10 Reasons for a trip to La Palma


Athlete, Star Gazer, Beach lovers and culture fans: All get their money

The small island of the Canary Islands La Palma is still an insider tip - but no longer only for walkers and seekers of rest. Because the Isla Bonita has blossomed into a meeting place for active people. Ten reasons for a holiday on La Palma have invaded us.



La Palma: The entire island was declared by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve – Core zone is the National Park Caldera de Taburiente. Photo: Giovanni Tessicini

Reason 1:

Clean sea, clean land and clean air!

La Palma is the UNESCO already long positive stung in the eye: 2002 declared the entire island a world biosphere reserve, including the core zones of the National Park Caldera de Taburiente, the types of reserve Gülgün, the Cumbre Vieja nature park and the marine reserve of La Palma. Because on the Isla Bonita already 1988 the so-called law of heaven to protect of the Isla Bonita light pollution was adopted, UNESCO-certified the island in the year 2012 than Starlight reserve. In the views of impurities, La Palma has anyway no problems, because there is hardly any industry.


Wanderer, Paraglider, Trailrunner und Biker mit und ohne Motor: entdecken das Naturparadies La Palma. Fotos: Kreikenbom/La Palma 24

Hikers, Paraglider, Trail runners and bikers with and without motor: Discover the nature paradise of La Palma. Photos: Kreikenbom/La Palma 24

Reason 2:

Sports land!

For many years, La Palma has a reputation as a Hikers paradise, and of course you are around 1.000 signposted kilometres about volcanoes, as well as by Laurel- and pine forests remains a attraction for people with Backpack. A guide is recommended for difficult routes - for example, in the caldera-! Also the many topics sections of the hiking festival are also, that will take place in seven years in August. But that's not everything in terms of sports: Since the vertical take-off of the mega-runner-events Transvulcania is La Palma also increasingly a destination for mountain runners from around the world. Also have Mountain bikers discovered the variety and challenges of the volcanic landscapes on La Palma. The Island Government has in June 2015 for the first time disclosed a network, can cope with its seven routes of varying difficulty without Guide. Very ambitious MTBler find professional guides. Who wants to discover more relaxed on the two-Wheeler La Palma, can be either a E-Bike or a Motorbikes rental.

Tennis- und Padelplätze: rings um die Insel zu mieten. Foto: La Palma 24

Padel tennis – the new trend sport on La Palma: everywhere on the island jobs, that can be rented by tourists. There are tennis courts and training sessions of course at different locations. Photo: La Palma 24

The Isla Bonita top be watching that Paragliders, They also by different experts are taken under the wing. An eye on ball sports, there are rings to La Palma Tennis- and Padel courts. That is interesting for families with children Forest rope system on the heights of the Cumbre, where you can spend a day climbing. And there are of course also offers for riders.


Tauchen am submarinen Fuß der Vulkaninsel: traumhafte Unterwasserwelten. Foto: Georg Maghon Tauchpartner La Palma

Diving: beautiful underwater worlds at the submarine base of the volcanic island of La Palma. Photo: Georg Maghon dive partner La Palma

Reason 3:

Sport and fun: The Atlantic calls!

Advantage of a Canary Island compared to holiday destinations in the Mediterranean: On La Palma sport and fun above and below water are possible all year round without frostbite. In the sunny West in the harbour of Tazacorte Excursion boats buzzard, Fancy II and fantasy on the sea, where not rarely even whales and dolphins are spotted. Divers find beautiful areas around the island. Latest gag: Before the capital Santa Cruz de La Palma is a Underwater Park, First, dwarves made of concrete were sunk there, to create an artificial reef. Who surf or stand up-paddle will, may apply to Hanibal's.


La Palma-Strände: manchmal Sand, manchmal Steine am immer sauberen Atlantik. Foto: Michel Kreikenbom

La Palma beaches: sometimes sand, sometimes stones always clean Atlantic. Photo: Michel Kreikenbom

Reason 4:

Five beaches with blue flag and sea water pools!

