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Yoga La Palma – Courses with Heidrun

28. December 2018 Gudrun 5 Comments / comment now!


Heidrun Schumann invites you to their yoga classes in a large, bright, light-flooded, a beautifully designed room in La Laguna: Since September 2017 gathered them in their Yoga Center more and more fans of this form of relaxation and deceleration around, who follow the centuries-old path of practice, together with their.

Yoga Center La Palma:

conscious move and pause, coupled with breathing

Heidrun teaches Yoga: Enthusiasm for the centuries-old practice path.

Heidrun teaches Yoga: Enthusiasm for the centuries-old practice path.

Heidrun has been living for more than 20 Years on La Palma. Many people know it from her time as a governess in Todoque, during the nine years a bilingual kindergarten led, or as head of the Office of La Palma 24. Heidrun looks back:

In particular the work before the computer has braced me so, I got difficulties with back and shoulders. Then I started after an intense physical therapy with Yoga and my physical complaints disappeared.

Heidrun was so excited, that she themselves learned teaching. The training took over their yoga teacher and Reiki, the since 25 Years courses are and the power of education for holistic health- and possesses relaxation methods. Focused on the "doctrine" of Heidrun asanas, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and Entspannungsyoga. As training followed the study of Anatomy books, the deepening of asanas and breathing techniques, Learning by teaching- and correction methods, as well as the introduction to the Chakrenlehre. But the teacher's knowledge is not everything. Heidrun stresses, that the students in the courses in the first place itself closely to learn is:

Yoga with Heidrun: conscious move and pause, coupled with breathing.

Yoga with Heidrun: conscious move and pause, coupled with breathing.

Each individual participant is his own master and can go only so far in the exercises, How's his physical capacity allows. I can while pretending the exercises and correct, if necessary, individual participants, but only everyone himself can carry out awareness and listen-deep in his body: This conscious move and pause, coupled with breathing learn students in postures and stretching exercises. As a general rule, all of my courses can participate. If there is a disease, However advance should speak those interested with their doctor, if he can recommend them Yoga, and then talk about it with me.

Heidruns teaching the pupils learn positions, Stretching exercises, Relaxation exercises and breathing techniques:


Yoga Center La Palma: Single- and group sessions are possible.

I'm preparing every month new all components, so the exercises repeatedly vary! At the end of each hour, a quarter of an hour practiced relaxation, where I'm breaking up with my group on a fantasy journey through the whole body of the little toe up in the head.

Heidrun conveys their Yoga skills in individual- and group sessions - the courses are designed according to the demand and held in Spanish and English. Spontaneous customers and tourists are welcome to.

The address, by E-Mail to get all the details of the course options and fees Heidrun@la-palma24.net or Sarah and Charlie in the La Palma 24-office phone 922.46.18.19.

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Gudrun Bleyhl

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5 Answers to “Yoga La Palma – Courses with Heidrun”

  1. Dörthe says:

    Dear Heidrun,
    I wish you on this way of much success with your new Yoga Center, in particular but more enthusiastic participants. Keep it up!

  2. Ulrike says:

    Very beautiful and meaningful, There you you really fully have dealt with the topic!
    It gives a good impression and pleasure, time to join!
    Kind regards, Ulrike

  3. Ana Carolina says:

    Lo recomiendo, tenía dolores de espalda a diario, y ahora noto mucho alivio gracias a las clases de heidrun.

  4. Ana Cecilia says:

    Since January I do yoga with Heidrum,suffered many backaches due to an accident,but now I feel great physically and mentally because that also helps you learn about your body from the inside has know what need I want to encourage people who accompany us on our wonderful classes,Thanks Heidrum.

  5. Walter young says:

    Hello, I have today sent an e-mail to the Yoga Center of Heidrun. It came back as undeliverable.
    Could you please give me additional help?
    Thank you and friendly greeting
    Walter young

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