Isla Bonita musician: Yolanda and his bands

Isla Bonita Musiker: Ödi und seine Bands

Walk with Hans Richard Jonitz from Germany to La Palma: Rock and Blues in all walks of life in his passport is Hans Richard Jonitz, but on La Palma, all call him only Yolanda: His rock colleagues in the Dinos band and the formation of ForRain, Guests in…

La Palma musicians: All-rounder Eremiot Rodríguez

La Palma Musiker: Allround-Talent Eremiot Rodríguez

Eremiot: All-rounder from La Palma rock, Jazz and flamenco wholeheartedly ere: Birds are chirping "Music means everything to me", Cocks crow, on the hillside, almond trees bloom, below the Atlantic foams: In the midst of the Idyll of Las Tricias lives, composed and…

La Palma classic: The ACAPO Opera lovers

La Palma Klassik: Die ACAPO-Opernfreunde

La Palma goes classic: Chamber music series and 1. Music Festival La Palma 2016 A walk through the history of ACAPO: High-profile performers and "class audiences" for five years the "Ciclo de Música de Cámara Jerónimo Saavedra Acevedo" spans his bow on the small…

Flamenco entre Amigos: Re- and views

Flamenco entre Amigos: Rück- und Ausblicke

Musical Ambassador of La Palma were on summer tour: Flamenco entre Amigos celebrate success in four countries of the summer 2015 was hot: At just 40 The palmerische formation "Flamenco entre amigos" on their three-month tour of Germany yanked concerts, France,…


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