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Optiker in El Paso: optical Orange

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Raquel and Jorge opened in January 2009 Calle Tanausú 12 El Paso their business.

Who a full service for glasses, Contact lenses and sunglasses wishes, is with Raquel and Jorge of Óptica Naranja in El Paso in the right hands.

The pair opened in January 2009 their business in Calle Tanausú 12, next to the Plaza, in a quiet residential street of El Paso.

Measurement of visual function, intraocular pressure and corneal topographies

By appointment measure of visual function can here, the adaptation of contact lenses and corneal topography are performed. The control of intraocular pressure is also possible without an appointment during opening times.

For eyeglass wearers with normal glasses, there is a small selection of the business, so that the glasses are ready after an hour and can be picked. the appropriate glasses for the desired model should not be on-site, they are delivered within two business days.

The measurement of visual function, a Honrnhauttopographie and control of intraocular pressure are possible with Óptica Naranja.

For glasses with progressive lenses this is not possible. But here too, the production is very fast and takes, depending on whether a holiday in between, between three and seven days. Be offered glasses of all known and popular brands.

Óptica Naranja offers a wide range of glasses with prescription, Sunglasses, Sports glasses and contact lenses from reputable manufacturers. In addition, Raquel and Jorge are experts Varilux lenses.

"We attach great importance to quality, not only in terms of frames, but also with glasses, the yes next to the eyesight also are designed to provide reasonable UV protection. "Explains Jorge. "We are also experts for Varilux lenses and can professionally and with many details to advise our customers".

When selecting a spectacle frame, there are several things to consider. There are strong differences in the quality and material. Thus one finds, for example,, both children and adults, Frame of silicone, which practically can not break. Athletes also find indestructible polycarbonate glasses such as the manufacturer's "Hundred%".

The offer is completed with a large selection of sunglasses from renowned manufacturers.

Optiker in El Paso: Full service also for contact lens wearers

Of course, the service of opticians' Naranja not end with the delivery of the glasses. Thus, the two care, If necessary, even small repairs.

Contact lenses or glasses, who would like to wear contact lenses, also be able to find and well cared for here. After the eyes were measured, the lens sample Worn. If the lens wearers do not feel comfortable, is looked for an alternative lens and a new date for the trial wearing agreed. Here the service to many other different opticians, because the trial lenses should not be paid.

Repairs also include Service.

"We would like, that the lens wearers cope well and feels comfortable with the lens. "informs us Jorge. "It should be noted, to the purpose for which the lens may be borne. Thus, besides various materials and sizes and progressive lenses or special lenses for wearers with astigmatism. You can not just take any arbitrary lens, You must meet the requirements of the wearer even accurate. "

La Palma tourists can have your favorite glasses finished during their stay.

By the way Óptica Naranja also offers a very special service for La Palma holiday. Due to the short notice of glasses, it is possible, to be completed during the stay, the favorite glasses.

Jorge and Raquel speak English and Spanish and advise you on the spot. But should the worst come to the case, that the glasses can not be delivered on time, Send the two of them, of course, free of charge directly to your home.

Raquel and Jorge keep always special offers available. So there is often unbeatable prices for the purchase of a package of a pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses. Ask local simple for offers!

News and deals are also available on the Facebook page of Óptica Naranja.

An appointment for the measurement of visual function, the adaptation of contact lenses and corneal topography are possible by telephone by calling +34 922 48 65 54, per Email or locally.

Opening times: Montag bis Donnerstag von 9:30 Clock to 13:30 Watch and 16:30 Clock to 19:30 Clock, Friday from 09:30 Clock to 14:00 Clock and Saturday from 10:00 Clock to 13:30 Clock

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