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Pure artisans Julio: unique craftsmanship in cigar making

11. July 2020 Sarah Write first comment now!

Pure Artisans

Pure artisans made according to the old traditions of La Palma. © La Palma 24

Today we start a new visit to the tobacco theme in San Pedro.

We are delighted to visit Julio and David again; two brothers who put all their effort into offering their clients an authentic tobacco experience.

The soft aroma of tobacco and cedar receives us from the moment we pass the door, but what really surprises us, It is the very strong smell when accessing another room. Julio warns us: "The smell may be too strong for you.".

Each cigar is handcrafted in a unique way and with great passion for this art. © La Palma 24

But, even being a non-smoker, the smell has something special. It wraps us fully in the tobacco shop and gives us that magical touch, delving into his world.

This business stands out for something very special, the family. The subject of the cigar is carried in everyone's blood, they are passionate about it and were raised in and with this world.

Julio's father was already working on it with only 18 years, and the family nucleus continued on its way, coming to have their own plantation.

The tobacco shop defends the artisan and family. It is distinguished by the excellent personal treatment it provides, It is also worth noting that they make it very clear that everything achieved is thanks to immigrants.

We are also extremely struck by the importance they place on cleanliness in this place. Every detail is carefully placed, to make it look special.

An old lathe in the main room, in which the ancestors of Julio and David were already working, attracts all eyes. Typical accessories form the perfect environment.

So we find aromatic boxes, humidor calls, of aging or with a so-called "box" where bonches and tyrules also remain for a long time and that, with that beautiful cedar wood so characteristic, provides an impressive scent, causing a unique experience.

The cigars then rest in the display cases.

The ancestors of Julio and David were already working on the lathe. © La Palma 24

Everything is tangible, La Palma leaves, Sumatra, Cuba and Brazil that are still “maturing”, dry tobacco leaves or even a variety of cigars ordered in their boxes invite to the touch. The leaves of La Palma present a 50%. Most of Julio's own plantation, and others come from other tobacco growers in Breña Alta. Thanks to that, can use the seal of the La Palma Biosphere Reserve.

Visitors will be able to see how these unique cigars are made. © Puros Julio

Not much has changed in recent years, little by little more spaces were enabled; given that more and more customers appeared. The combination of the traditional and the modern in the design of the tobacco shop amply reflects that in recent years little has changed in the process and in the equipment used for the production of the cigar..

Artisans cut and roll cigars with the same old technique.
Julio delightedly explains to us how tobacco cultivation and the art of cigar smoking came to Palma in the late 19th century:

The clappers used to be very poor, what made many of them emigrate to Cuba and Venezuela. There they worked on tobacco plantations and cigar factories, where they learned all about cultivation, mixing processing and variants. With this knowledge, some of them returned to La Palma and gradually achieved success here. Because they recognized that both the climate and the gentle trade winds and the soil offered ideal conditions.

Brena Alta, Mallet, Santa Cruz and El Paso became fortresses of the tobacco industry in the mid-19th century, which blossomed splendidly until 1967.

Then, a blue mold plague put an end to it, until the decade of 1980, where the industry started to recover.

Today Breña Alta is the fortress of Chinchaleros, which also includes Julio's family business.

He and his brother founded “Puros Artesanos Julio” in the year 1999.

Learning every step of his father, which never had its own company, but he always worked in cigar factories. Julio already knew how to make a cigar when he was only twelve years old.

Visualizing the enormous success and charm of the tobacco shop, it causes us a tremendous intrigue of what will be the secret of those tasty cigars. And it is none other than the mixture, according to Julio.

Furthermore, aging plays an important role, like wine, the longer the better. It is a great added value to a balanced mix, which is verified by smoking the cigar, by thirds, as usually analyzed.

For many cigar lovers it is a tradition to enjoy an exquisite cigar with a good book. © Puros Julio

Each aroma and flavor develops smoothly as the cigar burns, transferring these aromas to the taste buds little by little. A great teacher accompanies you in this, What is Mister Publio, and soon, in summer already, a new version will appear.

Julio Cabrera Rodríguez always keeps thinking about how to make his store even more interesting. © Puros Julio

For the range "Medium" of Pure Artisans Julio, different types of tobacco are mixed according to naturally secret recipes and pressed by hand to form the blank cigar, the so-called Tirulo. Then, the sheet is cut and wrapped. Then it's already pressed into a cigar shape.

At last, the cigar cutter will cut the main blade with the Cotter Pin and spiral it around the pressed target. In the production of the range "Premio" of Pure Artisans Julio, the interior of the cigar is made only of leaves, and the cover sheets are of the highest quality.

Rolling cigars requires a lot of skill. © Puros Julio

Depending on this, five different versions of Premium Cigars and eight variations are created in the Media area.

For example, clappers generally require strong blends with a dark top sheet.

Gran Canaria cigar lovers or tourists prefer, according to Julio, aromatic and smooth flavors with clear leaves.

Personally, Julio prefers the “Robusto”, with a lot of tobacco and with a burnt even. But each person has their own favorite. Air circulation also plays an important role, and the time they have the leaves, as previously stated.

On La Palma the cigar has always been typical in large celebrations. Nowadays not only men smoke it, ladies also usually enjoy a good cigar palm. As shown by many images of the day of Los Indianos, in Santa Cruz de La Palma.

Like this, not just tourists and regular customers who return year after year, they visit Julio, also a multitude of palm trees and palm trees that decide to enjoy this beautiful tradition.

"We have learned a lot, and the increase in clientele and especially tourists, up to 60% has made it easier for us to focus the tobacco shop towards a thematic side". Julio explains.

"The cigar is a consumption of relaxation, so we see it. We intend to sell giving away a little rest. The cigar became most important.

We concentrate our sales especially also in the bars of the islands, What, unlike many other tourist destinations, they have as special that cigar lovers can enjoy their passion also in the bars themselves, getting there the pure artisans.

Cigars manufactured in great detail, They are in beautiful packaging and are also ideal as souvenirs to take to those who stayed at home.. © La Palma 24

For example, the Kiosk of Los Sauces or El Atlántico, they form our network of bars. In addition, tourists usually buy a lot since the tobacco order is very very expensive. We have many new ideas for the future and also social networks help us in its entirety ”.

Even off the island its marketing is carried out, cigars from more than ten years ago travel to Germany. But also to all the other islands in general this wonderful tobacco travels.

However, who wants to enjoy incredible cigars and take a unique memory, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the themed tobacco shop. The warm treatment, the aroma and the amazing atmosphere assures you an unforgettable experience.

Even at home, cigar lovers can order this artisan product, comfortably ordering online form.

More information and experiences can be found in the web page, in Instagram o en Facebook.

Schedules: From Monday to Friday from 8:00 to the 13:00 hours and 15:00 to the 18:00

by Sarah

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