Exhibitions in January 2018 on the Isla Bonita


Exhibitions in January 2018 on the Isla Bonita


Showrooms around around the island

The Plains: Carola Fiedler in the Contacto

Carola Fiedler: Textilarbeiten.

Carola Fiedler: Textile work.

There is a new exhibition in the Contacto Office in Los Llanos: Up to 27. January 2018 Carola Fiedler shows her work in textile. The meticulousness of Tijarafe you can find out more about on their website – Click here. The Office of Mantenimiento contacto is located in Calle General Yagüe 13 at the western entrance to Los Llanos.


Santa Cruz: Look in the Island Museum

Noch bis zum 15. February 2018 remains open in the Museo insular in Santa Cruz the exhibition with works by Miguel Brito Pérez (see title photo). It preserved the works of the photographer be shown for the first time by the Cabildo, the by 1876 to 1972 living on La Palma – the original recordings were available on glass plates. The show includes 25 Portraits of children and young people from the entire photographic treasure of the camera artist, of the more than 21.000 Includes pictures. The exhibition can be visited free on Island Museum following opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 10 to 20 Clock; Sundays from 10 to 14 Clock.


Tazacorte: Roberto A. Cabrera in the art room

The art room of La Palma in Tazacorte has reopened its doors: Protagonist is this time the Canarian writer Roberto A.Cabrera, He was in the gallery by Dr. Provides evidence of Petra Herrmann and Helmut Kiesewetter, that he does not just write, but can also photograph. Even in his latest novel with the title Interregno the author provides a press photographer in the center of the story and creates the connection between literature and camera artistry. The exhibition in the art room takes up to the 27. January. Roberto Cabrera is during the opening hours of 11 to 14 Watch and 17 to 20 Watch here. The Gallery is located diagonally across from the Church on the main thoroughfare of Tazacorte Pueblo.

Roberto A. Cabrera: Fotoausstellung im Kunstraum La Palma.

Roberto A. Cabrera: Photo exhibition in the art space of La Palma.


Santa Cruz: Ten years culture room of CajaCanarias

25 Werke bedeutender Künstler von den Kanaren: Ab sofort im Kulturraum der CajaCanarias in Santa Cruz. Foto: Fundación

25 Works by major artists from the Canary Islands: Starting immediately in the cultural area of CajaCanarias in Santa Cruz. Photo: Fundación

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Espacio cultural La Palma in the building of the Caja Canarias on the Plaza de España in Santa Cruz are in the Bank up to the 3. February 2018 25 Works to see, for a tour of the art in the Canaries from the beginning of the 20. Invite century until today. Artists such as Romero Mateos, César Manrique, Pepa Izquierdo, Ana Lilia Martín, José Dámaso, Pedro González, Maribel Nazco, José Abad or Fernando Álamo. In the cultural area, three also run short documentaries about the artists of the Canary Islands. The exhibition is open Monday to Friday from 10 to 13.30 Clock and 17.30 to 20 Watch, as well as on Saturdays 10 to 13.30 Clock open. Sundays- and the Espacio cultural remains closed public holidays.


Los Cancajos/El Paso: Exhibitions in the i-Punkten

Helmut Kiesewetter: der Maler zeigt wieder einmal seine Werke. Foto: La Palma 24

Helmut Kiesewetter: the painter shows his works once again. Photo: La Palma 24

Helmut Kiesewetter once again shows his works: This time he presented paintings up to the 19. January 2018 at the tourist office in Los Cancajos. The exhibition is open Monday to Friday from 9 to 13.30 Watch and 15 to 18 Clock, on Saturdays from 9 to 13 and from 16 to 18 Clock and Sundays from 9.20 to 14 Clock open. Helmut Kiesewetter is open daily from 11.30 to 12.30 Watch here. We have already reported about the painter and photographer.

i-Punkt El Paso:

I-Punkt El Paso: Hi Ruby Matt and Lissy Engler.

From the 7. to 27. January Ruby Matt and Lissy Engler show their works on the topic at the tourist office in El Paso Imagination and reality. Opening times: Mondays to Fridays 9.30 to 17.30 Clock, on Saturdays from 10 to 14 Clock.


Santa Cruz: Exhibition of re-known cheese

Ziegenkäse von La Palma: hat schon viele Preise errungen.

Goat cheese from La Palma: won many prizes.

