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Top topics today: continue to alarm for wind and wave, Bomberos recorded almost 1.500 Inserts in the year 2017, Paper instead of plastic on the farmer's market into Breña Alta and cheap tickets with Iberia express. In addition, we report of people, which ensure, that the island is always colorful and well-known.


Warnung am Donnerstag: vier bis fünf Meter hohe Wellen rollen an. Graphik: AEMET

Warning on Thursday: four to five meters high waves roll. Graphics: AEMET

Weather: Remain alert for wind and wave yellow. The Government weather agency AEMET has the yellow wind alarm in the Cumbres La Palma on Wednesday, 17. January 2018, at 10 Clock stopped. On Thursday and Friday, 18./19. January, roll on rings around the island waves four to five meters, that is caused by strong winds on the Atlantic Ocean. This corresponds to the yellow pre-alarm stage! Attention Island guests: Caution on unguarded beaches and waves shooting; observe the flags and instructions of the personnel on the Playas with Baywatch!

Glatteis auf der LP-4: Zufahrten zu den Observatorien gesperrt!

Black ice on the LP-4: Blocked access roads to the observatories! Photo: Chapter

And another tip: Freezing temperatures could freeze the upper layers of the Roque de los Muchachos on yesterday's Tuesday. The Cabildo blocked the two roads of East and West due to black ice in the area of the Pico de La Nieve. As the cold wave has not yet ceased, We advise even today and in the next few days with a trip to the highest mountain of the island as a precaution.


News from city and country

Die Frauen und Männer von der Freiwilligen Feuerwehr La Palma: Immer im Einsatz für Einheimische und Inselgäste.

The women and men of the Brigade of La Palma: Always in use for locals and guests of the island. Photo: Bomberos de La Palma

Fire brigade balance sheet 2017. The Servicio insular contra Incendios y Salvamento Urbano the Cabildo reported last year 1.489 Inserts: Led the volunteer fire brigade 273 Audits by and opened 263 accidentally locked doors. 132-times they advanced Bomberos because of flooded roads, and 117 times provided they help in traffic accidents. Also they put out 53 Fire on meadows and fields, 55 in apartments, 43 in cars, 28 in public venues, 25 on streets, nine waste containers, seven construction sites and five in camps. To come to country missions in the area of inspections and services, as well as person rescues, under water and out of elevators.


Iberia Express: täglich Madrid-SPC das ganze Jahr lang. Foto: Carlos Díaz

Iberia Express: daily Madrid SPC all year long. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Cheap flights to Isla Bonita. Iberia Express has launched a campaign in the life, When the flights from Madrid to Santa Cruz waving de La Palma: Ticket price from 49 Euro way are offered, Assuming you still book up to the 11. February 2018 for the period up to the 31. More 2018. Meanwhile Iberia Express connects the metropolis of Spain with the Isla Bonita daily throughout the year – go to the website BB´s here.


Alicia Vanoostende: Die Inseltourismusrätin wirbt auf der FITUR in Madrid für La Palma. Foto: Cabildo

Alicia Vanoostende: The island Tourism Board advertises on the FITUR in Madrid for La Palma. Photo: Chapter

Openings in the tourism sector are. Coming soon to the visitor centre at the Las Palomas cave between Todoque and Las Manchas, as well as the Archaeological Park El Tendal are opened in San Andrés y sauces. It said island tourism Councillor Alicia Vanoostende at the international tourism fair FITUR, the of the 17. to 21. January 2018 held in Madrid. In the coming days these and the many other attractions and benefits of a holiday on the Isla Bonita at meetings she's with more than 50 Apply for representatives of tour operators and airlines. According to Vanoostende 61 Percent of the La Palma tourist the scenery and 36 Percent leisure activities as motifs for a vacation on the island of.


Der i-Punkt in Tazacorte: Besucherzahl nahm 2017 deutlich zu. Foto: La Palma 24

The I-Punkt in Tazacorte: Number of visitors took 2017 significantly to. Photo: La Palma 24

Large numbers of visitors in the I-Punkt Tazacorte. 2017 have more than 19.000 Holidaymakers in Tazacorte's tourism office to obtain the information requested - that were around 27 Percent more than in the previous year. 61 Percent of visitors came from Germany, 19 Percent from Spain, 9 Percent from the Netherlands, 5 Percent from England, 2 Percent from France and one each 1 Per cent from Belgium and have. The others were vacationers from Sweden, the Switzerland, Poland and Slovakia. According to Tourism - Council David Ruiz Álvarez are also due to the fact the 'very positive' figures for the past year, dass das Love music festival was celebrated in the harbour of Tazacorte and national as well as international media reported about it.

