Guided tour through the Ecofinca Platanológico in Puerto Naos


Platanológico-chef Fran Garlaz informed of banana cultivation and has a mission:

"It is so important, that we

preserve our local ecosystems!“

In Spain a distinction between bananas and their sisters, the sweet little Plátanos. Fran Garlaz the tasteful yellow fruits in Puerto Naos on the Canary Island of La Palma biological — in this country 'ecológico called - grows. Conclusion: Named after his finca Platanologico, and we are with walking on one of the tours through the "organised chaos" in the organic garden.

Fran zeigt weiße Fliegen auf einem Bananenblatt: locken Marienkäfer an. Foto: La Palma 24

White flies on a banana leaf: Fran explained, How to control them without insecticides. Photo: La Palma 24


First and foremost: The tour de Plátanos lasts two hours, and depending on the request, it performs Fran in English or Spanish. The tour of the "jungle" of Biofinca is not exhausting – on the way you resting again in places with benches. And then the visitors experience every time a real show. Fran brings color to the gray theory of organic banana farming - with descriptions of plastic and all body use for example, When he speaks about Ladybug:

Also, a ladybeetle, We here call Sarantontón, flying through a commercially cultivated banana plantation, look around and think: "Oh, everything is so clean, and there is nothing to eat delicious…"But if the ladybugs then come with me on the Ecofinca, He discovered here and there whiteflies and calls out to his colleagues: "Hey, Here, white rabbit and elephant run around, comes, This is paradise!“


Fran and his giant knife: Here he skin by a banana, to show the many water to visitors.

With such humorous images it creates Fran, that his declarations about the symbiosis and balance of flora and fauna in organic farming come across very entertaining. Alongside he get out again and again with his machete-like knife, parts of plants or a banana tree, to lead the participants of the leadership to live insects or water hidden in the root in front of eyes. Also the Plátano expert tells the story of the little yellow fruit and its spread across the globe, David against Goliath in feeding the world population reported international banana barons, and generally the fight:

The Ecofinca Platanológico is a form of agriculture, She tries, Finding ways to sustainability and the gentle intervention in nature. The big corporations are against small businesses like mine, who want to control food production, because it means money and power. As biodiversity decreases, and also a big part of the climate change goes back to this form of agricultural culture. That is why it is so important, We keep our local ecosystems, because I want to see my children in the eyes and say, I've done, What could I do. Organic agriculture is a rebellious action against the big companies, with that we can tomorrow and still in 200 Produce years. Local organic farming in the vicinity of the cities gives people the opportunity, healthy diet, and we maintain control over the food. You didn't always have to save the Amazon, You can do also something on his doorstep.


Tour of the Ecofinca Platanológico: In the “kontrollireten chaos” This jungle there are not only banana trees, but plants of all kinds, that help each other. Photo: La Palma 24

Fran Garlaz is more than a banana farmer. He has a mission. Can competently and exciting explain the Finca-chef, because he has - once during an oceanography studies done his homework in looking at the nature and later worked in many places around the world to restore ecosystems in large aquariums on the Red Sea, or in the construction of butterfly houses and insectariums in South America. Eight years ago, the Mainland Spaniard has moved with his wife and three children to La Palma:

We have searched everywhere on the planet for a place, where one can peacefully live, and where we could realize our Biofinca project. Because we need to help nature and build many houses for biodiversity - we can make it. After a long search, we have opted for La Palma, because it is a paradise.

However a, where as before the most Plátano plantations commercial work. Also the operation of Fran next to the Hotel Sol in Puerto Naos is surrounded by neighbors, According to him six to eight times a year, insecticides spraying the. So that nothing gets his Ecofinca, She asks the organic farmer, Distance to keep and pay attention to the wind. Usually that works, as Fran. One must work on the consciousness of the people, that's why he organize his guided tours. And so the guide will explain not only alternative banana cultivation methods, but takes a long time, to illustrate the problem of bio-accumulation with the help of building blocks:


Poultry, Sheep, a donkey, and more: Animals complete the tour by the Ecofinca Plátanologico in Puerto Naos. Photo: La Palma 24

A big problem is the accumulation of pollutants in the body. We can plasticize our so to speak from inside to outside. There are not only plant protection products – Currently, the food with additives business is booming in addition… But what is in ten years? Organic food is somewhat more expensive, but in the long term but rather cheap.

Fran and his family have it good in this respect: Because many fruits and vegetables flourish on the Ecofinca Platanológico. On top of that, chickens roam, Ducks, Geese, Sheep and even more animals on the premises - not to mention the donkey Pancho with his unforgettable voice. Especially this part of the guide like the guests, because in the midst of röhrendem aaah-IH, Cackling and warning cries of watchful geese they may feed a bit and caress. At the end of the walk in the shade of banana trees, There is a small sit-in with exclusive tasting of organic bananas subtropical shrubs and trees - otherwise you can buy in a shop in Barcelona the Plátanos by Fran. The comments of the visitors are very satisfied:


The Ecofinca Platanológico: Entrance right next to the Hotel Sol in Puerto Naos. Photo: La Palma 24

"Something of interest", What He delivers", sums up a holidaymaker from Germany - and her husband complemented: "Especially as!“

Those who are interested in a guided tour, must login – This goes also to the reception at the Hotel Sol in Puerto Naos. Adults pay 20 Euro; Children under 10 years are free, and kids aged ten and over to the price of 10 Euro with walk. The application form and further information can be found on the Website of the Ecofinca Platanológico. Fran tells the phone number also by phone 679.999.343.

A few impressions from the tour through the Ecofinca Platanológico in Puerto Naos – Click on the photos, then you can see them big!

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Rote-Bananen-Janett1 platanologico-puerto-naos-bananen1
Plátanos by Fran: mature throughout the year on the Biofinca in Puerto Naos. Depending on the seasons, you can see the flowers and bananas in different States of maturity.
platanologico-puerto-naos-banane-wasser platanologico-puerto-naos-brunnen
Trunk of a banana tree: you cut him off, dripping water out. Ecofinca Plátanológico in Puerto Naos: everywhere cozy corners.
platanologico-puerto-naos-fran3 platanologico-puerto-naos-fran9
Fran explains how organic: Visitors look and be amazed… Fran makes a little show: Finca-chef and guide with full commitment and mission.
platanologico-puerto-naos-tiere7 platanologico-puerto-naos-tiere3
Stimmgewaltiger star of the Biofinca: Donkey Pancho. In the animal park of the Finca: Feeding of spring cattle.
platanologico-puerto-naos-gaense platanologico-puerto-naos-bananen4
Ecofinca Platanológico: Geese keep watch… At the end of the banana tour: Plátanos by Fran to strengthen.
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