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A story of Lilly – Christmas Eve at La Palma – Part One

18. December 2019 Guest post 2 Comments / comment now!

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friends of mine, they live on La Palma, have me shortly be invited to. Your apartment is free on Christmas Eve. Super Hilde, Thank you! come like. without thinking long, I hastened straight to the PC and to book my flight. It is so far, Tomorrow I fly. Outside, there is dark, outside my window, it's snowing, the grass is white. The first flakes comes a little Christmas atmosphere. Quick again look through the trunk, if everything is well stowed. I probably will not be able to sleep a lot. Is it really true? I sit now in the car and drive through the still dark morning to the airport? Christmas Eve under palm trees, mid-Atlantic.

It is amazing! At night it was slightly frozen, leave when I at the airport the warm car, it is still dark, uncomfortable, windy and cold. The trip and the farewell had lasted longer. Flitze quickly through the hall. How good that I have a online-checked am. Quick drink an espresso. Boarding then delayed yet, just the first row, still needs quickly to the toilet ... Can happen. With mixed feelings I take my seat on the plane, a. As far as apparent, all seats are taken out of my right. Class, then I have a lot of space!

© La Palma 24

Then he gets a, a slightly chubby but nice-looking gray pensioners, with multifunction jacket. The tranquility personified it empties only times very slowly all pockets, to the content to stow the top of the compartment.

We all look impatient, have been severely delayed. Then ... "I think, this is my seat next to them, "he smiles at me.

Flying is pure stress for me and the fact, that shook me through times an airman vigorously, was extremely counterproductive.

but it has the advantage, now I know, how I feel, if I think, my last hour has struck. Take a deep breath, think positive, Music to the ears. What is waiting for me at La Palma? Aha, So small panic I had in the luggage.

My neighbor turned to me ... My name is Justus, (Justus think ..., Jesus, anyway ... SILENCE! ) At the start and at the landing to me is like totally-evil. Entertainment is then completely unsuitable to reduce my panic. What's your name? My headphones do not shy away from my neighbors at all. Somewhat taken aback, I'll take the right plug from the ear. ... I tell Lilly, slightly reserved.

Then it starts, He lectured without commas esoteric wisdom and gives me to understand quickly, that unbelievers simply not enlightened and are simply too stupid. Who wants to stand in the dark and stupid to be. Nod approvingly easily, then chop the plug in again. You ... Lilly, roars again to my ear, I live in La Palma. fly already 20 Years back and forth. It follows the mandatory list ... House, Pool, car etc..

Ten years ago, I stopped, to talk on the plane, all idiots, you are the first Nice. Tell something about you, we can meet in La Palma us.

I look at the guy from the side and see, there is not a fairy in the background, keep an eye on him has.

No assisted living for the elderly, probably a former mattress acrobat botched relations. That's what I was missing! no thanks.

© La Palma 24

Headphones pure, eyes closed, pretend I was in Nirvana. Lilly ... he calls. Ok, before all listen, Bud out again, make cute face. You know, I have direct contact with the universe, when I'm sitting on the plane, nothing happens. Hm ... Aha. For real, I said, You may feel calm, so is. The other day I got me a wheel desired, because mine is scrap. Bring the garbage to the collection, hard to believe, there is my desired wheel! No man since. Like right now? Have they taken the wheel? I continue to sieze him, does not bother him in the least. Of course, this was but the answer to my request in the universe.

Boy Boy! ….. Just wonder, if he really ticking or we just have story time. Lilly ... just ignore and music to the ears! Now he packs a big butter - Box and I think. … Super, He lubricates also a Bütterchen the plane! Far from, it is their flash mobile. So Lilly, please give me your number, so we do not miss us on LP. Hui ... very thin ice, what do I do now? Call you order now and you can save me. From the number I can not get out. … Mist, does not help, will not appear bitchy well and it's happening.

© La Palma 24

Fate take your run. The plane lands very gently, we are there. facilitates'm so, clap spontaneously briefly in the hands. For all audible ... The captain would like to thank the nice lady in series 22. all clap. I sink into the cushions.

The rows of seats next to my friendly goodbye, obviously all have overheard. Justus still revolves around times and says, what a pleasant flight Lilly.

See you! And and. Let's get out ...

Because now I stand in the airport on LP, Lilly, blond, 162 cm /60 ++/54 kg, yellow trousers, warm jacket, small suitcase and the beautiful new sneaker. (What turns out to have as little witty.) striking Upon your approach, the particularly bright sunlight on La Palma.

Outside the hall, a feeling, I would bathe in the light. The vast sea shines like silver. breathe only times the soft air deep. A blissful moment. I feel the need, I sit outside the hall.

