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The club takes place once a month "SOS Help for clappers" at the Santa Cruz flea market. For the benefit of the needy, gifts are sold all over the island. © SOS La Palma Solidarity Association

Our treasurer Sybille's eyes widened. 3000 Euros have landed on our donation account with the condition that they are donated to the Tazacorte municipalities, To use El Paso and Las Manchas. Now Las Manchas is not an independent community. Part of it belongs to El Paso, der andere zu Los Llanos. But we will do it. In any case, the joy was huge.

Who is this generous donor?? We do know his name, but we don't want to publish it. Maybe he wouldn't like that. None of us know him.

We only hope, that he reads these lines and knows, that we thank him wholeheartedly on behalf of the needy of these three places for his stunning generosity.

The association has existed for seven years "SOS - Help for the Palmeros" now. Almost 70.000 Thanks to our members, we were able to earn euros in the form of food, Give hygiene articles and textbooks to the needy of the island through the social services of the municipality. Admittedly a drop on the hot stone. But as the saying goes? "Constant drop …… .." In any case, we were happy, to be able to help at least a little and eventually - we thought so - we will no longer be needed.

So we thought - and then Corona came. Ana Oramas, Canarian MPs in the Spanish Parliament, drew a terrifying picture of the future of the Canary Islands after Corona. Poverty, at least 50 % unemployment, a social catastrophe would affect the "blissful islands" get.

This island has become our home. We cannot just sit back and do nothing.

Therefore we ask you for a special donation for today "later". Every euro is welcome, even if it's just the famous drop.

Bank information for donations | Details of our Bank Account for income :
BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria)
WERE GOING: ES16 0182 3441 2702 0160 6795
Headline: SOS Solidarity Association La Palma

Guest contribution by Antje Gieser

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