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La Palma: 10 years Rock´n´Roll with Tihuya Cats

19. August 2016 La Palma 24 Write first comment now!


10 years of Tihuya Cats - interview with Manolo Villalba

"We never thought

that it would come to this point"

Today the Group Tihuya Cats is not only well known in La Palma and the Canary Islands, but also on the Peninsula and in many other countries of the world. It was not so ten years earlier when these rocanroleros started playing in the garage of Manolo Lee Villalba in step. The leader of the Tihuya Cats teaches retrospectives and ideas for the tenth anniversary in 2016.


Tihuya Cats (left to the right): Manolo Lee Villalba, Ralf Honking Martens, Martina Tequila Martens and Rachel San Blas alias Kelly Cat front.

Tihuya Cats (from left to right): Manolo Lee Villalba, Ralf Honking Martens, Martina Tequila Martens and Rachel San Blas front alias KellyCat.

Manolo, This year the Tihuya Cats marks its 10th anniversary. Thought before that everything was going to develop so?

Manolo Villalba: Man, not! Here in La Palma it is very rare that there is a group that lasts ten years. When started not thought that Tihuya Cats is developed in a group so popular and or that llegaramos to this point-just wanted to do a little Rock´n´Roll.

Today the majority of the people in the Palm knows our group - including tourists but also, Thanks to social networks and our concerts out already knows us people of the entire Canary Islands, even in Spain, and many people in Germany, Holland, Finland, United States, Mexico, Japan and other countries within the circuit of Rock´n´Roll to know us.

Before this style of music was not very popular in La Palma. Because the Tihuya Cats decide to play Rock´n´Roll?

Manolo: Is is that Raquel and I music, We like. And we also like this aesthetic, This way of living, because it is really a way of life, not only music.

Rachel z Manolo: Rock´n´roll is a way of life.

Rachel and Manolo: "Rock´n´roll is a way of life".

Can a little more detailed explain that?

Manolo: For example, how much I'm going to holiday, I always go on a Rock´n´Roll site. Never I go to a hotel to take Sun and throw me in the pool. I am looking for find my same people, with that I can talk and dance. Almost everyone in Rock´n´Roll is connected and all live more or less in the same way.

This way is expressed in clothes and hairstyles of the year 50. But it has also retained the rebel mentality that arose during that era as conservative in the United States?

Manolo: "

Manolo: "In the world of Rock´n´Roll is people with a mind quite open and fighter."

Manolo: If, in the world of Rock´n´Roll is found people with a mind quite open and fighter and that are still taking an attitude rebel. People of all countries come to the festivals, races, ages. You see people around the world .... We like to be free to enjoy the music, respect is important to us, coexistence and unites us claims of living in an alternative way.

Do you think that the audience that attends the concerts Tihuya Cats all think so?

Manolo: I don't know exactly, because today the Rock´n´Roll has become a more traditional music, everyone knows the Rock´n´Roll style that played Elvis. Many go to the concert thinking that they will see something conservative, but they are actually the opposite, a music and open attitude and more rebel. It makes the people who go to concerts and get this world end up thinking in another way...

Rock´n´roller 4-cats-Festival in Puerto Naos: joy of life international!

Rocanroleros 4-cats-Festival in Puerto Naos: joy of life international!

Do you feel your - Palmero?, Spanish or European?

Manolo: I am European and I feel African (laughs), because on the Islands, There is also much influenced by Berber culture which is where our ancestors came from. I like Europe because, so far, for my, is an example of tolerance, everyone can live well and appreciates the respect. North America for example is not so, North America out you the gun for less than nothing (laughs), normally are very conservative. But in Europe fortunately not, of time works well, I felt very well and I've never had any problems in a European State.

Three CDs have been published the Tihuya cats: There are birthday songs on vinyl and an album.

Tihuya Cats have already published three CDs: Birthday edited songs on a vinyl and an album.

All trips are costly. You can live music revenues today?

Manolo: Of course not. We must have a stable job and work in music only as a contribution extra. In fact we do music because we like, not because it is cost-effective. By that work also as a craftsman, in the restoration of antique furniture, in the production of lances for the jump of Shepherd and making traditional knives, because my profession is Carpenter and blacksmith-Cutler.

Speaking of money: On the occasion of the tenth anniversary the Tihuya Cats have opened a Crowdfunding...

Manolo: .. .If. After the three disks, that we have posted already, We want to do something special. We plan to remove a vinyl with four songs and an album in direct but even if we had been able to afford it without problems, like the previous, We wanted this to be a participation project. The idea is that those who support or like what we do can say that they have been producing this work. Those who collaborate with the project can contribute different amounts - from 5 € up to 1000 € - and each contribution corresponds to the obtaining of, for example, the four themes of the vinyl more digital download an unreleased, the option of getting the vinyl, another that involves obtaining the vinyl over the live CD with 20 songs... In addition, There are options that include special t-shirts and stickers or appear in the album credits and more expensive options that we offer a private... concert there are contributions to suit all budgets and from 5 € You can participate.

Derived from Tihuya Cats-Derivat: Kelly & The Brighton Ramblers.

Derivative of Tihuya Cats: Kelly & The Brighton Ramblers.

That you can hear on this album's anniversary?

Manolo: Almost all of the musicians who play with Tihuya Cats and some friends participate in the disk. We've recorded, Raquel San Blas "KellyCat", Tihuya Cats and I voice to the bass with Martina Tequila Martens to the battery, with Ralf Honking Martens to the SAX, with Pablo Villalba on drums, with Carlos Del Bosque "Uncle Charlie" on the guitar and also issues with Héctor "Ragtone" Quintero and Klaus "Wild Cat" of Franceschi, my fellow of Brighton Rumblers.

Brighton Rumblers, Kelly & The Brighton Rumblers, Tihuya Cats - you can explain the difference of the formations?

Brighton Rumblers: make Rock´n´Roll very basic.

Brighton Rumblers: covers of the Stray Cats and something wild Rock´n´Roll.

Manolo: Con Brighton Rumblers We do covers of the Stray Cats, It is a tribute to this group and the Neo-Rockabilly of the years music 80 so far. Play Hector "Ragtone" Quintero to the double bass, Klaus "Wild Cat" of Franceschi on guitar and me on drums, It is a very different style to the old Rockabilly of Johnny Cash and Elvis. With Tihuya Cats want to do music retro American that is a mix of everything: a bit of Rockabilly, a little Classic Rock´n´Roll, a little bit of Rhythm & Blues, Swing, etc... And how much we play as Kelly & The Brighton Rumblers is a varied show that begins with classic Rockabilly, After Raquel enters the show and we cover other styles of Rock 'n' Roll, is a little less purist, and in the end we ended up with the Brighton Rumblers more energetic and somewhat wild.

Tihuya Cats:

Tihuya Cats: Happy birthday and keep on rocking!

Keep on Rocking ten years with the Tihuya Cats?, Manolo? With all the instruments you play - drums, double bass, guitara - and your friends Rock'n'Roll ...

Manolo Vilelalba: I'd like! Now if. I am with desire and forces. And seeing big as Chuck Berry has now 83 years and continues doing Rock 'n' Roll and playing good music, you never know... (laughs)

We take the gacias Manolo for the interview and we wish happy birthday to the Tihuya Cats.


More information from the Tihuya Cats and Crowdfunding:

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