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sylvia-titel-right-800Sylvia Catharina Hess works in Nierstein and on La Palma – This results in


Poetic images – sometimes with bite

Bilder aus dem Zyklus "Aufgetischt":

Images from the cycle “Raised”: Sylvia Catharina Hess picturesquely linked relationship stories with all kinds of nutritious – Apples in all forms are often the protagonists.

Sylvia Catharina Hess writes short stories, Short stories and poems, often be of fabulous events. Also their pictures, Sculptures and installations have a poetic, every now and then even fairytale, are but not without critical bite. The writer and painter lives half of the year in La Punta on the Canary Island of La Palma, and occasionally exhibiting their works on the Isla Bonita. At the beginning 2018 were their latest pictures on the topic “Raised” in the Gallery of Avenida 17 to see in Tazacorte – We looked past times.


At the beginning 2016 for the first time exhibited her works on La Palma Sylvia Catharina Hess: At that time were in the Avenida 17 Paintings from their project My Canary's Songbook to see, where in the image the artist banned, that music in there anywhere is on the Isla Bonita. After the cycle about fiestas, People making music and songs of the Islands Excerpts from her latest series, Sylvia, now presented in Tazacorte Raised and explains, what it is on:

Mean to be served, put someone what to eat or drink, but it can serve also true or untrue stories. So I am currently painting stories, the I with certain food- or associate food.

As can be found in the Raised-Cycle images, the Sylvia is dedicated to the ancient Adam and Eve theme with apples of all kinds and it depicts different stages of relationships – passionate times, tender times. But even asparagus, Cherries, Pumpkins, Fish or wine play a role in her current works:

There are always new cycles, where I am a topic and work it, until I get really squeezed – “Raised” will go on a while. I started once with landscape painting, then followed a period of abstract, and since 2010 have I prescribed me the figurative painting. I do landscapes as it were only still in between to rest, because it is so beautiful (laughs). But in principle, the man at the center of my artistic examination is.


Miniatures by Sylvia on the subject “Raised”: BB´s in the current exhibition in Tazacorte for people with smaller wallets are the uniques.

Speaking of man: A glance on the private life of the artist, Sylvia signed the Covenant for life with the famous writer Harald Braem. But it's not about that “Mistress” a successful man, that an attack from boredom to the paintbox. Quite the reverse: The German scholar and political scientist teaching around 30 Years long German and social studies and worked as a method coach for teachers. 2007 began the today 65jährige to severe disease and early retirement, to deal intensively with the painting. Because until then had known Sylvia fine arts as a hobby:

Sylivas Bild "@nature one": also time-sensitive brush strokes.

Sylivas image “@Nature one”: also time-sensitive brush strokes.

I thought to myself, with paint, This is good - and then I wanted to get it right. So I did a private course at an artist in Kaiserslautern, and then began with seminars on the Art Academy in Bad Reichenhall, where I studied also a modular intensive Ingrid Jureit. The seminars at the Academy of Arts took place always one to two weeks, and since it is properly fucked. Ingrid Jureit stopped their students, artistic concepts to develop – it has marked me very. Already 2007 I had my first exhibition in a gallery of leisure, and my paintings sold immediately surprisingly well. I thought I'd, Since machste times further (laughs).

The artist was not only at the easel. 2009 She was the Project Director and curator of the Art- and Literturpfads Lorelei active in the framework of the cultural summer of Rhineland-Palatinate. In the framework of this project, she painted a picture, This proves, that the scientist can express their critical view of the world with the brush: The painting is "Oh lore", the Sylvia in an exhibition in the district Hall bad EMS showed - which stands on the island Silberau, where women as "Witches" were burned in the middle ages:

Gemälde "Ach Lore":

Painting “Oh, lore”: Sylvia is often inspired by literary templates and implement even with bite and smile.

The Loreley is described as a man-devouring Femme Fatale in all known versions of the legend. It is based on the ballad "Lore Lay" by Clemens von Brentano, He invented it as a sorceress on the Rhine rock. Brentano Loreley delivers itself of the Church as a witch-burning, because she can live any more, She seduces all men. But the Bishop also fell into it – so I painted the devil on the image, has the Church man in his claw… (laughs)

In addition to the unbroken current issue, whether women actually did, absence of men not on the trendy track, is Sylvia Catharina Hess repeatedly serious themes based on literary templates and their own experiences in their works. Among them are images such as "one @Nature", where it comes to young people and their flight in virtual worlds and mobile permanent use or even painting, where the artist the field disease and dying turns.

This is Sylvia Catharina Hess:

This is Sylvia Catharina Hess: Installations like this with the title Brunn space and water temple and stelae are also part of the Repertoire of the multi-faceted artist from Nierstein.

She presented their diversity not only in the Gallery Avenida 17 auf La Palma, but also in numerous exhibitions and participation in art fairs in Germany and France. 2010 was awarded the Nassau cultural award in silver Sylvia – and even in South Korea at the Seoul International Art Festival 2009 were already seeing their works along with works by artists from the Rhein-Lahn-Kreis. Parallel to the painting organized the former teacher like cultural projects in their native region and is one of the founders of the Cercle des artistes Européens in the French Mulhouse. In addition to all this engagement she still finds time, type and proofread the scripts of her husband into the computer. Because Harald Braem - known everything by hand through numerous books also writes on La Palma-. Sylvia chats under the covers:

Sylvia Hess and Harald Bräm: The artist couple enjoys life a few months a year in La Punta La Palma.

Sylvia Hess and Harald Bräm: The artist couple enjoys life a few months a year in La Punta La Palma.

When Harald wrote a novel, I am his first critic - I am Yes German scholar. Otherwise, we deliberately keep our work apart; I paint anything to his themes. The only, what I wanted to do, was one of his books about legends to illustrate, but that was the publishing house printing too expensive…

2017 the latest book by Harald Braem The bubble man. His fans can look forward, because Sylvia reported, that her husband already closest stumbled about in search:

I want to tell you not too much, except that Harald at the time obsessively writes on a new project, that he started many years ago and created again and again because of other books on the page has. It is a novel with slightly autobiographical traits, He plays in the childhood of a boy, He lives with his family in the forest. It is intended to “The woods of childhood” hot and is also a favorite project of mine.

Sylvia workplace: In their Studio Pavilion in the garden visitors can visit sometimes they.

Sylvia workplace: In their Studio Pavilion in the garden visitors can visit sometimes they – However it asks for advance reservation by E-Mail. Photos in this article: Sylvia Catharina Hess/La Palma 24

During Harald glow lets his pen on La Palma in the House in La Punta, is Sylvia quite happy, She has a quiet refuge in her garden Studio, it located a few meters from the Office of her husband, enterprising. Those who are interested in their images, can visit here by the way, please book in advance by E-Mail also. Usually it is in the winter months and a couple of weeks in the summer on the island, otherwise, she lives in the Nierstein, Rhineland-Palatinate.


Go to the website of Sylvia Catharina Hess.

Picture from the cycle My Canarian Songbook: Sylvia Catharina Hess holds here the joy of life on La Palma fixed, where the music is played everywhere.

Works from the cycle My Canary's Songbook: Sylvia Catharina Hess captures the joy of living on La Palma in this series of paintings, everywhere where Sung, music and dance is.

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