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15 Years La Palma 24: New Car Rental-Website!

6. octubre 2017 La Palma 24 Jetzt ersten Kommentar schreiben!


15 years La Palma 24: rental of cars, motorcycles and E-Bikes -

holiday accommodation - online-Magazine



Holiday accomnodations around the Island: our internet portal offers hundreds of objects for every requirement.

Our formula of success:

customer orientated + quality + service

2002 - 2017: La Palma 24 is celebrating its 15th birthday this year. We invite you to a short walk through the history of our company!

Everything started in 2002 with a small fleet of 20 cars and an office in La Laguna. In addition to the La Palma 24-Car rental, we also founded La Palma 24-Holiday accommodation to help La Palma vacationers to find the right holiday home. Today our customers can choose between more than 400 holiday accommodations.

Over the last few years we have expanded our service. Our La Palma 24-Journal was founded in October 2013. In 2014 we have expanded our fleet with the first two E-Bikes and a year later with our rental motorcycles.

New website of La Palma 24: cars, motocycles and E-Bikes easy renting and booking.

New website of La Palma 24 in three languages: easy renting and booking of cars, motorcycles and E-Bikes.

To ensure that our customers do not lose the overview of our services we have modernized our website visually and technically during the last months. Now we have released our new website and we hope that you like it as much as we do.

We would be glad to take your suggestions and criticism regarding the content presented on our website and thank you in advance for a short feedback.

Many of you appreciate our personal care and advice. For this reason we have become for those to a partner on La Palma.

Das La Palma 24-Büro in Todoque: Wer auf der Insel ist und sich informieren möchte, ist hier stets willkommen.

La Palma 24-office in Todoque at the sunny western side of La Palma: You´re welcome!

The entire La Palma 24-team would like to thank you for your confidence and loyalty!

Here are the Hyperlinks to the La Palma 24-areas:

La Palma 24-Car, Motorcycle and E-Bike rental

La Palma 24-Holiday accommodation

La Palma 24-Journal

Always there for you - in the office and on the road: Dörthe an La Palma 24-chief Miki.

Always there for you - in the office and on the road: Dörthe and La Palma 24-chief Miki.

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