Newsticker: La Palma Nachrichten am 19.1.2018

News Ticker: La Palma news am 19.1.2018

La Palma news am 19.1.2018 Today we warn against high waves, berichten von La Palma-Auftritten auf der FITUR in Madrid und vom Isla Bonita Love

Ausstellungen Januar-Februar 2018 auf der Isla Bonita

Exhibitions January-February 2018 on the Isla Bonita

Exhibitions January-February 2018 auf der Isla Bonita   Showrooms rings um die Insel Tazacorte: Sylvia Catharina Hess Die Galerie Avenida 17 in Tazacorte, reopens its doors. Diesmal zeigt Sylvia Catharina

Feier- und Brückentage 2018 in Deutschland

Celebration- and long weekends 2018 in Germany

-,Celebration- and long weekends 2018 use in Germany for holiday on La Palma, the early bird catches the worm: Holiday 2018 plan now and smart! Long weekends are holidays, die auf Wochentage

La Palma Events ab dem 15.1.2018

La Palma events from the 15.1.2018

Isla Bonita events from the 15.1.2018 Concerts – Theatre – Film & Fiestas concerts on the island Tazacorte: Flamenco guitarist Pedro Sanz and Julian Bedamar entre Amigos, Singer

Santa Cruz de La Palma: Infos zum Sommerflugplan 2018

Santa Cruz de La Palma: Information about the summer timetable 2018

Airlines from Germany, Holland, England, and Spain Isla Bonita flights in the summer 2018 We publish direct flights here in the summer 2018 nach Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC), as far as they are so far.

News Ticker: News am 17.1.2018


La Palma news am 17.1.2018 Top topics today: continue to alarm for wind and wave, Bomberos recorded almost 1.500 Inserts in the year 2017, Paper instead of plastic on the farmer's market into Breña Alta and cheap tickets with Iberia express. In addition, we report of people, which ensure, that the island is always colorful and well-known. Weather: Continue to […]

News Ticker: News am 15.1.2018


La Palma news am 15.1.2018 Weather warnings, Records, as well as news from the fly and boat trips in the new year in the Canary Islands today are our top themes. There are also reports of the avocado-front, and the poster for the Día de Los Indianos popular among collectors 2018 is there.   Wetterwarnungen: Wind and waves. Die staatliche Wetteragentur AEMET hat […]

News Ticker: News am 12.1.2018


La Palma news am 12.1.2018 The topics today: The weather remains mixed, a fire in Santa Cruz running smoothly, the island will start their tour through the trade fairs of Europe, the expansion of the LP-4 to the Roque de Los Muchachos begins soon, Los Llanos get away with a slap on the wrist, und die Umweltschützer von Ben Magec laden zum […]

Guest post by Rose Marie Dähncke


The great Lady of fungi of Rose Marie Dähncke informed In the mushroom paradise La Palma does what is… In terms of mushrooms a lot on Isla Bonita moves currently. The former fungus Center Centro de Micología in the Casa Roja in Mazo aims of a large Mushroom Museum with the name Centro de Investigación y Especialización Micológica […]

News Ticker: News am 10.1.2018


News am 10.1.2018: Updates and colorful from the Isla Bonita In the today's news is about excitement in the Eastern Canary Islands: Morocco has off the coast of Tarfaya, Tan Tan and Sidi Ifni oil test drilling allowed. Also, these topics among many others waiting our readers: The Canary Islands Government approved millions for new old- and hinder centres on […]

Rolf Benker: The ALU- and cabinet maker in El Paso


"Quality is our first priority: If I'm doing something, do I make it perfect!"Home improvement is a fine thing - but when it comes to large projects such as conservatories", Window- and door installation or to measure goes to furniture and kitchens, contact smart people at an artisan with expertise. Rolf Benker brings them around with his […]

News Ticker: News am 5.1.2018


La Palma news am 5.1.2018 Today water issues at the Centre are in the news ticker, In addition, the Cabildo promotes the purchase of photovoltaic systems and San Andrés y sauces passed the budget 2018. Our colorful messages inform about a price for the island archaeologists of Jorge Pais and the photographer Emilio Barrionuevo, It provides internationally for getting more attention. News […]

Events from the 2.1.2018


Isla Bonita events from the 2.1.2018 Ring around the island: Cabalgatas de Reyes on the Isla Bonita is Christmas until Epiphany to end, then bring Kaspar, Melchior and Balthasar the gifts. On the day before, 5. January, traditionally held the Cabalgatas de Reyes, and the tourists, we recommend, These removals with the three kings to look at. In Santa Cruz […]

News Ticker: News am 2.1.2018


La Palma news am 2.1.2018 Top themes are the NIKI sale to IAG's Vueling mother today, ferry services in the Canary Islands, the EU safety certificate of the airport of Santa Cruz (SPC) and the project for many years planned an El Remo coast Street in the South of the island. In addition there are more messages from the in this news ticker […]

The La Palma 24 journal wishes you a happy new year!


New year's Eve on the Isla Bonita: Tschoernie, Fritz and Erdmann explain the Customs three bags of pop on the way to cognition… Dear readers, mind you, no newspaper is the LP24 journal, but a magazine. This also includes, from time to time to publish a comic. And who could better explain the crazy new year's Eve traditions on the Isla Bonita, as our […]

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Tropenstürme auf den Kanaren:  Meteorologen informieren

Tropical storms in the Canary Islands: Meteorologists inform

Tropical storms in the Canary Islands: Forecasters warn of hoaxes – Hurricane Ophelia passing to Canary Islands conjure Fakenews…

Calima – a weather phenomenon on the Canary Islands

Emergency rescue in the Canary Islands: Who pays for?

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La Palma Events ab dem 15.1.2018

La Palma events from the 15.1.2018

Isla Bonita events from the 15.1.2018 Concerts – Theatre – Film & Fiestas   Konzerte auf der Insel

Events from the 2.1.2018

Isla Bonita Karnevalstraditionen

Fancy figures of the island fiestas

Photo review Isla Bonita love Festival 2017

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