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Rolf Benker: The ALU- and cabinet maker in El Paso

20. June 2020 La Palma 24 Write first comment now!

Winter gardens by Rolf Benker: "Quality is our first priority, and everything must be, because the Alubereich is about safety and long-term stability". © Rolf Benker

Quality is our first priority: "If I'm doing something, do I make it perfect!“

Home improvement is a fine thing - but when it comes to large projects such as conservatories, Window- and door installation or to measure goes to furniture and kitchens, contact smart people at an artisan with expertise. Rolf Benker brings them around with his 30 Years experience as a cabinet maker and aluminum maker more than abundant with. The expert has been making his concentrated know-how available to his customers on La Palma for eleven years. Here, the head of topp-trained staff in the assembly in his 450 supports square meter workshop in El Paso and build on site.

When it comes to projects like conservatories, Window- and Rolf and his team have the right partner at their side! © Uwe Meschede

When entering Rolf Benker's workshop in El Paso, I will receive a very friendly and warm welcome. I feel immediately, that the employees are happy and fun at work and that, despite sawing, Grinding and screwing, there is an absolute feel-good atmosphere.

The Rolf team consists of a total of 8 Employees of different nationalities and is absolutely irreplaceable for him. "We're helping each other, not just in terms of work. We are there for each other even in difficult situations and situations. Everyone can do it too 100% rely on the others. ”Rolf describes his team.

Apparently Rolf's motto "Integration - people are in the foreground" does not only apply to his employees, family and friends, but for everyone. No matter if it's a customer, his children's teacher at school, is the neighbor or the sports club. Because as Rolf in January 2009 Belgium finally turned its back and came to La Palma, Integration and cooperation were top priority for him.

Rolf spoke German at the time, French and English. He learned Spanish here on La Palma. In search of a suitable workshop, his children's membership in the football club in El Paso helped him, because there he met Jorge the president of the club while playing a game, who offered to rent his hall in El Paso. “Jorge has helped me in a lot of things. I call him if there are any problems, if Jorge has a concern, he will contact me.

© Rolf Benker

You help each other as much as possible. Be it with advice, practical support such as the procurement of new sports clothing for the El Paso football club or the production of new furniture at the material price for the school in El Paso, ”says Rolf.

And it has remained so to this day. After the lock down the corona crisis began, like for many, for Rolf Benker and his team a new “phase of life” with many requirements and rules. He commuted between family and company and used the Yéssica taxi for every trip, which specializes in airport transfers.

And so it was, that here, too, one hand washed the other and now the first taxi on La Palma with advertising by Rolf Benker can be seen.

That Rolf's personal engagement is no empty phrase, his team also confirms. Each of the employees has their own area and works independently and concentrated.

If there are problems or questions, the boss is always there and always has an open ear for the concerns and suggestions of his employees. The Rolf an absolute professional in aluminum- and woodworking is, gives both its employees and its customers a good feeling.

Briefly explained Rolf, as, where and why he once learned his craft:

“Wood has always been my thing. I started already at the age of twelve with carpentry work. My uncle in Belgium was a carpenter, and I helped there always a bit. After school I started then with an apprenticeship as a building- and cabinet maker and then took me as aluminum manufacturer. Then I worked in various companies in Belgium and in an aluminum joinery in Luxembourg, where I managed the assembly division and also trained a lot of people. "

Rolf Benker and his team are the professionals in the field of aluminum and wood processing on La Palma.
© Rolf Benker

Since his emigration before 11 Years ago Rolf worked on La Palma. During this time, he founded a family and established a very good reputation among his workshop customers. Rolf Benker is considered a full professional, particularly in the field of aluminum construction:

"I am on conservatories, Car ports, Glass facades, Specialized in Windows and doors. And quality is the first priority for me, that is, I'm about "price value" projects. If I'm doing something, must be perfect. Everything must be, because it's always been about security and lasting stability in combination with optical lightness in the Alubereich. The strong temperature fluctuations in the course of the year on La Palma is above all insulation in all weathers by so-called expansion joints of crucial importance. In addition, I realize also wooden structures - such as pergolas. But I consider it important, I do it my way, I reject the known combinations of tile cement. For new construction projects I have worked with the architects, otherwise, I make the static, Calculations and design of my projects complete itself. I believe, my high demands, I have acquired a good name on La Palma, and I want to keep it too. "

Not just visually beautiful, because aluminum is always about safety and lasting stability. © Uwe Meschede

Also in its second division, the cabinet maker, he attaches great importance to individuality, Quality and perfection.

