La Palma: NaturPaso program 2017

La Palma: NaturPaso-Programm 2017

La Palma: Program NaturPaso, and Reventón trail of the 24. March to 2. April 2017 Tours - Info and Reventón trail sport- and leisure days download NaturPaso in El Paso by the 24. March up to the 2. April 2017 back to join a. As…

Desafío GR-130 am 14./15. January 2017

Desafío GR-130 am 14./15. Januar 2017

Desafío GR 130 on 14./15. January 2017: in 30,5 Hours around the island 150 Did you know kilometers for kids with disabilities, There's a trail run on La Palma, which is twice as long as the ultra marathon of Transvulcania? The speech is…


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