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La Palma authors: Portrait of Ahmd

La Palma-Autoren: Porträt von Susanne Aernecke

A conversation with the author of the Amakuna saga: "I was always exciting it, what people believe"on the Canary Island La Palma many books have been written. In the summer 2015 was once again a remarkable. But be careful: Susanne Aerneckes "daughter of"…

La Palma after the elections 2015: The Mayor

La Palma nach den Wahlen 2015: Die Bürgermeister

La Palma 2015 Mayor w. change in many town halls after the local elections 2015 were now in the 14 Municipalities of the Canary Island La Palma occupied the Executive Chair, While there were some changing of the guard. In six halls, BürgermeisteInnen of PSC/PSOE Socialist now swing the sceptre,…


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