Since 19. December 2017 to see a show in the Casa Salazar in Santa Cruz, It illustrates the culture of goat cheese on La Palma. It was organized by the Agriculture Office of the Cabildo and the Council of cheese with the seal of origin Denominación de origen Protegida (DOP). Santa Cruz following the exhibition moves from the 19. January up to the 11. March 2018 in the Museo Arqueológico Benahoarita (MAB) nach Los Llanos.


Brena Baja: Renewed community show

Amigos Pintores: Gemeinschaftsschau im Rathaus.

Amigos pin door: Community show at the Town Hall.

The Club Amigos pin door de Las Breñas has renewed its permanent exhibition in the Town Hall of Breña Baja and she shows up to the 3. February 2018. The works of the painters of Carmen Rosa Díaz Bravo, Lydia Crespo and Milagros Pérez can Monday through Friday from 8 to 15 Clock will be inspected.


Santa Cruz: The Island Museum

100 Jahre Inselmuseum in Santa Cruz: Der Bereich der schönen Künste wurde jetzt um einen Saal erweitert.

100 Years Island Museum in Santa Cruz: The area of fine arts was now expanded to a room.

The 1915 Founded in Insular Museum in Santa Cruz de la Palma on the Plaza de San Francisco celebrated 2015 his 100. Birthday. Matching the previously consisting of a Hall sector of fine arts with a second space has been added. Now round can be found here 30 Works from the collections of the Cabildo, that have been shown so far have never publicly. To admire paintings by Manuel González Méndez, for example, are, Bruno Brandt, Cándido Camacho, Pepe Dámaso, Fernando Álamo, Facundo Fierro, Teodoro Ríos, Ubaldo outboard ANOVA and Diego Crossa. In addition, an exhibition of sketches of by artist Carmen Arozena is to see.

The Island Museum was established in the old Franciscan convent in the Plaza de San Francisco in Santa Cruz de La Palma. It includes the areas of natural sciences, Ethnography and fine arts, be constantly supplemented by current exhibitions. Opening times: Monday to Saturday 10 to 20 Clock, Sunday 10 to 14 Clock.

Das MAC in Santa Cruz:

The MAC in Santa Cruz: contemporary art from the Canary Islands and new: Bajada area.


The MAC: Museum of contemporary art and Bajada-showrooms

Since the beginning of October 2014 is that Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAC) Open in Santa Cruz de la Palma-all interested in art. Two museums are under the roof of an old mansion destroyed by a fire in the 70's and again repaired:

In the one are Works by contemporary artists Authors of the Canary Islands and the archipelago presents. The Temple of the Muses in the Calle Virgen de la Luz 13 featuring paintings and sculptures by, for example, Pedro González, César Manrique and Carmen Arozena.


Bajada-Museum: Exhibition of the sizes of fixed on La Palma in two halls of the MAC.

The second part of the MAC is dedicated to the topic “Bajada de la Virgen”. This Festival is the largest on La Palma and is celebrated only once every five years in the capital – the next is again in the year 2020 an. The new “Centro de interpretación de las fiestas Lustrales de La Palma” includes two exhibition halls on the MAC.

New opening hours in the MAC: Mondays to Fridays 10 to 17 Watch, as well as on Saturdays 10 to 13 Clock. On Sunday, the museums are closed.

Museo Naval: Ticket-Kombi mit Bajada-Museum möglich.

Museo naval: Ticket Combi with Bajada Museum possible.

The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo ´ Daly and the Calle San Telmo is located in the old town of Santa Cruz in the San Telmo neighbourhood between the pedestrian Calle O. The entrance fee is 4,50 Euro for adults, Children don't pay until 12 years accompanied by an adult.

Combi-ticket for Bajada- and Maritime Museum

The MAC is operated by the same company as the Museo Naval in a replica of Columbus ship on the Plaza de Alameda in Santa Cruz de La Palma. Therefore, there is also the possibility, Combination tickets to acquire. Who buys such a, can at the price of 7 Visit the Maritime Museum as well as the Bajada Museum euro. The Museo naval is Monday through Friday from 10 to 17 Clock and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 14 Clock open.

Das MAC in Santa Cruz: Dauerausstellung namhafter zeitgenössischer Künstler von den Kanaren - und neu: ein Bajada-Bereich.

The MAC in Santa Cruz: Permanent exhibition of by renowned contemporary artist from the Canary Islands – and new: a Bajada area.

Detailed reports about artists in the La Palma 24-JournalClick here.


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