The painter Sylvia Catharina Hess

Die Malerin Sylvia Catharina Hess

Sylvia Catharina Hess works in Nierstein and on La Palma – they create poetic images – sometimes with bite Sylvia Catharina Hess writes short stories, Short stories and poems, often be of fabulous events. Also their pictures, Sculptures and installations have a poetic,…

La Palma artists: Eva Lilith Pereda

La Palma Künstlerinnen: Eva Lilith Pereda

La Palma artists: You know Eva Lilith Pereda, What does she want – and paints it! Eva Lilith Pereda means they actually, but they all call only Lilith. This name was once a goddess of in Sumerian mythology, the in the 20. Century…

Manuel Pereda de Castro: Sculptor and painter

Manuel Pereda de Castro: Bildhauer und Zeichner

Manuel Pereda de Castro formt aus sprodem Material weiche Kurven "Das Metall spricht mit mir" Auf wahrscheinlich tausenden von Touristenfotos prangt die leap of the Pastor-Skulptur in Tijarafe, und auch das monument of the mother im Herzen von them plain…

The photographer Pablo Espantaleón

Der Fotograf Pablo Espantaleón

Pablo Espantaleón photographed country and the "terrible lion" shoots people terribly good photos the name would mean Espantaleón on German "terrible lion". But don't worry: Pablo takes land and people only with a sharp eye and camera target. Before 40…

Luis Morera – the all-round talent

Luis Morera – das Allround-Talent

On La Palma you will find many traces of the rebellious artist on La Palma, artists of all stripes cavort, where might be the best-known Luis Morera. Even tourists 'know' him, because the 68jährige Palmero is the father…

New catalog of Tomaso Hernández

Neuer Katalog von Tomaso Hernández

La Palma artist: New catalog of Tomaso Hernández order and chaos in some huge formats he belongs to the re-known artists exhibited the most abroad. ER ist Lehrer an der School of art Manolo Blahnik in Santa Cruz of the…

Art in the Palm: New catalogue of Tomaso Hernández

Arte en La Palma: Nuevo catálogo de Tomaso Hernández

Art in the Palm: Nuevo catálogo de Tomaso Hernández El orden y el caos plasmados en grandes formatos Tomaso Hernández it uno de los artistas Palm Eros con mayor Proyección internacional. He is a professor in the school of art, Manolo Blahnik's…

Artist: The Illustrator Victor Jaubert

Künstler: Der Illustrator Victor Jaubert

La Palma artist: The Illustrator Victor Jaubert humor – ESPRIT and a dash of sarcasm of the Día de los Indianos in Santa Cruz de La Palma makes increasingly international headlines. In the views of the talc thunderstorm on Rosenmontag appears for three years…

The artists Palm: Illustrator Victor Jaubert

La Palma artistas: El ilustrador Victor Jaubert

The artists Palm: Illustrator Victor Jaubert Humor - genius and a touch of sarcasm the day the Indians in Santa Cruz de La Palma filled the headlines around the world. With respect to this dust storm…

La Palma artist: Portrait of Helmut Kiesewetter

La Palma Künstler: Porträt von Helmut Kiesewetter

La Palma artist: Portrait of Helmut Kiesewetter "art is not an elitist thing, but for all that!"In the three-month rhythm Helmut Kiesewetter does not change his residence between Wuppertal and La Palma - but, to on the Canary Island holidays. The painter,…


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