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Puros Artesanos Julio: Unique craft of cigar making

11. July 2020 Sarah Write first comment now!

Pure Artisans

Handmade cigars made according to old traditions from La Palma. © La Palma 24

Today we visit the cigar shop in San Pedro again.

We are pleased, To visit Julio and David again, the two brothers, who put a lot of effort into it, to offer their customers an authentic tobacco experience.

The soft aroma of tobacco greets us from that moment on, by going through the door, but what really surprises us, is the very strong smell, when we enter another small room. Julio warns us: "The smell could be too strong for you".

Each cigar is lovingly handmade and is unique. © La Palma 24

But even as a non-smoker, the smell has something special. It completely envelops us in the tobacco shop and gives us that magical touch, by immersing himself in his world.

This business is characterized by something very special, the family. The theme of the cigar is in everyone's blood, they are enthusiastic and grew up in the middle of this world.

Julio's father had been working since his 18. Year of life in tobacco factories. The family core continued on its way and had its own plantation.

The tobacco shop presents handicrafts and a family business. It is characterized by excellent personal treatment and it should be considered, that they make it very clear that everything that is achieved is thanks to the immigrants.

We are also very impressed with the importance, that they attribute to cleanliness in this place. Every detail is placed with the greatest care, so that it stands out in a special way.

An old lathe in the main room, where Julio and David's ancestors worked, attracts everyone's attention. Typical accessories, historical accessories and devices form the perfect environment.

This is how we find aromatic aging boxes (in Spanish humidores) or a so-called "Drawer" (in German - box) from the characteristic cedar wood, which gives the cigars an impressive smell, that creates a unique experience.

The bonches and tirulos can stay in the "Cajón" for months. The cigars are then stored in showcases.

Julio and David's ancestors already worked on the lathe. © La Palma 24

Everything is within reach, La Palma leaves, Sumatra, Cuba and Brazil, who are still "mature", dry tobacco leaves or even a variety of cigars, which are stored in their boxes. Everything invites you to feel and touch. 80% the leaves are from La Palma. Most come from the Julio family's own plantation, and others come from various tobacco growers in Breña Alta. Thanks to this, they can use the seal of the La Palmas Biosphere Reserve.

Visitors can watch the unique cigars being made. © Puros Julio

Not much has changed in recent years, gradually more rooms were activated; as more and more customers appeared. The combination of "traditional and modern" in the design of the tobacco shop more than reflects, that little has changed in the process and equipment for making cigars in recent years. Craftsmen cut and roll cigars using the typical old technique.

Julio explains enthusiastically, like tobacco growing and the art of cigar smoking in the late 19. Century came to Palma:

The Palm Eros were once very poor, whereupon many of them emigrated to Cuba and Venezuela. There they worked on tobacco plantations and in the cigar factories, where they all about cultivation, Processing and combination variants learned. With this knowledge, some of them returned to La Palma and began here with the growing. Because they recognized, that both the climate and the mild trade winds as the floor provided ideal conditions.

Brena Alta, Mallet, Santa Cruz and El Paso were middle of the 19. Century to strongholds of the tobacco economy, the up 1967 gorgeous flourished.

Then a blue plague put an end to the boom, and only in the 1980s the industry started to recover.

Today, Breña Alta, the stronghold of the Chinchaleros is, also the family business by Julio is one of those.

He and his brother founded in the year 2000 "Pure Artisans Julio".

He learned every step from his father, who never had his own company, but always worked in cigar factories. Julio already knew at the age of twelve, how to make a cigar.

Because we experience the enormous success and charm of the tobacco shop, we immediately feel an enormous intrigue about it, what secret these cigars hide. And according to Julio, it is nothing more than the mixture.

For some lovers, enjoying a cigar while reading a book is a tradition. © Puros Julio

Aging plays a big role, like the wine, the longer the better. It is a great added value for a balanced mix, which is checked by smoking one third of the cigar, as it is normally analyzed. Every aroma and taste develops during smoking and is transferred to the sense of taste. A great teacher will accompany you, namely Mr. Publio, and soon, already in the summer, a new version will appear.

EJulio Cabrera Rodríguez is always thinking about it, how he can make his business even more interesting. © Puros Julio

For the "Medium"-Tobacco varieties are of course secret recipes assortment of Puros Artesanos Julio mixed and the cigar blank, the so-called Tirulo, pressed together by hand. Then the Purero cuts to the binder and wraps it around the deposit. Then everything in the form of cigar is pressed.

Finally, the cigar rollers to cut the cover page with the Chaveta and spiral rolls it around the pressed disc. In the production of the "Premio"-Range of Puros Artesanos Julio the cigar is also inside just leaves, where are the cover pages of the highest quality.

Rolling cigars takes a lot of skill. © Puros Julio

Depending on this, five different versions of Premium Puros and eight variations in the media area of ​​the Julio Edition are created.

Palm Eros, for example, demand usually strong mixtures with a dark wrapper.

Cigar lovers from Gran Canaria or tourists prefer soft, aromatic flavours with light covers, however, according to Julio.

Julio personally prefers the "Robust", with lots of tobacco and even combustion. But everyone has their own favorite. Air circulation also plays an important role and time, that age the leaves, Like previously described.

Since time immemorial it belongs on La Palma at large family gatherings de rigueur, to offer a PURO Palmero. Today the men this way, not just access - the ladies enjoy meanwhile also likes a cigar, also the many pictures of the Día de Los Indianos show in Santa Cruz de la Palma.

So the Tabaquería is not only used by tourists and regular customers, which come back year after year, visited, but also a variety of palmeras and palmeros, who choose this beautiful tradition.

"We have learned a lot and the number of customers and especially tourists 60% increases. It made it easier for us, to focus the tobacco shop on one thematic page." Julio explains to us.

"The cigar is a consumption of relaxation, that's how we see it. We actually want to sell the feeling of relaxation. The cigar has always been very important.

Our sales focus particularly on the bars of the islands. In contrast to many other holiday destinations, cigar lovers will also find the handmade Puros here.

The lovingly manufactured cigars are found in beautiful packaging and are also ideal as souvenirs for those who stayed at home. © La Palma 24

For example, the Kiosko de Los Sauces or El Atlántico form our network of bars. In addition, tourists often buy a lot on site, because the tobacco order very much, is very expensive. We have a lot of new ideas for the future and social networks also help us a lot. “

The high-quality cigars are also sold outside the island, that's how cigars travel, to Germany for more than ten years. But this wonderful tobacco also travels to all other islands in general.

Who now wants to enjoy incredible cigars and keep a unique memory, shouldn't miss the opportunity, to visit the themed tobacco shop. The warm treatment, the aroma and the amazing atmosphere make for an unforgettable experience.

Cigar lovers can also have the handmade Puros delivered directly to their homes and conveniently via Online-Shop order.

For more information and impressions can be found on the Web page, as well as on Instagram and on Facebook.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 08:00 Clock to 13:00 Clock and 15:00 Clock to 18 Clock

by Sarah

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