People, who just want to relax on the beach, have lots of selection: Rings to La Palma, there are large and small Playas - five of them were also in the summer 2017 bring back the blue flag of FEE hoist. This environmental pennant wag water quality monitored and clean beaches and signalilsiert, clean sanitary facilities and professional Baywatch. The blue Flagg blew in summer 2017 back at the West Playas in

Blaue Flaggen: Wehen an fünf Stränden der Isla Bonita. Foto: La Palma 24

Blue Flags: Contractions at five beaches of Isla Bonita. Photo: La Palma 24

Puerto Naos, Charco Verde and Tazacorte (There is also a Naturist area in Tazacorte) and in the East on the beaches of Santa Cruz, at the Playa de Bajamar and the Los Cancajos Beach. Why only in the summer? In the winter, the Atlantic Ocean is rough and swirls around the surf – then the strict FEE conditions can not be respected. It has however nothing to do with pollution, but only with natural pure – agitated by the winter waves, the measurement results tarnish natural particles of deposits on the ocean floor. So for example repeatedly continues after heavy rains from the caldera of the Barranco de Las Angustias down flush mud on the sea floor off the West coast of La Palma.

Charco Azul: Meeresschwimmbecken im Norden bieten Badespaß auch bei viel Welle. Foto: La Palm a24

Charco Azul: Sea water pools provide sheltered bathing in much rougher northern shaft in the North such as Charco Azul in San Andrés y sauces or La Fajana in Barlovento. Photo: La Palm a24

Special tip for swimmers: The two Natural swimming pool in the North of the island La Fajana at Barlovento and Charco Azul San Andrés y sauces - amidst the wild waves provide sheltered bathing even in winter. By the way, also Charco Azul was awarded with the ATEGRUS eco-Playa pennant. Full new: In the summer 2017 has opened their new beach La Palma's main town Santa Cruz, It spans the entire length of the Avenida Marítima. And there are beautiful views: The construction of a bath is planned on the Playa Echentive in the South of La Palma. Because here, a mineral-rich source called bubbles Fuente Santa -concrete designs for their use have been identified already in an international architectural competition.


Sterneninsel La Palma: immer mehr Astro-Angebote für universell orientierte Leute. Foto: Giovanni Tessicini

Sterneninsel La Palma: more ASTRO offers for universally-oriented people. Photo: Giovanni Tessicini

Reason 5:

The stars have!

As mentioned at the beginning, was the Isla Bonita 2012 to Starlight reserve the UNESCO. But since then, it has in the views of the Star destination La Palma incredibly much done: Emerged around the island Astronomical views, and there's always more Accommodation with such telescopes.

Das Gran Telescopio de Canarias auf dem Roque de los Muchachos: Es gibt Führungen. Pressefoto IAC

The Gran Telescopio de Canarias on the Roque de los Muchachos: There are guided tours. IAC press photo

In addition, hosts create g astronomical menus, more and more companies to specialise on Walks or photo sessions under the night sky – and not to forget: There are also official Guided tours of the Instituto Astronómico de Canarias (IAC) in the telescopes on the Roque de los Muchachos, as well as many current events with star views in the course of the year. More than 100.000 Visitors climb to the observatories each year, and therefore a huge visitor centre with exhibition halls and a guest robe Empire is built on the highest mountain on the island at the time.

Tapas and more: Es gibt viele kulinarische Freuden zu entdecken! Foto: La Palma 24

Tapas and more: There are many culinary pleasures to discover! Photo: La Palma 24

Reason 6:

Eat well!

A holiday without the palate is like a fish without a bicycle. The beautiful La Palma: The prices in the Gastronomy move here compared to the large Canary Islands in terms of absolutely pleasing – even in the city centres and the first rows of the seaside resorts. Who wants, is also exclusive gourmet temple with higher price level. Conversely, BB´s is always cheaper, If one turns away from the well-known tourist miles a – as a coffee time only to the costs 60 Cent…

Fisch und mehr: Immer mal wieder Schlemmertouren. Foto: Ruta Marinera

Fish and more: Gourmet tours. Photo: Ruta Marinera

To present the diversity of the re-known kitchen, find every year all around the island Gourmet tours statt: Download eateries in the West to the Ruta del Gallo a, in the East, which has Ruta de Cruzes y tapas Tradition, in the South there is the Gastronomic route of the volcano and in the North the Goat cheese tour – and these are just a few of the routes for gourmets to the different seasons.

