuned suspension offers good feedback on the situation of the grip most behind- as on the front wheel. The motorcycle allows harmonious cornering without too much friction work, the throttle response is soft and harmonious.

Technology: Supermoto, 644 CC, 1-Cylinder, Performance 28 KW (38 PS), 5-Gear transmission, 145 Speed km/h, 186 kg fully fuelled, 169 kg payload, 87,5 Seat height cm, 11 Liter tank, about 200 km range on a single tank, Consumption: about 6,5 Liters/100 km.

Rental conditions: The Honda FMX 650 can be rented only by bikers, the at least 25 Are years old, the driver's license class A have and a driving experience by 2 Years can prove. Motorcycle questions!


Motorroller La Palma

New since November 2017: Scooter KYMCO people 50 ccm.

The scooter KYMCO people 50

The scooter KYMCO people 50 perfectly suited for the island of La Palma. Whether in the city or on the winding roads of the island, the roller always good and superior maneuverability.

Some data: 49,4 CC, 1-Cylinder 2 Clock, Performance 3,3 KW (4,5 PS), Variator, Centrifugal clutch, 45 km/h max. Speed, 100 kg fully fuelled, 173 kg payload, 80 Seat height cm, 6,7 Liter tank, CA. 200 km range on a single tank, Consumption: CA. 3,4 Liters/100 km.

Rental terms scooter people 50: Minimum age 18 Years and driving license category AM or B. Scooter questions!


Die Honda MSX 125: klein und trendy! Foto: La Palma 24

The Honda MSX 125: small, trendy and guaranteed an eye-catcher! Photo: Michael Kreikenbom

The Honda MSX 125: Driving pleasure in a new dimension

Small, but powerful - and so really trendy: Motorbike fans know, a bike must be not large, to stand out from the crowd, but especially!

The two-seater fun bike fulfils this requirement Honda MSX125. Larger than a mini bike, but less than a motorcycle, the unconventional machine with its wide 12-inch wheels all attracts attention. Their low weight and its powerful cylinder motor ensures fun - especially in the curves.

Technology-information coming soon: Bike fun, 125 CC, 1-Cylinder, Performance 7,2 KW (10 PS), 4-Gear transmission, 90 Speed km/h, 102 kg fully fuelled, 154 kg payload, 76,5 Seat height cm, 5,5 Liter tank, about 200 km range on a single tank, Consumption: about 2,5 Liter per 100 km.

Rental conditions: To shut the Honda MSX 125 eligible persons, the at least 21 Years old and owned the licence class A2 with two years of proven experience are. Motorcycle questions!

Motorbikes rental on La Palma:

The journey is the reward

The times, When you could drive around on bumpy dirt roads on La Palma, long gone are the. Today, the Isla Bonita offers the bikers around 1.200 Km asphalt, on large Carreteras, on narrow streets. Who is on the Isla Bonita to the Ride motorcycle comes, is usually not in a hurry BB´s and often also the numerous smaller roads to choose. Here, the motto "The journey is the reward" is - constantly changing hammer landscapes make from North to South and from West to East, friendly people in rustic pubs along the way and pleasant climate. BB´s can be time fresh but even in summer on the peaks. We recommend the principle of onion skins: Motorcycle jacket - sweater – T-Shirt - swimsuits!

Motorrad mieten: Die Kanareninsel La Palma ist ein Paradies für Motorradfahrer, die auch mal einen Blick in die Landschaft werfen. Fotos: La Palma 24

Volcanoes, Palm trees, Forest and sea: The Canary Island of La Palma is a paradise for bikers, that sometimes take a look in the landscape. Photos: La Palma 24/Michael Kreikenbom


Motorcycle video – Go for a ride!



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7 Answers to "Motorbikes rental on La Palma"

  1. Georg 5. October 2015 at 09:09

    Finally on La Palma offers the ultimate driving pleasure for bikers.
    With the new Moto Bike fleet of La Palma, there is now the possibility to explore the small winding roads on the island by bike. A dream routes and landscapes. Who is not the highway heater, but loves curves, is here. With the Honda FMX 650 have I explored the island. The (German standards) Lean 38PS are more than sufficient for the local road conditions. What matters for the curve tangle is agility and lightweight. Both met the FMX 650 excellent.

    My tour went first from Puerto Naos on the West side to the North to STA. Domingo. The small, Roads with little traffic at El Kastillo lead through numerous canyons. From there, it went to the highest point on the island, the 2,424 metre high Roque de Los Muchachos. Of course there winds up in unzähliegen curves- hardly a stretch of road with more than 200m straight ahead. Aum after a Summit was on the East side by pine forests and then praise er forests down to STA. Cruz de La Palma, the capital of the island. Again joins curve on curve,
    Instead of using the main street tunnel on the Westeite back continued my tour on the eastern side on the South Island volcanic slopes along about Mazo, Los Canarios at the southern tip, and in roughly 600 m high on the side of the mountain through pine forests to Las Manchas near Puerto Naos. Total ca. 170km.

