La Palma: 50 Years salt-works in Fuencaliente

La Palma: 50 Jahre Saline in Fuencaliente

La Palma: 50 Years marinas Salinas de Fuencaliente steely work - iron staying power and white golden ideas the white gold on the southern tip of La Palma Island guests irresistibly attracts: You can see in the Saltworks of Fuencaliente, How so…

The Saltworks in Fuencaliente

Die Saline in Fuencaliente

The salt pans in Fuencaliente in the South of La Palma: The story of a hard-working family of salt gardener after 14 Years of paperwork, it has all worked out finally: The salt works at the foot of the volcano Teneguía gets its own museum and even a restaurant, the “Jardin de la Sal” hot…


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