Für Gourmets: Feine Salzblüte aus der Saline in Fuencaliente. Foto: La Palma 24

The “White Gold” for food lovers: Fine flower of salt from the Saltworks in Fuencaliente. Photo: La Palma 24

Palmerische specialties – as a nice souvenir for the manages – find holiday-makers on the Farmer's markets. Its doors open mostly on weekends in all possible communities. For example the often award-winning specials include Goat cheese, Red and green Mojo shaped, Sugar Bakery with almonds, Honey, and and and…

On the farmer's markets and in some supermarkets you discovered that with a sharp eye “White Gold” von La Palma. There is talk of the biologically derived Sea salt the salt flats at the southern tip of La Palma. Sales it will be coarse and fine form, Once finished with wine and spices or salt flower Flor de Sal for gourmets in chic gift jars.

Erster Grillplatz am Meer auf La Palma: Playa Punta Large im Südwesten. Foto: Cabildo

First barbecue of the sea on La Palma: Playa Punta large in the South West. Photo: Chapter

On Barbecue fans, Hikers and mountain bikers are the sogenannen waiting for La Palma Recreational areas. On these Barbecue areas guests can not only fire pits, but also well maintained sanitary facilities available. At this link not This, incidentally, is the recently opened first barbecue on the seafront of the Playa Punta Larga in the South of La Palma Princess Hotel.




Erfrischende Getränke: made in La Palma sind mehrere Biersorten von zwei Hausbrauereien auf der Insel. Foto: La Palma 24

Refreshing drinks: several kinds of beer by two breweries on the island are made in La Palma. Photo: La Palma 24

Vega Norte: Die Bodega im Nordwesten von La Palma holt jedes Jahr die meisten Medaillen. Foto: Vega Norte

North Vega: The satellite Bodegas in the North-West of La Palma are the medals champion of the island. Photo: North Vega

Reason 7:

Good drink!

To round out the culinary offer is of course everywhere La Palma wine offered, of which many international competitions medals have garnered so. Taste can be the noble grape juices in the island in the Wine Museum in Las Manchas – and also in many Bodegas directly at the source.

By the way, did, that on La Palma also Beer is brewed? There is a brewery in Los Llanos and one in Tijarafe. For all, that's like rather sweet, could our Liqueur-maker be interesting. Far from the island, which also has a very good reputation among connoisseurs Rum Distillery Aldea San Andrés y Sauces.


Kunsthandwerk auf La Palma: Es muss nicht immer ein Stickdeckchen sein... Foto: La Palma 24/Alke Block Keramik

Arts and crafts store on La Palma: It must be not always an embroidery doily… Photo: La Palma 24/Deborah block ceramic

Reason 8:

History – Arts and crafts!

Many of the farmers markets around also have an area to La Palma, in which the Artisans present their creations to the respective region. Every summer the Island Government also organized Feria de Artesanía, You can show a fair at the creative people from all regions of La Palma. In addition to the Artesanos live and work on La Palma still scary many Artists in the design as well as in the musical area. A few of them we have visited and interviewed – Click here.


Kultur findet man auf La Palma nicht nur in den Museen, sondern auch im Freien: Hier ein Gecko von Inselkünstler Luis Morera auf der Plaza de la Glorieta in Las Manchas. Foto: Michael Kreikenbom

One finds art not only in museums on La Palma, But even in the open air: Here a Gecko by island artist Luis Morera on the Plaza de la Glorieta in Las Manchas. Photo: Michael Kreikenbom

The Island Government has also Island Museum in Santa Cruz de la Palma in the Plaza de San Francisco with a historical and fine artsArea. This also provides interesting insights 2014 opened Museum of contemporary art in Santa Cruz, in November 2015 through a separate area to the “Descent of the Virgin”, the largest, all five year celebrated Island Festival, expanded. At the top that is also on the Museum-scale Museo Archeológico Benahoarita -called MAB - in Los Llanos, that illuminates the lives of the natives of La Palma. In addition, you can in the Silk Museum look at the art of silk making in El Paso, loads in Tazacorte Banana Museum in San Pedro, and the Cigar Museum to visit-a There's article to the museums. In October 2015 It was opened Museum of the Ron Aldea de silence San Andrés y Sauces, the rum hergetellten about the history and production of the single on La Palma bears witness. And then, found this in a replica of the Santa Maria by kolumbus Ship Museum in Santa Cruz, the Gofio-Museum in Las Tricias and some more.


