Violence against women on La Palma

Gewalt gegen Frauen auf La Palma

Interview with Alicia Pérez Bravo, Head of the Unidad contra la violencia sobre la Mujer on La Palma “The women on La Palma must be visible!” Alicia Pérez Bravo is the representative of the Spanish State on La Palma to the coordination and control…

Zapatos Rojos: Protests on La Palma

Zapatos Rojos: Protest-Aktionen auf La Palma

"Red shoes"- also on La Palma, the Canary Island of La Palma is painted has joined the global "Zapatos Rojos"-Protest, It is aimed against gender violence. Launched this initiative has the artist Elina Chauvet in Mexico, at…

Canary Islands emergency call 112: Help in five languages!

Kanaren-Notruf 112: Hilfe in fünf Sprachen!

Select 112 and friends to help: Coordination of emergency on all the Islands! Since 17 Years there is the Centro Coordinador de Emergencias y Seguridad (CECOES), and in this time it recorded around 39,5 Million emergency calls. Who this coordination centre of the Canary Islands…


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