    The motorcycle was in excellent condition, the brakes are superb and the new tire is a excellent roadholding. With the passing of the motorcycle was a thorough briefing.
    Conclusion: A dream for every biker is to explore with the biking La Palma, I've made it for me.

    Georg- Bikers since 1979, BMW 1000RS, more than 500Tkm

  2. Christian V. 13. February 2016 at 21:06

    Hello bikers,

    We have three in February 2016 Motorcycles from La Palma 24 rented and really made a sensational tour. Super asphalt and really usable bikes in very good condition. We went back and forth about the island. Absolutely to recommend to time a really horny summer- Motorcycle tour in the middle of the winter to experience.

    Christian V.

  3. Jens Z 8. March 2016 at 19:10

    Hola Leuts,
    Absolut deiner Meinung! Hat riesig Spaß gemacht. Bin das nächste Mal wieder mit von der Partie!


  4. Christoph   12. April 2016 at 05:21

    Hello bike friends,

    I had me between 14.03.-19.03.2016 borrowed two motorcycles. Was as yet not to have the 650er FMX, I had the 125cc MSX only. The briefing with scrutiny of one Weiserin incl. helpful tips about administrative offences, like parking or speeding was short,crisp and without unnöitges issues.
    More than just a pretty bike is 125cc MSX, but also very agile and flexible in the small curves and hairpin bends in La Cumbrecita. There you can relax enjoy the scenery at a walking pace. With the 650er FMX it recommends are of course on the Roque to go up and a circumnavigation of the island with ca. 200km in 8 Hours is also feasible. Everyone can make his breaks as he wishes, It manages to drive it in a few days anyway, not every street. It was unique for me (maybe even twice…- Let me see) to feel the pulse of the island and to enjoy the landscape with the motorcycles. Take the bus to get fine of Los Llanos to Todoque to La Palma 24. I'm in the 5 Meet ca. 550km driven and can recommend it to everyone, the motor cycling cannot and must.
    There is no better feeling, as with the motorcycles to explore La Palma.

    Keep it up ( and perhaps with a 250/500 fleet).


  5. Juliane   27. June 2016 at 03:46

    I had the Kawa ER6n for three days in April 2016. At home I have a Yamaha XV1100 with long booms and earlier foot pegs. Was of course a conversion, but the small Kawa gave me good wherever you go, always the Sun. I wanted to get off fear heights and serpentine, What also worked. A very well maintained bike, handy and reliable. Die macht jeden Scheiß mit 😉 Und weils auf der Ostseite der Insel nur am regnen war, muß ich wohl nochmal wiederkommen, because on the Roque ego have not managed so.
    Greetings from Lower Saxony, Germany, Juliane

  6. Lutz 20. July 2016 at 21:04

    What a fun!!!!!!!

    As the owner of a GPZ 900 and about 30 Years driving experience I have me for which he 6 N decided around the island on two wheels to learn :-)

    The girl with 72 PS and 650 the absolute hit of the island is CC.

    Three days I have given me the Kawasaki and learned to love it. Knapp 660 KM has accompanied me on the island.

    Day 1 the entire southern tip and as many roads as possible shut off. The ascent to El Pilar of the East…a real treat. Fast even over to the Cumbrecita and home (Step)

    Day 2 a West/North/East/West route. WOW fluppt like that. The he 6 N just makes everything with. The nice thing is, to leave the large LP1 and leave the smaller ones!!!!!

    Day 3 the Roque in the Visir taken. ALWAYS A HIGHLIGHT!!!! From the the East high, and in the Northwest down again. Right around, because I wanted the good old LP 109 drive, because I still didn't know her. WOW, What kind of a road. Not to be recommended for inexperienced bikers. Very closely and many chunks on the asphalt—-Is already referred to signs clearly on it at the beginning—–It is one of the most beautiful streets that I was allowed to drive on the island :-) The three tunnels were impressive. No lighting, only PositionsLÄMPCHEN. He read to not take and roared in the tubular vigorously. The bikers laugh!!!!
    The day draws to a close, but not without to pay a visit to the Mirador de Los Brecitos as a final lookout. FABULOUS, It was worth. Eight hours motorcycling pleasure and ca 250 KM, SUPER GREAT!!!

    Well love ER 6 N. Thank you for the wonderful time. You're the best BIKE for this island. Enough cc, more than enough Horsepower and nimble like a weasel. I hope we see you again times.

    Say hello to the La Palma 24 TEAM!!!!!


  7. Ecki   27. March 2017 at 19:23

    Hello , I had the FMX by the 15.03.17 – 19.3.17 hired and am thus 980 km covered. The island is a dream! Finally times without many straights Staßen. The asphalt offers grip without end. Because the motorcycles from La Palma 24 with very good tyres fitted, can I rip it all already.
    The rental La Palma 24 is the hammer! Super friendly with easy great service. Can I only recommend all moped riders. Will definitely come back.

    Greeting to the entire team

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