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The restaurant Las Norias on La Palma

9. December 2016 La Palma 24 1 Comments / comment now!


The restaurant Las Norias in the West of La Palma

Fresh tastes simply good!

"Often the simple things are the best...", says Paolo Rovera. And so, the chef at the restaurant offers Las Norias Guests kitchen, at the - If possible - fresh produce from La Palma which are actor.



Restaurante Las Norias: Chef Paolo the large grill on the covered terrace.

The parking of the Las Norias on the main street of Puerto Naos to Todoque is almost always busy, and even on the shoulder along the Carretera General, mostly car at car parks opposite the restaurant. That and many enthusiastic comments on TripAdvisor speak for themselves. Because the guests enjoy not only a great view of the Atlantic Ocean and the spectacular sunsets in the West of La Palma on the terrace decorated with countless tropical pot plants, but also the authentic cuisine of Paolo.

"It's about, to get"a taste of the good products from the island, explains the boss, the skillfully, including the meat on the covered Grill on his terrace on the point is. Is therefore seasoned sparingly and selectively, not to cover over the taste of the ingredients - who likes BB´s stronger, tell the user just. "Everything comes from the region, "if it goes from La Palma and often even from the organic farmers", underlines Paolo. "So everything is fresh, I go shopping every day, "and the products from the sea to deliver me the fishermen from La Palma to the House."

This is the basis of Mediterranean cuisine with La Palma influences in the Las Norias. The card is not huge, because Paolo attaches greatest importance, to bring about "a la minute" on the table: "Also we make the funds for our sauces to yourself, "and we need flavor enhancer." Thus showing the small, but fine selection of restaurants for everybody: Fans of fish and meat as even vegetarians get their money, and of course the native Italian Paolo makes happy even pasta-fans. Here you can look directly into the map.

Cozy terrace: Here, guests enjoy the authentic cuisine of Paolo and the views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Cozy terrace: Here, guests enjoy the authentic cuisine of Paolo and the views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Last but not least,: In case of bad weather, the friendly and professional team in the Las Norias the terrace tables in the large interior. There is also a Hall for celebrations of all kinds.

Opening times: 13 to 22 Clock, Tuesday and Wednesday are days off. Reservations and telephone numbers on the Web site of the restaurant - Click here.


A few insights in the Restaurante Las Norias:

See big top click and the pictures!

Restaurante Las Norias: Panoramic view from the barbecue on the terrace.Paolo on the grill: Fire wood from La Palma.
Look in the kitchen: all tip - top!Canary influences: Papas arrugadas and Mojo!
The Hall: There's plenty of room for family celebrations, Company outings and other events. La Palma 24 Here held its Christmas dinner, and it was just good! Panels on the green terrace of the Las Norias with views of the fabulous sunsets to the West of La Palma: Simply super!

Von La Palma 24

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One Response to “The restaurant Las Norias on La Palma”

  1. Juliane Hansen says:

    I'm looking forward to it , when I'm sitting on the plane to La Palma!

    The wait staff is always friendly and cheerful, I love the food there and war-hungry, now that I see the pictures……

    The Las Norias clearly belongs to my favorites 😉

    Greetings, Juliane

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