Silk production: Museo de Seda in El Paso.

La Palma leisure, you want to learn more about the island, control Visitor centres an. It hosts information about the National Park Caldera Centro de Visitantes in El Paso, reports in the South a visitors center at San Antonio about Vulcan, in the laurel forest of Los TILOS, one finds a Centro Visitantes with details from nature. Inform it of the rock carvings and the life of the natives of La Palma Visitor centre in la Zarza and Archaeological Park of Belmaco. A new Centro de Visitantes is currently in San Andrés y sauces and is Parque Arqueológico El Tendal hot. And reported as above, is built on the Roque de Los muchachos, a large visitor centre.


Zwergentanz bei der Bajada: Die "Enanos" sind inzwischen auf unzähligen Souvenirs verewigt. Foto: Santa Cruz de La Palma

Dwarf dance at the Bajada: The “Enanos” are now immortalised on innumerable souvenirs. Photo: Santa Cruz de La Palma

Reason 9:

Fiestas and funny characters!

The Palm Eros are very festfreudig – so here our tip for people, like the wacky customs. As well as throughout the year are Festivals proclaimed - above all the most important event of the island, the Bajada de la Virgen. At this party, the only every five years - last time in the summer 2015 – takes place, have prevailed as a secular symbol figures the Dwarfs.

Wer´s richtig verrückt mag, ist beim Día de los Indianos richtig: immer am Rosenmontag! Foto:

For those who like really crazy BB´s, is at Día de los Indianos correctly: TalkumSchlachten on Rosenmontag! Photo: Santa Cruz de La Palma


When Day of the Indianos on Rosenmontag, the capital of La Palma turns into a white Inferno with baby powder battles, and at the end of the Carnival, they burned sardines from fabric and paper anywhere on the island. In Tijarafe is he dancing in September Devil, he ignited in Mazo tipsy scorcher in August the minds, There are crazy horses, the hop by the fiestas in Tazacorte and Fuencaliente, and of course more. Zur current Festival overview – Click here.


Shoppen auf La Palma: In der Hauptstadt Santa Cruz (Foto) und in Los Llanos gibt es unzählige Geschäfte in Fußgängerzonen, nette Bars und Cafés zum Einkehren und ab und an noch Musik dazu. Foto: La Palma 24

Shopping at La Palma: In the capital, Santa Cruz (Photo) and there are countless shops in the pedestrian zones in Los Llanos, Nice bars and Cafés to stop and and even music. Photo: La Palma 24

Reason 10:

Shopping and music!

Last but not least,: In the two major cities of Santa Cruz in the East and Los Llanos in the West of La Palma can man and woman according to your heart's content shop. Chic shoes and current fashion, there are often already at very reasonable prices. And a small event with live music on the stage go shopping on the squares of cities especially on weekends often have afternoon. Because the Palm Eros enjoy their life – and meet the guests of their island very friendly!

La Palmas Musiker: tolle Künstler! Foto: Jonny Acosta

La Palma musicians: great artist! Photo: Jonny Acosta

Palm auf Konzerte: The breadth of offerings - ranging from folk and jazz to salsa and pop to hard rock and classical music for young people who is currently where and when on the stage, can you study 24-journals in the concert section of the La Palma.



Vielleicht der Hauptgrund für eine Reise nach La Palma: Nach all der Action am Tage ganz entspannt auf den Atlantik gucken und den Sonnenuntergang genießen! Foto: Michael Kreikenbom

Perhaps the main reason for a trip to La Palma: On the Atlantic look quite relaxed after all of the action on the day and enjoy the sunset! Photo: Michael Kreikenbom


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