Silent for a while on the far horizon look, Pure relaxation. My education and investment has focused me on colors and shapes. Visual perceptions I like to give all my attention. Then it happens sometimes, that two times you ask me, if I wanted or a coffee as the flight was.

When a beautiful black straw hat of Scotch&For soda with a linen band in a off-white in the ladies' toilet, mine. Have fun with it.:)

No time, we go ... Outside beckons already Hilde from the window of her little red runabout, to take me. How beautiful, that you have time, I say. We hug each other warmly. Now the mobile phone already ringing also, my friends from home ..... How was the flight? Everything was great, better not go, get in touch later, just no time treasure!

Our route to Los Llanos performs various weather zones, past lush rock, left of the view, deep down to the ocean. Overwhelming! Hanging clouds on the mountain tops, then suddenly everything looks a bit cloudy and the next moment on the other side bright sunshine. Totally exciting, an island of contrasts. Fascinating!

Past small gardens and colorfully painted houses. On the flat roofs, the laundry, like colorful expanses of flags blowing in wind. Outside the door, a chair for leisure hours in the shade.

© La Palma 24

We have arrived. Hilde shows me only briefly her apartment, she has little time, is on the way to Tenerife. Look around a bit. A cozy apartment with ceiling windows and white curtains. The balcony is planted with wild lilies, The mitten in Plains. In front of the house, large palm trees, this is my home for a short good time.

In between, I will visit and Marie Sibylle, I once happened to be in Germany know-learned. Years ago, they both are stranded with their love on La Palma. Soon the clothes on the bed and on the bathroom. phone rings, Sybille is just near, We arrange to meet at the old laurel trees in the Plaza, directly form Eden. key, Pocket then it starts.

Cell phone and iPad can wait. Compared to the old church, middle of the town, There is a small flower shop. At the entrance to the left, the counter with sweet temptations, later the flowers of the island. What a glory! Large white calla, as I never saw. Ironically, my favorite flower. There she is, elegant and proud, in a large bucket, is filled to the brim. Besides lush green leaf. Since she is also considered a lucky charm, I get quickly a bouquet of welcome.

© La Palma 24

Sibylle comes laughing to me and still looks identical, as I have remembered. Large, slim and somewhat eco. their open, I had at that time already liked when we first met friendly way.

With her I drink after my arrival the delicious coffee from Cuba, to a large slice of homemade lemon cake, in the shadow of the old trees in front of Eden.

My concerns raised, to find not all the usual food on site, be eliminated quickly.

She shows me a small shop, where I fresh herbs and Italian. Pancetta - Bacon for my pasta get. Where there are tasty fresh bread and where can I get anything for my plum tart on Christmas Eve. I am surprised, how many healthy foods can be found everywhere. Vegans have no problem, neither in the shops nor in the restaurants. Fairtrade is normal. Even before the sun goes down, makes the island out of me a totally relaxed, happy person.

Difficult to explain. I do not speak Spanish and my English needs to be rapidly upgraded. But nowhere on La Palma someone made me feel, are not welcome. (Stop, there was ... a long history, I may write about later times.)

very good, I just think, No one wants something from me, I have time. A nice long day draws to a close. Exhausted, I fall asleep, to me in the middle of the night reached my son from the USA, to make sure, has been well if his old mother. Yes sweetheart, everything supi!

A little, sweet brown dog with white spots on the ears wakes me up in the morning with loud barking. He stands on the street on a balcony, from above, he can guard the courtyard in front of him and the entrance gate well. The neighbor dogs answer him already. After some time his somewhat rotund owner to come under the balcony with colorful dress out the door and hands him a long, accompanied by wild gestures, loud preaching. Then, short rest. Now he pushes the lowered head at a slight angle through the bars , to make sure, that she's back in the house. 5 minutes of silence. :) but he just wanted to tell ... the baker has laid the fresh bread in the white linen bag at the gate.

As Christmas holiday from Lilly continues you experienced at 21.12.19!

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2 Answers to “A story of Lilly – Christmas Eve at La Palma – Part One”

  1. Claudia says:

    Love Lilly,
    Thank you for your story. I'm very excited about what comes next.. and whether Justus still reports…
    We ourselves have a lot of great, learned sincere people in La Palma know and are always happy to return to the most beautiful of all islands.
    A Merry Christmas season,

    • Margarita says:

      Dankeschön.❤ It should be a story for my grandchildren Nolan in America -18 Months – will, that he later grabs his backpack and visited La Palma. Then it became a love letter to La Palma. A very magical place. One finds things not sought and bids farewell to what is meaningless.
      Kind regards and best wishes for 2020 Margarita

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