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Trends in the European labor market 2020 – 2021

9. June 2020 La Palma 24 Write first comment now!

Trends in the European labor market 2020 - 2021

It is a new world order, and our way of life is changing faster, than we could ever have imagined. Who could have predicted, that the company, the first quarter 2020 will survive, will only be companies, whose activities can be carried out remotely? This is a change, that we have never seen and that many companies were not prepared for. But the change is there and it is only right, that companies learn, to adapt to the new trend.

The tides on the job market have changed quickly, and while some options disappear, others appear. Now it's all about value. Those, that are less valuable to your business, lose their jobs. Some roles are vacant and require competent people, to take it over. These include the trends, which we'll cover in this article, because the world is trying so hard, recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Europe has become the epicenter of the Corona Virus pandemic in the past month. Countries like Britain, France and Spain suffer among other things from the high level of the dead. This resulted in a ban, the the labor market, as we know him, changed. The need for physical work and more intellectual work is decreasing. This simply tells one thing: The future, we've been waiting for, is here.

Impact of the blockage on the European labor market

A recent report put several million jobs at risk, if the ban lasts for months. In fact, the study was specific to reporting, that about a fifth of all workers are threatened. And this can only be slowed down, when the lockout in the UK and other European countries expires in some very important sectors. This suggests, that some industries, that are not considered essential, possibly bottom out.

The good news is though, that several people adapt their skills and expertise, to take on new roles. While in several wholesale, Retail, Hotel-, Restaurant- and pub businesses are experiencing drastic job losses, the digital infrastructure of the world promotes distant jobs. Despite these changes in the way we work, the economy is still affected. This is just an indication of the importance of the labor market. Your job is important for the growth and livelihood of the country.

The crash on the job market is synonymous with the crash in the economy, and this requires real-time development of how the labor market works. For countries, which are mainly driven by the labor market, has led to the blocking, that the state intervened, to relieve the pressure on families. However, there is only one limit, how long this can last.

The effect is currently having a negative impact on the labor market, that emphasizes the drastic change in the future of work. There's no telling, that part of the job market, which is efficient at this time, is the remote part of the jobs.

The world has changed, a new way of life, and business comes into being, Startups emerge and companies work completely remotely. The job market is changing rapidly and many do not seem to recognize this fact. This is a shift, and you as a job seeker must be ready.

Realities of jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic

The manner, how we work, has changed forever. Those, who are not ready for this shift, are left behind, unless they learn, adapt to the change. This change is made in real time, and very few notice them. Remote work holds several companies together.

Although this change has not been easy so far, we keep learning, how we can improve things. People are revising their schedules, to adapt them to the new conditions, they have to work with. It was difficult at first, to prevail. However, time has helped workers adjust.

The truth is, that skills, that are required, to get a job right now, differ from those previously expected. To be on the earnings side, you need the basics of a computer, an internet connection, intelligent devices, etc. You need soft skills, Programming and writing skills. Most of these factors were not necessary in the world before Covid. However, one thing is certain, that the Covid world and the Post-Covid world require these skills.

The workflow of companies was partly due to the presence of emails, Video conference platforms and chat rooms made easier. Several companies are concerned with it, that they would not work again after the COVID-19 pandemic ended. If companies can work completely remotely at this point, it is not necessary, rent or have physical space for meetings. The internet infrastructure has developed so far over the year, that these requirements can be met.

Another important shift is the fact, that the 8-hour working time is canceled. This is because, that employees are always online. This can be a disadvantage, because it's easy, lose track of the time allocated to work. The responsibility then lies with the employee, to set up a system, that to work, at family time, at personal time, for leisure, etc. fits. The limit must be set by the individual, since the traditional working time limits no longer exist.

This makes it more difficult for workers, maintain a good quality of life, which does ______________ mean, that it's time, to learn, how to reconcile work with the usual way of life in very different environments.

What is the future of work now?

There has been much speculation about this in recent years, what the future of work will look like, how robots and other automated systems will replace people. This speculation continued, to foresee a future of more collaborative teams, the need for emotional intelligence, including the need for smarter people at work. The Covid 19 pandemic has certainly not put all these speculations and forecasts into perspective. A few months ago, nobody would believe it, that there can ever be an outbreak, that will bring the world to its knees and lead to a complete blockade.

Many agreed, that this is a revolution and the evidence is seen in the way, how we currently work and how others plan, to work post-covid, but it still remains to be established globally. What would you need, to work in the future.

No matter how vague the future is, some factors and elements will affect the way, how we will work in the future.

  1. Digital Transformation
    The manner, how the internet promotes work, must be innovative and developed. The science fiction world, that we've always seen on TV, will definitely reach us faster, than we ever imagined. The digital transformation of the world must be accelerated. Information will be available to everyone. this leads to, that tasks are completed faster and more flexibly Due to the increased focus of the agenda, extensive PowerPoint presentations are not required, resulting in a drastic reduction in meeting time.
    • Drastically reduce the number of middle managers and consultants
    Mediators and consultants have long been an integral part of the traditional way of working. However, this will inevitably change, if we go into the future. There will be fewer project managers or executive assistants, and the roles of managers will be removed. Instead of managers, more and more organizations will take on "managers".
    • Reduced business trips
    Business trips have always been a way out of office work, but this is changing, because communication between potential partners, Investors and colleagues will be digital. From your living room you can get the signature of investors and partners in other countries, communicate with them and win them over. This revolution is just around the corner.
    • Increased use of remote- and freelance employees
    The gig economy has developed well so far. However, the number of people working from home will inevitably increase. The companies will try, To reduce staff, to hire freelancers if necessary. Apart from that, most full-time employees would also have to work from home. This is a new dawn for remote work.

Last shot

The change, that happens to the world, is as visible as possible, even the blind can see them. However, it is important, that you are preparing for the future, no matter how insecure it seems. You need to be familiar with digital skills and tools, to survive in the future, that lies before us. As soon as you have qualified and are ready, to take a job, start on Jobsora looking for remote jobs in Europe.

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