Starting with individual designer pieces to complete kitchens, there is probably nothing the team Rolf Benker cannot do.

Creativity and good taste are added to the manual skills. Rolf tells of his passion for carpentry:

"For me it was the cabinetmaker apprenticeship, that opened the door to creativity. Today it makes me totally fun, the customers, have a special piece of furniture in the sense, on the way to realize. You come and tell me your wishes and ideas, I then put to and, if necessary, fill in with my own ideas. Seen in this way, We design new furnishings, sometimes office equipment, Special picture frames or other decorative items. All styles are possible: For example, I made a wine cabinet in a stylish pallet look and designed a cabinet in Louis 14 collage and then in 180 Hours built. "

So it happens, that Rolf gets up in the middle of the night, because he spontaneously comes up with a new design for a piece of furniture or a completely new project "It used to be easier than I used to live in the workshop. I was then able to go to the workbench and get started straight away, ”says Rolf and laughs.

With so many projects, Orders and ideas made it almost impossible for Rolf to take care of all areas of the company himself and so he got Annette in March 2019 brought to the company in El Paso.

Annette is Rolf's right hand and supports him in all possible areas of aluminum- and carpentry. Annette originally emigrated to Tenerife and was there 10 Years as a clerk in import. After that she was really happy there 10 Years ago and Rolf, one of their customers at the time, noticed this during his business visits. Without further ado he offered Annette to take a look at his company and work for him.

Annette agreed and has been actively supporting Rolf in office matters ever since, Procurement of goods, Bankangelegenheiten, Customer inquiries and largely takes over the marketing area of ​​the company.

And she feels really comfortable. "The team welcomed me with open arms and I felt right at home here", she tells me. "So I have a family here on La Palma during the week and one on Tenerife at the weekend."

Annette is Rolf's right hand and has been supporting the Rolf Benker team since March 2019. © Rolf Benker

Regardless of his hardworking and dedicated team, Rolf does not miss being the first and last in the workshop. Shortly after 5 He can be found at work at noon and in the evening 19 Watch the last one to leave the workshop. In between, of course, the boss goes to customer meetings and assembly on his construction sites and takes a little lunch break.

Despite this concentrated program, the creative craftsman remains very relaxed:

"I love positive stress and I always say: This is my life, I love my job. It has always been like this ... Even when I am traveling with my family, I see now, where something would be to improve. Once I fixed just a door at dinner in a restaurant (laughs).

Individually planned and manufactured kitchens by Rolf Benker make a cook's heart beat faster. © Uwe Meschede

Made of aluminum and wood: What kind of life!“It's on Rolf Benker's workshop trolleys. Who wants to book the sympathetic craftsmen with claims for a long-lasting project, It calls and makes an appointment. And then here's what happens:

“I meet the potential customer on site and take a look, what he wants. Then I measure out and give explanations, then I invite the customers mostly in my workshop. Because he should get to know the people, work here, to make everything harmonious. The most important thing is trust on all sides ... "

The philosophy of Rolf Benker works - at the winter gardens, he is fully booked on some months. He still pushes in between smaller projects.

You can find a very good impression of the work and projects on the Instagram Account Rolf Benker. There is a beautiful winter garden almost every day, presented a high-quality piece of furniture or a self-designed kitchen.

All other information about the ALU- and furniture joinery Rolf Benker:

Workshop address: Garza street 25 in El Paso
Shortly after the restaurant Kenya's right goes up in a dead end, After a short drive, turn left at car-Mika and a few metres go the way, until you can see the Hall by Rolf Benker.

Phone: 664 797 435

E-Mail: benleyh@hotmail.de

Website of Rolf Benker

Facebook page Rolf Benker

Rolf Benker: "Wood was always my thing!". © Rolf Benker

Rolf Benker (fourth from left) and his crew: The Jefe is always willing to listen to concerns and suggestions of his team. © Uwe Meschede

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