Sailing: Hispania- and Saschastrid-cruises


Sailing on the Canary Islands: Trips with the Hispania and the Saschastrid

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Blue water fun for beginners and yachties


Käpt´n Siegfried: more than 50 Years of sailing experience!

Captain ´ n Siegfried Fischer: more than 40 Years of sailing experience!

The Canary Islands is considered to be one of the most beautiful sailing areas in the world. To the North East trade winds blowing here almost constantly, on the other hand, Sunshine guarantees fun in wind and wave without frostbite even in winter. For this reason the passionate skipper Siegfried Fischer the island La Palma as a focal point and place of refuge has chosen for his two ships. The former ex-Spain-King Juan Carlos called racing yacht Hispania and the luxurious catamaran Saschastrid waiting for experts in the harbour of Tazacorte, the athletic want to sail across the Atlantic, and also lay with pleasure on a pleasure trip. Captain ´ n tells of his life and explains the ride options.

Siegfried Fischer looks up more than 40.000 Nautical miles of water under the keel back. As "Fresh water sailor" by the oker in Braunschweig, the passion for the foam crowned floating grabbed him at the age of eight years when driving with a canoe with sails, his teenage years spent Siggi in different clubs, where he took part in regattas and in the course of time completed all possible nautical notes. With 21 for the first time, he contributed a large yacht captained by wind and wave.

The Hispania: Sports boat for absolute yachties.

The Hispania: pure-bred racing yacht for the sanding of the limit.

Today, the crack has around 40 Years of sailing experience under the belt. Say: Who turns her with him, is an expert on the road, the are not only in the North- and Ostseee, as well as familiar in the Mediterranean, but also in the special area of the Canary Islands. Siegfried reports, how it has beat him on the archipelago:

I have worked as a merchant, but about six years ago, I decided, that I want to spend the day with things, that I like to do. So I went around the world in the search after a beautiful place and a House by the sea. Then I discovered La Palma and pitched my tent here a year ago. Because on this island everything blends, what I would like to have - the weather is true, and there are all sports. Because I not only sail, but also tandem paragliding and mountain biking offer. Also my ships in the harbour of Tazacorte are safe – It's not so easy, To find berths for boats with a such a draught at reasonable rates.

Hispania photo with King Juan Carlos: Sailing as once the King.

Hispania photo with the former King Juan Carlos at the helm: Siggis Board guests sailing today as once the Spanish King.

With 4,50 Meters draught, more than 24 Meters length and a sail area of 385 It comes square meters Hispania as a pure-bred racing yacht therefore. The girl was made by Bruce Farr once used by ex- King Juan Carlos as a training device for the Spanish national team in order given. The aim was a ship, It still moves happening even at weak wind. Ten-man must be at least on board, the Hispania to have the handle. Overall, there is space for up to 30 Board guests, Siggi describes this tidbit for ambitious, who want to sail even at the limit:

The Hispania is a very, very special ship. I sail it only with people, know at least the terminology. Because if we on the way are, You must understand the commands, and each handle must fit. Is beautiful, that you can really have fun even with little wind, and if we are on the southern tip of La Palma to the corner, It means smaller sailing, and then it goes right to the point…

Blue water adventures with the Hispania: Each handle must fit!

Blue water adventures with the Hispania: Each handle must fit!

Siegfried Fischer has discovered Hispania by the way, on a ship graveyard in Dubai. For four years he took, to persuade the owner to sell. The Englishman for promotional trips use the Royal yacht wolllte, but the shallow waters of Arabic made him a spanner in the. The Hispania was often on the keel in the harbour basin at low tide and straightened up only at high tide again. Conclusion: She vergammelte, Siggi she sat again repaired and made one of the eye-catcher in the harbour of Tazacorte.

The Saschastrid in the harbour of Tazacorte: Siegfried and Simone invite to sporting or too relaxed sailing for beginners.

The Saschastrid in the harbour of Tazacorte: Siegfried and Simone invite to sporting or too relaxed sailing for beginners.

