The restaurant Las Norias on La Palma

Das Restaurant Las Norias auf La Palma

The restaurant Las Norias in the West of La Palma fresh tastes simply good! "Often the simple things are the best…“, says Paolo Rovera. And so, the chef of the restaurant offers a cuisine Las Norias guests, at the –…

La Palma restaurant tip: The Altamira in Todoque

La Palma Restaurant-Tipp: Das Altamira in Todoque

La Palma restaurant tip: Das Altamira in Todoque Leckere Überraschungen vom deutschen Koch mit Kanarenfaible Man muss schon reinspazieren ins Altamira, to discover the special flair of the restaurants in Todoque: High ceilings, an old Canarian soil from handmade cement tiles and…


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