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22. April 2020 Guest post Write first comment now!

© Claudia Gehrke

We planned this spring, (at last) to organize our “Canary Literature Night” once again in the Casa Massieu in Tazacorte. Also a new book from our Canarian series, the one that still smells of printing, recently published novel "Secret List" we would have brought with us from Bosco González. An exciting "browse" about a rebellious monastery brother 1940, with love, Treason, intrigue, Politics and violence.

© Claudia Gehrke

History has been researched historically, many facts correspond to reality. I wanted to come to the island for two months, could not travel as planned in February due to other dates. So we thought of it, to organize the literary night after the Leipzig Book Fair shortly before Easter.

The shutdown started. Leipzig failed. Everyone stays at home. Hardly any flights. No more contrails in the sky (in La Palma, on the west side, not otherwise).

Also the La Palma thriller reading (a reading in distributed roles Regina Nagpal, Hiking holiday) at La Luna it would be "once again". The annual love life reading was in December.

I would have come as planned and would not have flown back, I now sit in the house of the author Udo Rabsch, where I always live, when I'm working on our books on the island - felt close to 1000 Goats, who supply the milk for the El Frontón cheese factory.

In the past, a herd of goats trudged past the house twice a day and ate somewhere in the countryside, today there is a huge stable with a small run.

From time to time, je nach Wind, the smell flows up to my beautiful outdoor workplace with a wide view of the landscape and the sea.

As much as I like being at the house - just being there all day, I would be hard to take.

I am walking through the blooming orchards (there are also some goats and many sheep) and think of La Palma, at it,

© Claudia Gehrke

that I'm there (without dog) couldn't go for a walk (the hiking trails can hardly be checked for their distance).

© Claudia Gehrke

I imagine, how it blooms in the many beautiful island landscapes, without viewers. - I wonder, whether the Rabo de gato, the lamp cleaner grass has spread further?

Whether the poppies and other flowers are overflowing the slopes at Cabeza de vaca in a bright red color (my view from the La Palma workplace towards the mountains), how often in April or May? It's too early for that? Or the slopes will be less colorful this year, because the island is too dry?

How does it look near the cottage? Already as dry as in summer? The area is covered with palm fronds torn off by the wind and fallen oranges? I also missed the oranges.

In December, the last time I was there, two were already ripe, many others matured. Sometimes I watch the empty beaches by webcam, unreal, as if there was no one in the world.

I miss the encounters with friends on the island.

The spark between people in personal encounters, that can lead to ideas and much more, cannot be replaced by "online".

Nevertheless, we also try like many publishers, enable digital encounters and put short readings online.

Also in progress readings with texts from our La Palma books.

Left to right: Claudia Gehrke, Uka Rösch, Rainer Tietel © Claudia Gehrke

Maybe we can, to take up the reading "Wanderurlaub", perhaps Peter Butschkow reads his text from the “Canarias Book” about a caldera walk from the time, before there were taxis, that drive up to Los Brecitos, maybe we will also put together a reading with various excerpts from the texts of Canarian authors.

Left to right: Maria Gutierrez, Claudia Gehrke, Hedda Wortmann © Claudia Gehrke

You can already hear other readings.

We have often read some texts in the love life round on La Palma, presented very entertaining by Uka Rösch and Rainer Tietel - the authors read in the videos themselves:

Anne Bax writes pointedly humorous, a press vote: “So much fun, the most unspeakable situations in Anne Bax's fast writing become breathtaking reading pleasure ”.

Anne Bax reads "A legitimate question" (from the book "Really tremendously practical") and "Why you just have to like spaghetti" (from the book with recipes and stories for reading aloud: "Cooking and kissing").

Every Monday, 19 Clock, we put a new reading with her online on our Facebook page.

Also texts by Kali Drische (from the book "The other day in the closet" - short stories across (Love)Life, from childhood to the end. Hurry: "You laugh, one cries, you suffer with it. ”- Margarete Stokowski, taz.de) already appeared in the love life reading group at La Luna: The author reads 5 stories.

The stories are every Wednesday and Saturday, 19 Clock, linked via our Facebook page. You can already listen to the other stories on Youtube.

Here are the links in advance for La Palma 24: Click here for 1. Reading by Kali Drische: "F…" and here for 2. Dimung Kali Drische: "Desire to have children" ... - to 3. Dimung Kali Drische: "Red roses" - to 4. Dimung Kali Drische: "Carefree days" - to 5. Dimung Kali Drische: "The tick".

A first "Exercise reading video“Of the text“ Mr. Trinks ”from the La Palma book has already been put online by Mr. Rainer Tietel.

Kali Drische © Claudia Gehrke

There is also a reading from "The sore sky" by Jeannette Oertel, an exciting mix of love story and political thriller, that takes place in the Berlin embassy milieu (the author herself worked in the diplomatic service for a while. Hier that Link: "The sore sky" by Jeannette Oertel.

Marina Lioubaskina © Claudia Gehrke

And a reading by the Uzbek-Russian author and painter Marina Lioubaskina, who lives in Berlin, whose main character Alice we 200 Follow days through Berlin and in your memories.

She reads two memories from Uzbekistan. Online reading Marina Lioubaskina from Alice-Soliton. The reading sample takes place in Berlin: Excerpt from Marina Lioubaskina, Alice.

Last but not least,, on Facebook, Karen-Susan Fessel reads from her biographical novel "Mother Moves Out" about a woman of the war generation: Karen-Susan Fessel reads "Mother Moves Out" Video from the live reading on Facebook. "Karen-Susan Fessel wrote a declaration of love to her mother, that many daughters of her generation will share ... 'Mother moves out' is a moving life story, that gives a quietly disappearing generation of women a sensitive and appreciative voice." (Hil La, the magazine of the Hilberath bookshop & Long in Mülheim)

We wish you all the best in this difficult time!

Claudia Gehrke, Since 1978 Publisher, Bankruptcy book publisher (initially worked as a hospital teacher alongside the publisher). She has been traveling to La Palma since the early 1980s. A “Canary Range” in the program, including novels by Canarian authors and various books on La Palma (u.a. Ines Dietrich, Secrets of the island).

A guide by 12 Months; Regina Nagpal, Hiking holiday (Thriller, in La Palma 24 there was an interview with her once); Udo Rabsch, Tazacorte (Novel); Harald Körke, Another bloody day in paradise (Dropout stories, a classic", for the first time 1988 published, still entertaining), Harald Bräm, The dragonfly man and the bilingual "classic": "La Palma - The Canary Insel" (Ed. Simone Eigen, Juan Manuel Castro (the Flora- and Faunakenner unfortunately passed away recently) and Wulf Göbel, first appeared 1985, several editions, extended new edition in progress)

Claudia Gehrke © Claudia Gehrke

Guest contribution by Claudia Gehrke

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