Also see the second ship by Siegfried - catamaran and all-rounder can sit Saschastrid. This round 13,5 Metre long yacht offers with a sail area of 145 Square meters of challenges for experts as well as pleasure trips for La Palma leisure, who want just a couple of hours off the coast of the Isla Bonita that relax. Multi-day trips are also possible, in the belly of the Saschastrid Hide four cabins with double beds, Salon and galley and three baths - a place for the skipper and eight Board guests. Siggi explained, What is as comfortable catamaran sailing for beginners:

In contrast to the so-called single hull boats catamaran at wind not as strong lays on the side. That is, inexperienced people may grope themselves slowly on the experience of sailing. The tours and their duration are discussed individually - pleasure journeys are possible out in the slipstream of the sunny Western side of La Palma, as well as a detour from the Lee to the so-called nozzle. This is the area between the southern tip of La Palma and La Gomera – the two islands compress the Passat, so that it blows there almost always really strong. I may be reduced but so the sailing on the Saschastrid, that we run at about ten knots, then flips the ship not on the cheek. Is very important to me for all trips, pay attention to the sensitivities of my passengers and prepare them always on the situation. I'm trying to feel, How are you, so that the time on board for them will be a great experience.

Fun sailing with the Saschastrid: Music and mood at birthday parties or other events.

Fun sailing with the Saschastrid: Music and mood at birthday parties or other events.

His passion for the power of wind and wave wants to pass as well as the typical après-spirit among yachtsmen Siegfried. He unfolds with pleasant stops in bays, where the Board guests enjoy a picnic, swim, can snorkeling or fishing. Or but, When turned the boat into a fun boat: The Saschastrid can be chartered for festivities of all kinds - to 30 People can make this party. Siggis companion Simone Sterzik takes over the shopping and the Organization upon request, who is responsible mainly for the administrative side of the trips:

Basically everything is possible, who wants to celebrate, for example, a birthday on the ship, can order yourself a catering service, He takes over the complete hosting. We clarify that always individually like all trip requests. However, Siegfried remains always as captain on board, because the Saschastrid can be sailed by anyone with just a few hours training.

Look into the Saschastrid: Salon and galley.

Cooking on the Saschastrid: quite luxurious galley.

Only the captain can control the fast cat ´ n alone – that Siegfried has installed electric winches and electronic rope guides. It also enables him, for example, Board guests landed on Tenerife to pick up, to sail with them to La Palma and they at the end of the holiday back to the departure to the large neighbouring island back to sail. The experienced skipper might control theoretically still distant goals, but at the time, he has set his course on the Canary Islands and La Palma. Siggi is from La Palma-virus infected:

Look into the Saschastrid: There is ... Berths with space for

Look at the belly of Saschastrid: There are four cabins with double beds.



In the long term I plan speed runs in the Caribbean although again, and, I'm going to races in Croatia. I guess the secluded bays in the Mediterranean, but in the winter is there dead pants, If you go ashore, and it's cold sakrisch. On La Palma, however, you have year round sailing conditions for everyone and lots of Sun and heat. Especially on the West side, where is the port of Tazacorte - da I tobe around awhile in the shaft and can then tell, that's enough, and am quickly back in the cover. And ashore in the Canary Islands and La Palma, even high season is winter, so you can do much Besides sailing and meet nice people!

The salon on the Saschastrid: relax in the and after sailing.

The salon on the Saschastrid: relax!

For enterprising, Siegfried Fischer offers more: His company Canaria-sports area has including paragliding and mountain-bike tours in the program. All the details you can read on the website or check with Siegfried and Simone personally. Tip for La Palma-fans: Reservation on the Hispania or Saschastrid best already during the planning phase of the holiday home from clarify.




More information on Hispania and Saschastrid:

E-Mail: or

Mobile phone on La Palma: 0034-674.485.882

Phone Germany: 0049-0175-8871.856

Germany landline: 0049-039-

A few impressions of the Hispania and the Saschastrid:

w s
Best-of-Hispana-am-Wind Best-of-Hispana-Genaker2
Hispania: happy hard on the wind. Hispania: Genaker kisses Atlantic.
Best-of-Hispana-Wohlfuehlen Best-of-Hispana Joy
Hispania: sporty relaxation! Hispania: Challenge for experts.
Best-of-Saschastrid-sailing SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA
Saschastrid: Sailing fun for blown-in… … and Sun bathing pleasure sailing.
SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA Besto-of-Sashastrid-Segeln3
Saschastrid: Small strengthening in between… … then it is strengthened on the winches.
Granny-of-Sasha Strife-Sonnenuntergang1 Sigi-Simone1
Saschastrid: Completely different experience La Palma and the Canary Islands… … Siggi and Simone forward, To be able to welcome you on board!

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