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Sculptor workshops with Jürgen cracks: live out creative potential

4. January 2020 Vera 4 Comments / comment now!

Technical guidance by trainer Jürgen cracks (right) © Vera

You want to combine your holiday with creativity? And maybe try something new? For example, a rock at your imagination form? No problem in a workshop with Jürgen cracks. The trained sculptor has 20 Years on La Palma and offers regular training courses in the winter months. At least three days you should bring it and in group participation, the price is of course a bit cheaper. No matter, if you ever had or the appropriate tool in the hands not: everything is explained and soon after on their own, beige-colored limestone losgelegt. And all this in an "open-air workshop" La Punta in Tijarafe with a great view of the sea.

Step by step be inspired

"Working on a stone is an experience", says Jürgen and is continually emphasized by the participants. "Especially for people, who engage in it for the first time. It's just a good feeling creative potential, which has not been previously recognized, to finally be able to live out ". And it's quite easy, when you approach the reaction without presentation of the finished stone. Jürgen acts leading up to a brainstorming on each individual. "Especially people, which come with no concept or idea to me, experience exciting process and it happen interesting things ", explains the sculptor. One should simply just happens from the moment, Step by step be inspired.

With a lot of fun and concentration while © Vera

Simply enter felt in the stone and incorporate into it, what is moving you on or detail. "Without sincerity desire ensteht the works".

Light sculptures by Jürgen © Vera

Will it quietly in his outdoor workshop and you just knock, Hammers and rasps perceives ... then you know Jürgen, that the workshop is currently running really well. For now, the participants are in the "creative flow"! Here, internal processes are triggered: as z.B. to feel where your limits are and / or to discover themselves in a whole new way. Jürgen is quite similar: He also provides keep finding new things about yourself. "I have an almost unlimited potential - I experience now with my light sculptures, by the models in the implementation reinvent themselves again and again ".

New catalog with light sculptures

16 many are currently on display in his just-published catalog STONE STAR light sculptures. Included are, for example, his light sculptures "Tazacorte and Paris", let your garden or patio shine in a different light. Two of his pieces are currently in the "Galerie la Punta" on the main road (across from the church), La Punta 36 exposed. And if you've now got the desire, try yourself for us as a sculptor - here's there more information about courses:

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Such. 0034 / 649 861 367
Mail: Info@bildhauerkurse-La-Palma.com

by Vera

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4 Answers to “Sculptor workshops with Jürgen cracks: live out creative potential”

  1. Ulrich Menger says:

    I find it a pity, that there is no current
    ( regular ) are Veranstatlungskalender more .

    • La Palma 24 says:

      Hello Mr. Menger, we are in the final stages of our new events calendar and hope that he will like us then as well us. Kind regards, Your La Palma 24 Team.

      • Franz Jakob says:

        We fly on 15.01.2020 nach La Palma – The event calendar is ready by then?

      • La Palma 24 says:

        Hello Mr. Jacob, The event calendar is now online. You can find it on the main page in the field events and in the menu bar under Events. We try all events already announced as soon as possible to publish.

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