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Hero of La Palma – Guest article by Harald Braem

7. December 2019 Guest post Write first comment now!

Harald Braem in field research © Sylvia Catharina Hess

no New Release, but a long-seller with depth and now iconic:

„Tanausú. King Guanche. "

In this exciting historical novel of the Canaries researcher Prof sets. Harald Bräm (known for numerous books and movies, u. a. Earth X) the famous son of the island a literary monument.

Autor Harald Braem
© Sylvia Catharina Hess

While Christopher Columbus sets out, to discover America, the conquistador Fernandez de Lugo La Palma wants to conquer, the last Canary island of Tenerife next, not yet the Spanish empire is subject. In the fateful year 1492 he ends up with three ships in the bay of Tazacorte ...

Harald Braem unfolds the panorama of a lost culture and makes the daily life of the indigenous people, their magic and cultural rites to life again.


"Compliment! So you can to familiarize people with history!“ (Offenbach Post)

"Harald Braem has the mentality of the Conquistadors, the inhuman pioneers of modern times, trapped in a nightmarish historical paintings. " (Tages-Anzeiger Zurich)

"Tanausú" is an excellent holiday reading. You can visit many of the places described today and is then perhaps consider La Palma from a different angle. The Isla Bonita is magical and mysterious. It provides space and time for discoveries.

The author visited 1984 for the first time La Palma, fell spontaneously into the island and now lives here twice a year.

„Tanausú. King Guanche ", 308 Pages with map and many pictures of petroglyphs, is published in German and Spanish in Zech Verlag.

Like a script-scale novel waiting, to be filmed.

With Braems La Palma thriller "The volcano devil" this happened already. He was filmed under the title "The fire runner", Directed by Rainer Matsutani.

Canaries literature by Harald Brämer
© Sylvia Catharina Hess

Information on author www.haraldbraem.de and publisher at www.editorial-zech.es/de

ISBN: 978-84-933108-0-6

Paperback and Kindle Edition also available on Amazon!

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