News Ticker: News am 20.3.2018

Newsticker: Nachrichten am 20.3.2018

La Palma news am 20.3.2018 Updates this week: The weirdest run on the island will start on Saturday in Los Llanos, the AEMET warns of wind and wave, Bargain tickets are available at Binter, and Air Europe flies on Sunday for the first time la…

Desafío GR-130: Longest trail run on La Palma

Desafío GR-130: Längster Trailrun auf La Palma

Desafío GR-130 am 27./28. January 2018 Even around the whole island for a good cause, you know, There's a trail run on La Palma, which is twice as long as the ultra marathon of Transvulcania? GR-130 is the talk of the Desafío!…

La Palma: NaturPaso program 2017

La Palma: NaturPaso-Programm 2017

La Palma: Program NaturPaso, and Reventón trail of the 24. March to 2. April 2017 Tours - Info and Reventón trail sport- and leisure days download NaturPaso in El Paso by the 24. March up to the 2. April 2017 back to join a. As…


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