Projekt Coworking gestartet. Das Cabildo und die Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI) haben in Santa Cruz mit dem Projekt Coworking begonnen. Dabei können Unternehmer mit Hilfe von Mitteln des spanischen Wirtschaftsministeriums und des europäischen Sozialfonds innovative Pläne entwickeln. In der ersten Auflage auf La Palma werden rund 15 im Blick auf ihre Vorhaben ausgewählte Entrepreneurs während 60 Unterrichtsstunden in den kommenden fünf Monaten im Blick auf Geschäftsführung und Networking weitergebildet. EOI-Direktor Pablo Velasco erklärte, dass spanienweit inzwischen 50 Coworking-Projekte laufen. Inselpräsident Anselmo Pestana unterstrich die Bedeutung von Initiativen dieser Art: „Seitens des Cabildos herrscht Einigkeit, dass wir in Richtung Innovation im Allgemeinen und Technologie im Besonderen gehen müssen, um neue Beschäftigungsfelder zus chaffen; wir wünschen dieser neuen, dynamischen Unternehmerschaft viel Erfolg!“

Coworking project is started by. The Cabildo and the Escuela de Organización industrial (EOI) having the project in Santa Cruz Coworking started. These entrepreneurs with the financial support of the Spanish Ministry of economy and the European Social Fund to develop innovative plans. In the first edition of La Palma are round 15 in the views of their intentions during selected entrepreneurs 60 Training lessons in the next five months in the views of business leadership and networking. EOI Director Pablo Velasco explained, that Spain now 50 Coworking-Running projects. Island President Anselmo Pestana stressed the importance of such initiatives: "On the part of the Cabildos consensus, We have to go in the direction of innovation in General and technology in particular, to create new employment fields; We hope this new, dynamic entrepreneurship success!“



Information from the front of the waste

Bauernmarkt Brena Alta: Sagt als erster Mercadillo auf La Palma nein zu Plastiktüten. Foto: Cabildo

Farmer's market Brena Alta: Say no to plastic bags as first mercadillo on La Palma. Photo: Chapter

Farmer's market Breña Alta rises to on paper bags. Very good news comes from Breña Alta: At the Saturday Agromercado at the Plaza de los Álamos will be issued starting immediately no plastic bags. The vendors sell fruit, Vegetables and specialties from the region in the future in paper bags, which can be disposed of after use in the blue value fabric containers. The Managing Director of island waste management office, Álvaro Duque, hopes, that this decision goes to school: "This is a significant step forward in favour of sustainability and environmental protection, and the farmer's market of Breña Alta thus joins a movement in Europe, Spain and the rest of the world". The Acromercado takes place every Saturday from 8.30 to 13.30 Clock in a building in the Parque Los of Álamos instead, where is the cigar Museum.


Der Punto Limpio in Brena Baja beim Airport: Hier und an zwei weiteren in Los Llanos und ... können Sperrmüll, Farben, Geräte und anderes gratis entsorgt werden. Foto: Cabildo

The Punto Limpio in Breña Baja at the airport: Here and at three other in Los Llanos, Puntallana and Tijarafe can bulk waste, Colors, Free disposed of equipment and other. Photo: Chapter

Free of bulky waste. Windward, Brena Baja, Fuencaliente, Mallet, San Andrés y Sauces, Santa Cruz, Tazacorte offer its inhabitants the free collection of bulky waste such as furniture or mattresses. Each of the communities has other pickup days and times, Therefore it is necessary on the Website of the waste management office Consorcio de Servicios de La Palma look - click here. On these lists, the household waste sees also the collection days- and recycling container - clutter dates are red as Voluminosos marked. Last but not least,: Each inhabitant on La Palma has the possibility, bulky items, Colors, old computers or electronic devices free on the Puntos Limpios to dispose of. These can be found in Breña Baja, The Plains, Puntallana and Tijarafe and are managed by the Cabildo.


