Mercadillo Puntagorda: Delicious and arts and crafts


Mercadillo Puntagorda: Fruit – Vegetables – La Palma specialties and beautiful souvenirs

Shopping in the North West of La Palma

Since 14 The mercadillo in Puntagorda is a magnet for residents and guests on La Palma years every weekend. Here you can find fresh products and regional specialties, discovered handicraft souvenirs and meets at events of all kinds.


Der Kiosko vor der Markthalle in Puntagorda: Hier warten viele, bis der Markt öffnet. Foto: La Palma 24

The Kiosko with “Beer garden” front of the market Hall in Puntagorda: Here wait many and enjoy until the market opens – or of course, after shopping. Photo: La Palma 24

Every Saturday to 15 Watch the market in Puntagorda opens its doors. But around noon, BB´s will be here alive: At the rustic Kiosko in front of the building, locals approve a cup of coffee or a cerveza is, and backpack-equipped tourists are attracted by the delicious aromas from the kitchen of the small restaurants, This is only from Friday to Sunday in operation.

Vor oder nach dem Marktbesuch: Im Wald von El Fayal kann man wandern, grillen oder die Aussicht auf die wilde Landschaft des Nordwestens genießen. Foto: La Palma 24

Before or after the visit to the market: You can walk in the forest El Fayal, Grill or enjoy the view of the wild landscape of the Northwest. Photo: La Palma 24

Some enjoy a Bocadillo with neat meat on it or warm on colder days with a hearty stew. Others hike up to the opening of the market through the directly adjacent Canary pine forest of El Fayal, or enjoy the magnificent views over the wild landscape of the North West across the Atlantic Ocean's viewpoint. Also a small barbecue can be combined with shopping in the mercadillo: In the forest in front of the market Hall, a barbecue with tables and benches and playground equipment for children was created to.


Mercadillo Puntagorda: Fresh – Baked – Specialties and crafts.

At 15 Watch fills the Hall in the blink of an eye – the many parking lots are now all busy, also buses roll. 40 There are stalls in the market as a whole - at the front of the Hall are fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Cheese, Honey, Wine, Cake and bread, Mojos and other specialties offered and found a ready market. Some products carry eco label, and the farmer's market has a certificate of the Instituto de Turismo responsable and a prize for "sustainable management" of the Reserva de la Biosfera La Palma get: "We sell only products, "which are grown on the island were produced relationship wise", stressed market leader Alma. "This is true for agricultural products as well as for the food and the offers of the artisan."

The Artesanos in the mercadillo of Puntagorda island must produce not only on the, but also what can. "Only craftsman, who have passed an exam with the Island Government and owned are the Carné of the Cabildo, obtain a permit for a stand", emphasizes Alma. Reason: As for the products in the food sector, also highest value will set on monochrome with artisans.

The concept works: The farmers- and arts and crafts market in Puntagorda has since its opening in 14 Years ever-increasing visitor numbers. But not only the rich variety and quality of products attracting tourists and island residents. "The market is more than a point of sale, It is a meeting place for the people, because we often hold events", Explains one of its tasks the market leader. Show women in Puntagorda, how traditional sweets are made from almonds. Even entertain groups of traditional music from the North West of La Palma. Times, there are competitions in terms of wine or cheese, and, and, and…

Worth a visit: The market opens every Saturday from 15 to 19 Clock and every Sunday from 11 to 15 Clock. There are parking spaces outside the Hall, is it easy to find the: It passes by on the main road in a northerly direction at the entrance of Puntagorda and the petrol station - after about 1 km turn left and goes down a curvy road through the forest to the market Hall (a sign points the way).

Mercadillo program in April 2017


Show women in Puntagorda, what you can do from almonds: On the market there are demonstrations of this kind again and again. Photo: Silvia Martín Mederos

At the 15. and 16. April 2017 maintains the folklore group Los Arrieros -at the same time organized demonstrations run by the Cabildo La Palma in the framework of the European arts and crafts. End of April you celebrate Cultures of the world making a comeback on the mercadillo: From the 27. to 30. April 2017 is again Feria Culturas del Mundo run - also concerts are planned with Leo Minax and Baba Sall -Details to follow. The visitors can also specialties from Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Taste Mauritania and Senegal, and there are exhibitions, Fashion workshops and film documentaries to cultures from around the world.

Impressions of the mercadillo Puntagorda

These photos of La Palma 24 give some insight into the colourful action on the farmers- and arts and crafts market in Puntagorda – but of course much more to discover. Click on the photos, then you can see them big!

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Mercadillo Puntagorda: Delicious!Ta s
puntagorda-bauernmarkt1 puntagorda-bauernmarkt-obst-gemuese5
The farmer load… … Fresh from the North West of La Palma!
puntagorda-bauernmarkt-obst-gemuese4 puntagorda-bauernmarkt-obst-gemuese3
The selection is large and colorful… … healthy taste of the island!
puntagorda-bauernmarkt-gebaeck puntagorda-bauernmarkt-honig
Sweet tooth: Confectionery… … and honey from Puntagorda.
puntagorda-bauernmarkt-kaese puntagorda-bauernmarkt-oliven
If you like hearty BB´s, find local goat cheese… … to fit olive specialties.
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Mercadillo Puntagorda: Souvenirs! s
puntagorda-bauernmarkt-kunsthandwerk4 puntagorda-bauernmarkt-kunsthandwerk1
The craftsman on the mercadillo… … produce beautiful La Palma-souvenirs.
puntagorda-bauernmarkt-kunsthandwerk10 puntagorda-bauernmarkt-kunsthandwerk15
As art for the wall can be found… … tasteful tiles for decoration fans.
puntagorda-bauernmarkt-kunsthandwerk5 puntagorda-bauernmarkt-kunsthandwerk6
There are lizards and Geckos… … in all variations – and also jewelry.
puntagorda-bauernmarkt-kunsthandwerk2 puntagorda-bauernmarkt-kunsthandwerk11
Women's hearts beat faster… … many artisans offer bags…
puntagorda-bauernmarkt-kunsthandwerk3 puntagorda-bauernmarkt-kunsthandwerk9
… and bags… … and bags. Woman never has enough of it.
puntagorda-bauernmarkt-kunsthandwerk7 puntagorda-bauernmarkt-kunsthandwerk8
Repeatedly tiles, times as jewelry… … and in the native look.
puntagorda-bauernmarkt-kunsthandwerk13 puntagorda-bauernmarkt-kunsthandwerk12
Also residents like refined Driftwood… … and think tourists welcome in La Palma.
Mercadillo Puntagorda: the meeting place! s
puntagorda-bauernmarkt-unterhaltung puntagorda-bauernmarkt-titel3
The farmer's market in Puntagorda… … a tip for a nice weekend!
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