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La Palma: 10 Years rock ´ n ´ roll with the Tihyua cats

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10 Years of Tihyua cats - Manolo Villalba explains the birthday surprises

"If we never thought, as far as getting"

Today you are Tihuya Cats on La Palma, known as a sore, but also on the other Canary Islands, in Spain and in many other countries you know the rock ´ n ´ scooter from the Isla Bonita in the scene. It was still quite different ten years ago, than the Tihuya Cats started with the samples in the garage by Manolo Villalba in El Paso. The founder of the band gave us to the 10. Birthday a few inputs, From- and recaps.


Tihuya cats root formation: Manolo Villalba

Tihuya cats root formation (v.l.n.r): Manolo Lee Villalba, Ralf Honking Martens, Martina Tequila Martens and forward Rachel San Blas alias Kelly cat.

Manolo, 2016 celebrate the Tihuya cats 10. Birthday of her very first performance. Would have you thought, that time while playing together?

Manolo Villalba: No way... Here on La Palma it is very rare, that a band remains together for ten years. When we started, would have we never believed, that we will once so well known and so far. Actually, we just wanted a bit rock'n'rollen ... Today, most of the people on La Palma knows our band - including many tourists. But thanks to the social networks and our concerts, the rock know us people ´ n ´ roll scene on all Canary Islands, including Spain and many people in Germany, Holland, Finland, the United States, Mexico, Japan and other countries.

Ago 10 Your style of music on La Palma was not particularly popular years. Why have the Tihuya Catas for the rock ´ ´ roll decided?

Manolo: It was the music, the Rachel and me liked and like. And we love the aesthetics of associated, This way of life. It is more, as the only music, It is indeed a lifestyle.

Rachel and Manolo: Rock n ´ ´ roll is a lifestyle.

Rachel and Manolo: Rock n ´ ´ roll is a lifestyle.

Can you explain a bit more detailed?

Manolo: Now, If I make for example holiday, then I travel always in a skirt ´ n ´ roll square. I never go on vacation in a hotel and throw me in the pool. I'm looking for rather, To find like-minded people, with whom I have me, and with whom I can celebrate. Almost all people in the rock ´ n ´ roll scene are connected, and we almost all live in the same manner.

This lifestyle Yes the one expressed in the form of clothing and hairstyles in the style of the 1950s. But also the rebellious mentality of this year has kept, directed against the establishment in the United States?

Manolo: "

Manolo: "The rebelllische attitude in the rock ´ n ´ roll scene keeps until today - Here, people from all over the world are gathered together, Nationality and race play no role for us".

Manolo: And, People with open and combative views are gathered in the rock ´ n ´ roll scene, and so abides by the rebellious attitude once until today. People from all over the world meet at the festivals, People of all races and all ages. We like it, to be free, the music to enjoy. The mutual respect and the shared experience are important for us, and the right unites us, to live in an alternative way.

Glaubst Du, that all people, go to the concerts of Tihuya cats, think so?

Manolo: I'm not sure, because the rock ´ n ´ roll has now become a kind of traditional music, everyone knows the music and performers such as Elvis. That's why many concert and think of, they experience something conservative, but the opposite is actually the case: You hear and see music and settings, they are liberal and rather rebellious. Maybe this means yes, that people at the concerts and the experience of our world a little rethink ...

Rock n ´ ´ scooter at the 4-Gatos-Festival in Puerto Naos: Fans from around the world meet to pure joy of life.

Rock n ´ ´ scooter at the 4-Gatos-Festival in Puerto Naos: International life Fatima.

How do you feel actually? As Palmero, as a Spaniard, or as Europeans?

OneoLo: I feel as Europeans and Africans (laughs), Since there are many influences of the Berber culture in La Palma, come from the natives of La Palma. And I like Europe – at least until now – for me it is an example of tolerance, everyone can live here and respectful treatment of the other is a fixed value. Nodamerika for example is, however, quite different, in North America, they pull the gun because nothing (laughs), most of there are very conservative. But in Europe fortunately not, at the moment everything works fine here, I'm feeling good and I had problems never and in no place in a European country.

Three CDs have been published the Tihuya cats: There are birthday songs on vinyl and an album.

Three CDs have been published the Tihuya cats: There are birthday songs on vinyl and an album.

The many trips of the Tihuya cats are not really cheap. Can you live now from your income as a musician?

Manolo: Of course not. You need a solid work, and the music business is just an extra income. We just make music, because we like it, and not, because it's worth. That's why I'm working as artisans, where I restore old furniture as well as traditional knives and lances for the Salto de Pastor Customize, because I am a trained Carpenter and Cutler.

Speaking of money: You have so on the occasion of the 10. Anniversary of Tihuya Catas a crowdfunding started ...

Manolo:... Yes, After three albums, We have already published, We wanted to do something special. We plan, a vinyl record with four songs and a live CD to give out. We however do not really need a financing, We would easily get it out without Crowdfunding. But we want to, our fans in this edition to participate. The idea is, that our supporters can say later, they were the producers of the albums. Who participates in the Crowdfunding, can pay different amounts - from five to 1.000 Euro. And each post is connected to an equivalent. For example, there is the possibility, to download the four songs on vinyl and an unpublished piece, or you can order the CD. Then you can with the plate and the live CD 20 Get songs. There are also special shirts and stickers, We offer private concerts for Crowdfunding participants with high-stakes. There is something for every budget, go BB´s from five euros.

Tihuya cats derivative: Kelly & The Brighton Ramblers.

Tihuya cats derivative: Kelly & The Brighton Ramblers.

What is the birthday album?

Manolo: On the CD as well as all the musicians are heard, who ever have - played at the Tihuya cats and a few friends. We heard the voice of the Tihuya cats - Rachel San Blas alias KellyCat - recorded. In addition to hear are yours truly on bass, Martina Tequila Martens on drums, Ralf Honking Martens on the saxophone, Pablo Villalba on drums, Carlos del Bosque Uncle Charlie .. on the guitar. And there are pieces with Hector Excel tone Quintero and Klaus Wild cat De Franceschi, my colleagues from the Brighton Rumblers.

Brighton Rumblers, Kelly & The Brighton Rumblers, Tihuya Cats: These different band names on your posters are confusing for non-insiders. Can you explain the differences?

Brighton Rumblers: tough guys make Basic Rock'n'Roll.

Brighton Rumblers: Hector, Klaus and Manolo let it RIP so correctly.

Manolo: The Brighton Rumblers cover only the stray cats, It is a tribute to this group and the neo-rockabilly of the 80s. Here, Hector Quintero plays the double bass, Klaus de Franceschi the guitar and I'm on drums. One should not confuse this genre with the old rockabilly Johnny Cash and Elvis! With the Tihuya Cats We make retro American music, that is, a mix of everything: a little Rockabilly, a little classic rock ´ n ´ roll, a bit old rhythm & Blues, Swing etc... And when we see the name Kelly & The Brighton Rumblers occur, expires following show: We start with very classic Rockabilly, then Rachel did her vocal performance, While we less purist rock ´ n ´ roll drive, and an energetic concludes, Wild appearance of Brighton Rumblers.


Tihuya Cats: All good birthday and keep on rocking!

Be your next 10 Years under the motto "keep on rocking" with the Tihuya cats? With all the instruments, that you play - drums, Double bass, Guitar and more?

Manolo: I'd like it! From my current point of view, would I say yes, because I feel good and strong with. Chuck Berry is also already 83 and still makes rock'n'roll and plays good music ... You just never know anything for sure not (laughs).

We thank Manolo Villalba for this interview and wish you a great birthday year and another the Tihuya cats, successful future.

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