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Symposium gallery Avenida17 from 20.01.20 – 30.01.20

6. January 2020 Guest post Write first comment now!

© Alexa Kröger

The poster makes us already suspect, Tazacorte really paves great things for. The "Avenida17" gallery plans from 20.1. – 30.1.2020 a symposium in Pueblo.

About ten artists from Germany, England, Switzerland and course of La Palma will make in Tazacorte to work. mainly sculptor, u.a. Pege, Stephan Guber, who have already exhibited in the gallery, as well as painters, Draftsman and a writer, will let you look at the event at work on the shoulder in your outdoor "studios". It will create works of art on the subject of "ups and downs", their development can be observed daily.

The plan marks the individual workshops. Cheapest option, it will be, the circuit in the new home of the "Avenida17", Calle Angel No.. 8 to start. Here you will receive, supplied with the necessary information and curious sent on their way. If possible, there is an expert guide.

At the exhibition opening on Saturday, the 19.1. at 17 PM can you get in the mood and on the basis of small exhibits, who bring the artists, familiar with the style of each participant.

Am Ende des Events, on 30.1. at 17 Clock, a closing event is organized, in recognition of the results and, if necessary. can be purchased.

The "Public Atelier" is from 20.1. to 30.1. every day, except Sundays, of 10 – 14 Watch and 16 – 18 his hour and staffed.

© Alexa Kröger

© Alexa Kröger

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