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MADAY natural soaps – Your Nº 1 for natural soaps on La Palma

1. August 2020 La Palma 24 Write first comment now!

A real insider tip: The natural soap art workshop MADAY - Artisan soaps from La Palma befindet sich in der Calle Fernández Taño, 48 in Los Llanos. Here you will find healthy natural cosmetics for the whole body. © La Palma 24

A little bit hidden, in der Calle Fernández Taño, 48 in Los Llanos, I recently had the MADAY natural soap handicraft workshop - Handmade soaps from La Palma entdeckt. You should remember this address, because it is a real asset to La Palma and the first address for everyone, the importance of healthy care for the whole body, provide expert advice and fair prices.

As soon as I entered the shop, I felt really comfortable! My first thought was: "How nice, there is something!“

Customers get high quality here, handmade products and expert advice. © Daniela Drose

Surrounded by a delicate mix of fine fragrances, I was warmly welcomed by Daniela, the owner of the artisan workshop.

And then the consultation started. In the pleasant atmosphere, I found natural soaps in different colors, Shapes and scents.

There are soaps for every skin and hair type. I even found shaving soaps for the men!

I particularly liked the many gift ideas and handmade packaging for every occasion and of course the extraordinary soap dishes, which in the "Cooperative man in the middle", a day care center for spastic aids in Berlin, made exclusively for Daniela. Every piece is unique!

First and only recognized handicraft workshop for soap making

Naturseifen MADAY - Handmade soaps from La Palma, is the first and only recognized handicraft workshop for soap making on the island.

Der Name MADAY , which, incidentally, from the Guanches, the indigenous people of La Palma, comes, means "Deep love" - "deep love".

And that is exactly why Daniela chose this name.

My advice: If you cannot visit the artisan workshop on site, take a look at that Homepage an!

There you can find out about all products from home.

Daniela's handmade loofah soaps also offer a pleasant massage effect. © La Palma 24

There is even one Youtube-Kanal of natural soaps MADAY. Daniela will gradually introduce all known but also new products here in detail, from their application to their effect, she explains everything in the videos.

Simply order in the new online shop

So that you don't have to do without anything until your next vacation on La Palma, has been around since May 2020 the new Online-Shop, where you can order everything easily and conveniently. Shipping is generally possible all over the world. The shipping fees in the online shop refer to the European Union.

Incidentally, due to the high demand for Christmas, Daniela recommends ordering early, so that your parcel is delivered to your home on time before Christmas.

Years of experience and unique quality

The MADAY natural soap brand was born out of a passion for soap making. © Daniela Drose

Daniela started making soap, because it did not convince the quality of the products available at that time.

Already in the year 2014 she passed the artisan examination before the commission of the island's own craft school.

Gripped by an overwhelming passion, she created her own brand step by step.

After they have had their natural products on handicrafts for a few years, sold various markets and events, opened Daniela in May 2019 in Los Llanos their small handicraft workshop.

In the laboratory there, she manufactures her entire product range herself.

An important clue: The laboratory meets the European guidelines and hygiene regulations for the production of cosmetic products.

I was able to convince myself of that, because there is a big window, through which the visitor can follow every work step.

Palm oil-free natural cosmetics made from natural ingredients

By the way, Daniela waives, both in their diet and in the artisan workshop, consistently on the use of palm oil, Palm kernel oil and palm fat.

She develops all recipes herself and attaches great importance to her nourishing properties when choosing the ingredients for her products.

It also uses many island-typical ingredients in its manufacture, as z.B. fresh aloe vera from the garden, real goat milk, Fuencaliente sea salt, Avocadoöl, Almond oil and even volcanic healing earth.

This is how beautiful individual pieces are created in careful manual work, because here each piece is unique!

But Daniela also impressed me with some information, with which I would not have expected.

For example, the manufacturing takes- and maturing process of each natural soap between 6 and 8 Weeks.

All products are made by hand using ingredients typical of the island. © Daniela Drose

My conclusion

For me the visit to Daniela's art workshop was a really nice experience and I was definitely not the last time there! Because thanks to Daniela's professional advice, I finally found the right care products for me.

Here you come directly to Daniela's website!

If you love healthy natural cosmetics, maybe even need special care or just looking for really great gifts, you've come to the right place at MADAY natural soaps in Los Llanos de Aridane!

Kunsthandwerkstatt Naturseifen MADAY - Handmade soaps from La Palma
Calle Fernández Taño, 48
38760 Los Llanos

Opening times: Monday to Friday 10:00 Clock to 14:00 Clock

You are also welcome to email Daniela at info@naturseifenmaday.com as well as by phone or via WhatsApp at +34 600 453 238 to reach.

More information and impressions about natural soaps MADAY - Jabones artesanales de La Palma can be found on the social media pages.

Web page
Youtube Channel

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