Newsticker: La Palma Nachrichten am 20.4.2018

News Ticker: La Palma news am 20.4.2018

La Palma news am 20.4.2018 The Astro-tourism on La Palma has a great potential. We report today, and also about the Transvulcania, die in den Olymp der

Auto, Motorrad und E-Bike mieten bei La Palma 24

Car, Bike and E-bike for rent in La Palma 24

La Palma 24: Rental cars, Motor bicycles and E-bikes "we are more than just car" since 2002 Trust holiday on La Palma 24, wenn sie ein Auto

La Palma Events ab dem 17.4.2018

La Palma events from the 17.4.2018

La Palma events from the 17.4.2018 Fun days – Concerts – Theatre & Film La Palma Fun Days Santa Cruz: Weindorf auf der Plaza Alameda Wein- und Tapas-Fest die

Flugplan 2018-19 La Palma: Airlines und Direktflüge

Schedule 2018-19 La Palma: Airlines and flights

Information about the flight plan of Santa Cruz de La Palma 2018-2019 These airlines fly to Isla Bonita La Palma is unbroken in the trend - growth rates of the past

Santa Cruz de La Palma: Infos zum Sommerflugplan 2018

Santa Cruz de La Palma: Information about the summer timetable 2018

Airlines from Germany, Holland, England, and Spain Isla Bonita flights in the summer 2018 We publish direct flights here in the summer 2018 nach Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC), as far as they are so far.

Exhibitions in the spring 2018 auf La Palma


Exhibitions in the spring 2018 on La Palma Santa Cruz: Children paint star am 20. April 2018 opened an exhibit in the Casa Salazar in Santa Cruz, shows the works of children to the Astrofest. To see it is up to the 26. April. The best pictures in this children's painting competition designed Valeria García Arriaga, Valeria Hernández Gaite und […]

Building chemistry expert Neil Spindler solves problems in the Canary Islands


Sustainably redevelop and seal it with building chemistry expert Neil delivers expertise and quality materials from Germany Neil Spindler has a name as the expert for construction chemicals in the Canary Islands and beyond – and in El Paso on La Palma a business. Homeowners, Craftsman, Inselregierung und die Observatorien auf dem Roque de Los Muchachos wenden sich […]

News Ticker: News am 16.4.2018


La Palma news am 16.4.2018 Today we report on great moments in La Palma in looking at the Astrofest 2018 and the walk of Fame of science and about the exciting race between Hawaii and La Palma to the construction of the TMT Superteles. Further we will inform about new Condor voucher action and the easy Jet flights in the winter 2018/19, […]

Guest post: Meeting places of the natives


Meeting places of the native to La Palma: An essay by Harald Braem here celebrated the Benahoaritas rituals Harald Braem writes without ceasing: From his pen flowed around 750 Individual publications, as well as numerous historical novels, Short stories and non-fiction. Some of these revolve around the Canary Islands and La Palma, where the author lives a few months a year in La Punta. Heute […]

News Ticker: News am 11.4.2018


La Palma news am 11.4.2018 Today, there is good news from the spring weather, from the airport and a new round in the Canary flight Development Fund. Further, budgets have been adopted, There is news from the front of the waste, the Reventón trail has winner, and the Transvulcania got Galactic Ord..   News in Sachen Wetter Frühling auf La Palma. Beautiful views: For the […]

Valle de Aridane: Asphalt plant fight against the second


Asphalt plant movement in the Valle de Aridane formed 2018 exists on the new operating licence for new plant: Civic Platform makes pressure – Revision procedure in October 2012 great joy at the civic platform against asphalt plants in the Valle de Aridane Plataforma ruled en contra la Instalación de Plantas de Asfalto en el Valle de Aridane: The Administrative Court in Tenerife canceled the license for the operating […]

Yoga with Heidrun on La Palma


Just try yoga classes with Heidrun on La Palma! Heidrun Schumann invites you to their yoga classes in a large, bright, light-flooded, a beautifully designed room in La Laguna: Since September 2017 has gathered many fans of this form of relaxation and deceleration to them, which follow the centuries-old practice path now together with her. Heidrun lives […]

News Ticker: La Palma news am 4.4.2018


La Palma news am 4.4.2018 Two warnings: Helis do La Palma today night, and the national weather service are yellow for high surf alert! We further inform Eurowings flights in the winter 2018/19 and about the money of the Canary Islands, in the Spanish budget 2018 were recorded. There's also news about work for more […]

Whales and Dolphins: News in the spring 2018


Whales and Dolphins: News in the spring 2018 Books – Films and a calendar of Willy and Pinball whales and dolphins are always an issue on La Palma. Sometimes they swim close ashore along at your fingertips, and by boatloads of it can be – with a little luck – closer look. Because the […]

News Ticker: News am 29.3.2018


La Palma news am 29.3.2018 About 77 Percent of Canary Islands tourists keep coming back! In addition to this message, we will inform about Hotel Sol, now in the summer 2018 wants to close again and also about the possibility, to take a virtual 360-degree hike on La Palma in the cigar Museum. News coming also from Santa Cruz, where Mayor Sergio Matos […]

Calima: A weather phenomenon on the Canary Islands


The desert storms pull Calima - a weather phenomenon on the Canary Islands with far-reaching consequences across the Atlantic: Blessing or a curse? – That is the question here! La Palma-residents know the phenomenon, but tourists rub their eyes and be amazed – so as today, on 28. March 2018: Suddenly, it is so light on the- and Sun-drenched island […]

News Ticker: News am 26.3.2018


La Palma news am 26.3.2018 Today we inform you about numbers from the hotel- and area of vacation rentals on the Canary Islands. Also it gave the green light for the construction of the caravan-course in La Laguna in the northern part of the island, which for a further star on the walk of Fame at Science in Santa Cruz and for the applications to the talent competition […]

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Calima: Ein Wetterphänomen auf den Kanaren

Calima: A weather phenomenon on the Canary Islands

The desert storms pull Calima - a weather phenomenon on the Canary Islands with far-reaching consequences across the Atlantic:…

Webcams on the Canary Island of La Palma

Tropical storms in the Canary Islands: Meteorologists inform

Emergency rescue in the Canary Islands: Who pays for?

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