Airberlin & NIKI: Validity of tickets from the 28.10.2017


Airberlin & NIKI: Validity of tickets from the 28.10.2017


La Palma-travelers with NIKI tickets

nothing changes for the time being

Seit dem Frühjahr landet die Airberlin-Tochter NIKI in Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC): Daran ändert sich vorläufig nichts, und die Tickets bleiben laut Airberlin auch nach dem 27. Oktober 2017 gültig. Foto: Carlos Díaz/La Palma Spotting

Since the spring arrives the airberlin daughter NIKI in Santa Cruz de la Palma (SPC): Because nothing will change for the time being, and the tickets according to airberlin remain even after the 27. October 2017 valid. Photo: Carlos Díaz/La Palma spotting

Yesterday's Thursday, 12. October 2017, were the first results from the insolvent airberlin takeover negotiations public. At the same time, the airline informed, that the airberlin machines for the last time am 27. October 2017 will withdraw and all tickets booked after that date will expire. La Palma-travelers and others, NIKI have booked at the Austrian subsidiary of airberlin, now of course wonder, as we continue with their tickets. We summarize the current state of knowledge.


Lufthansa will die Sahnestücke von Airberlin kaufen - darunter auch die nicht insolvente NIKI-Tochter: Welche Politik die Kranich-Flotte mittel- und langfristig verfolgen wird, bleibt abzuwarten. Pressefoto Lufthansa

Lufthansa wants to buy the cream pieces of airberlin – including the not insolvent NIKI daughter: What policy the crane fleet medium- and will track long-term, remains to be seen. Press Photo Lufthansa

The good news: NIKI flights are also after the 27. October 2017 continued. Reason: "NIKI is not insolvent", Thus airberlin, "there is currently no intention, to a bankruptcy petition for NIKI - continues the flight operations!"In view of future bookings by NIKI tickets it's at airberlin, These can be reserved "still on the known channels": "Payments for flights, them from the 1. November 2017 be performed, should be safeguarded by a trustee."

On Thursday, 12. October 2017, the agreed Lufthansa Group in the context of insolvency proceedings with airberlin about buying parts of the company: Is the crane fleet NIKI, the airberlin subsidiary airline Walter (LGW) and 20 take more aircraft by airberlin. However, the prerequisite is, that the creditors Committee and the European competition authority agree in Brussels.

The European Commission has 25 Working days time, Concerns have been raised, can the approval more 90 Days long drawn-out. After antitrust clearance of intended purchase by NIKI by Lufthansa, the end 2017 is expected to, NIKI so far stand-alone marketing under the brand name of the Lufthansa subsidiary, Eurowings is scheduled. This declared Eurowings of Chef Thorsten Dirks. Thus the previous NIKI flights would after antitrust approval is expected at the beginning 2018 Eurowings flights under the IATA airline code EW carried out.

Die Lufthansa-Tochter Eurowings: Fliegt im Winter 2017/18 erstmals Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC). Wird der Kauf von NIKI durch die Lufthansa abgesegnet, müssen Modifizierungen

The Lufthansa subsidiary of Eurowings: flies in winter 2017/18 for the first time, Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) an. Press Photo of Eurowings

Is a low cost subsidiary of Lufthansa, Eurowings and flies in the winter 2017/18 for the first time from Stuttgart and Hamburg to Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC).

Bye bye Airberlin: Die rot-weißen Maschinen sind bald Geschichte. Pressefoto Airberlin/Mathias Winkler

Bye bye airberlin: The red-and white machines are soon history. Press Photo airberlin/Mathias Winkler

All the details - also on possible refunds – to the airberlin flights with the IATA airberlin code, the to the 28. October 2017 expire, on the Info page of airberlin - click here.

Last but not least,: The takeover negotiations within the framework of insolvency proceedings by airberlin with EasyJet still persists. The British low-cost carriers haggling to airberlin aircraft and airport slots. Airberlin had mid-August 2017 Pending bankruptcy. Through the 150 Flight operations could be maintained so far million euro loan of the Federal Government.


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