Colorful messages of the Isla Bonita

Emilio Barrionuevo: Erfolge reißen nicht ab. Aufnahmen des palmerischen Fotografen Emilio Barrionuevo haben eine internationale Aufmerksamskeitswelle ausgelöst. Jetzt erhielten zwei seiner Schwarz-Weiß-Porträts zwei Erwähnungen bie den Monochrome Photography Awards International Black and White in den USA. Emilio Barrionuevo holte bereits Preise für seine Porträts in der Reihe Nomads bei den Portrait Photo Awards und der Fotografía Profesional Lux, außerdem druckte das Lens Magazine Bilder dieser Serie. Dabei lichtet der Kamerakünstler Menschen, die er nicht kennt, ganz spontan auf der Straße ab.

Emilio Barrionuevo: Successes do not tear off. Pictures of the re-known photographer Emilio Barrionuevo have triggered an international Aufmerksamskeitswelle. Now two of his black and white portraits received mentions in the Monochrome photography awards international black and white in the United States. Emilio Barrionuevo already won prizes for his work in the series Nomads in the Portrait photo Awards and Fotografía Profesional Lux, In addition, the printed Lens magazine Images of this series. While the camera artist thins people, that he does not know, very spontaneous on the road. More here click.


Neue Ausstellungen kommen: Sylvia Hess (oben) und Giovanni Tessicini zeigen ihre Werke.

New exhibitions: Sylvia Hess (top) and their works show Giovanni Tessicini.

New exhibitions on the island. The award-winning photographer Giovanni Tessicini puts his exhibition titled Landscapes on La Palma in the Molina Artesanía in Calle real 17 in Santa Cruz on. Save to Favorites: The Avenue Gallery 17 in Tazacorte, reopens its doors. This time shows Sylvia Catherine Hess from 27. January until 4. February 2018 her latest paintings from the cycle Raised. Further information coming soon on our exhibition page.


Machined on La Palma film award winner. El Alma de Tacande was now in New York at the Red corner movie festival awarded. The Strip turned on the Isla Bonita and Barcelona won a prize at the Grand Prix Film Festival on Bali. This film is about a paranormal event in a hamlet of El Paso in the 17. Century. El Alma de Tacande was also for the Planet Film Festival nominated in Barcelona. Detailed information on the Facebook page of this production.


Mathías Mata alias Sabotaje al Montaje: Der Graffiti-Man hat jetzt auch die Bodegas Teneguía verschönert.

Mathías Mata alias Sabotaje al Montaje: Now the Bodegas Teneguía has embellished the graffiti man.

Graffiti in the Teneguía. Sabotaje al Montaje has now also a wall Bodegas Teneguía sprayed in Fuencaliente: This time the theme determines the graffiti by Matías Mata wine, the many walls his stamp has pressed up on La Palma. In El Paso, he janitor the native King Tanausú to the Casa de la Cultura, in Fuencaliente, he lets the of the Taberna de Traka Cry of the volcano sound, He painted a woman's head on the wall of the Estadio Municipal Aceró and a girl image on the Eusebio Barreto school in Los Llanos. We have met the artist with a spray can.


Erstes Ultratrailrunning-Videospiel der Welt: geplant von der Transvulcania.

The world's first Ultrarunning video game: designed by the Transvulcania for the year 2019.

Planned video game for the Transvulcania. The Creative Director of Transvulcania La Palma has announced a new idea: To underline the avant-garde nature of the mega Trailruns, should 2019 appear the first Ultrarunning video game in the world. The name is Transvulcania the game are, where people of all ages with or without condition virtually using their avatars through the paths of the island run. The makers want to pass on emotions, the Transvulcania have made a cult event in the Skyrunner scene.


Nightlife tips this week

Iosune Lizarte und Pedro Sanz:

Iosune Lizarte and Pedro Sanz: On Saturday and Sunday with flamenco music in Tazacorte.

Concerts on the weekend. The Flamenco entre Amigos give two concerts in Tazacorte and in the old salt pans is classic with the Russian pianist Kenya Pavlyuchenkova announced. All the info on our events page.

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